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Command Assignment Papers, 1918-1965 (continued)
1957-1961 (continued)
(3 folders)
BOX B172 1962-1964
(3 folders)
BOX B173 Speeches, articles, and statements
(3 folders)
BOX B174 1962-1963
(4 folders)
BOX B175 Statements
1962-1963, Dec.
(4 folders)
BOX B176 1963, Sept.-1965
(2 folders)
BOX B177 Miscellaneous matters
Appointment books and calendars
(2 folders)
BOX B178 1963-1965 (5 items)
BOX B179 Mission with LeMay by MacKinlay Kantor
BOX B180 Draft
BOX B181 Miscellaneous command papers
BOX B182 Photographs
BOX B183 War Claim Commission papers
Warner engine design, 1951-1952, undated See Oversize
Material relating to training of air pilots, 1943-1952
BOX B184 3rd Air Division Summary of operations, 13 May 1943-9 May 1945
Selected subject index of military posture briefings on HR 2440 conducted by House Armed Services Committee, Jan.-Feb. 1963
Statement by Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara before House Committee on Armed Services on the Fiscal year 1963-1967, defense program for 1963 and defense budget. 1962
Trip to Pacific Proving Grounds, 10-14 Apr. 1954
A Study of Aircraft Accidents from Ground Operation, 1952 (Strategic Air Command)
Bomb command, 1944-1945
BOX B185 Public statements by Admiral Arleigh Burke and Navy public statements, 1952-1961
The Relationship between Past & Present Strategic & Tactical Concepts
Nomination of LeMay, Hearing before Senate Committee on Armed Services, 8 June 1961
List of Congressional material in C/S files
National Association of State and Territorial Civil Defense directors semi-annual meeting, 9-11 Apr. 1958
KC-135 record of flights to Buenos Aires-Washington, D.C., 11-13 Nov. 1957
BOX B186 Air Force Academy dedication, 11 July 1955
Air Force and National Security Policy, Air War College, Air University
Miscellaneous correspondence enclosing photographs, printed matter etc., 1958-1965
Remarks of George P. Miller, 1962
Speeches by Stuart Symington, 1953
Statement of Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara before the House Armed Services Committee on fiscal year 1964-1968 defense programs for 1964 and defense budget, 30 Jan. 1963
Drawings of Hallibrand gear sets
Specifications for use by the Hobby Shops by Diagnosis Sun Equipment
"The Speed" and "Foreign Motors vs. U. S. Motors," papers delivered at meeting of Technical Officers of the 3rd Battalion, Air Services Mechanics, 5 Aug. 1918
BOX B187 Miscellaneous correspondence
Printed material
Souvenir program of Savannah Sports Car races, 1954
Airfield evaluations in Africa
London visit, 1951, June
Netherlands visit, 1958, June
BOX B188 Partial index to sound recordings
Tape recording, 1961, July 25
Other memorabilia
BOX B189 Official correspondence, formerly classified
SOP assistant chief of staff, A-1 20th bomb command
U.S. Air Force commanders conference, 1955, Jan. 17-20
Visit to Akron, Ohio, 1957
Scrapbook of newspaper clippings
Night photography from A3 Ejector tests See Oversize
BOX B190 Offset bombing computation scales
BOX B191 Map folio, "P47 Fighter Rendezvous" See Oversize
Map and photographs of Kirun harbor
U.S. Air Force Target Complex Mosaic series maps See Oversize
BOX B192 Top Secret File, 1948-1964
Index See Container B205, same heading
BOX B193 B6591-B9151
BOX B194 B9181-B11462
BOX B195 B11501-B14765
BOX B196 B14791-B16104
BOX B197 B16121-B18316
BOX B198 B18440-B21625
BOX B199 B21723-B23235
BOX B200 B23277-B29104
BOX B201 B29184-B37691
BOX B202 B37772-B53179
BOX B203 B53347-B60725
BOX B204 Carbons of Library of Congress items and miscellany
BOX B205 Top secret index
BOX C1-C27 Miscellany, 1918-1965
Certificates, clippings, commissions, photographs, scrapbooks, and printed matter.
Arranged by type of material.
BOX C1 Certificates, diplomas
(2 folders)
"Let's Have Better Mottoes"
30-year class reunion
35-year class reunion
(2 folders)
Printed matter
BOX C2 Awards, commissions, charts, drawings, etc.,1935-1966
BOX C3 Inscribed photographs, 1938-1965
BOX C4 Scrapbooks
(2 vols.)
BOX C5 (2 vols.)
BOX C6 (2 vols.)
BOX C7 (2 vols.)
BOX C8 (2 vols.)
BOX C9 (2 vols.)
BOX C10 (2 vols.)
BOX C11 (2 vols.)
BOX C12 (2 vols.)
BOX C13 (1 vol.)
BOX C14 (1 vol.)
BOX C15 (1 vol.)
BOX C16 (1 vol.)
BOX C17 (1 vol.)
BOX C18 (1 vol.)
BOX C19 (1 vol.)
BOX C20 (1 vol.)
BOX C21 (1 vol.)
BOX C22 (1 vol.)
BOX C23 (1 vol.)
BOX C24 (1 vol.)
BOX C25 (1 vol.)
BOX C26 (1 vol.)
BOX C27 (1 vol.)
BOX D1-D4 Campaign Papers, 1968-1969
Correspondence, telegrams, speeches, and printed matter.
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