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Curtis E. LeMay papers, 1918-1969

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BOX D1-D4 Campaign Papers, 1968-1969
Correspondence, telegrams, speeches, and printed matter.
Arranged by type of material.
BOX D1 General correspondence, 1968, 30 Aug.-1969, May
(7 folders)
1968, 7-27 Sept.
(2 folders)
BOX D2 1968, 28 Sept.-12 Nov.
(3 folders)
Speeches, 1968, 3-22 Oct.
BOX D3 Clippings
BOX D4 Miscellany
BOX CL 1-CL 9 Classified, 1947-1964
Government-security documents.
Arranged and described according to the series and folders from which the items were removed
BOX CL 1 Special personal correspondence
Power, Thomas, 1954 (Container A4) See Restricted Data: Classified
Command Assignment Papers
V USAFE, 1947-1948
Official correspondence
Teletypes (Container B45)
VI Strategic Air Command, 1948-1957
Official correspondence
General officers
Anderson, Sam E. (Container B49)
Armstrong, Frank A., Jr. (Container B49)
Atkinson, J.H. (Container B50)
Boyd, Albert (Container B50)
Briggs, James E. (Container B51)
Burns, Robert W. (Container B51)
Caldera, Joseph D. (Container B51)
Carroll, Joseph F. (Container B51)
Childaw, Benjamin W. (Container B51)
Kissner, A.W. (Container B55)
Kuter, Laurence (Container B55)
McConnell, J.P. (Container B55)
Montgomery, J.B.(Container B56)
Mundy, George W. (Container B56)
Old, Archie J., Jr. (Container B57)
Power, Thomas B. (Container B58)
Ramey, Roger M. (Container B58)
Saville, Gordon P. (Container B59)
Selser, James C. (Container B59)
Sweeney, Walter C., Jr. (Container B60)
Twining, Nathan (Container B60) See Restricted Data: Classified
Multiple addressees (Container B62)
Glantzberg, Frederic, 1952 (Container B62)
A-J, 1957 (Container B63)
S-Z, 1955 (Container B63)
Memos and RRs
1950 (Container B64)
Far East Air Force (Container B65)
Overseas (Container B74)
Thule (Container B74)
Alaska (Container B75)
Semi-official correspondence
1948, Sept.-1950, Jan. (Container B77)
1956, May (Container B82)
Far East Asia Force (Container B84)
Personal correspondence, 1948-1957
National War College speeches and correspondence (Container B93)
BOX CL 2 Project Rand reports (Container B99) See Restricted Data: Classified
Commanders conferences
SAC commanders conferences
1953, 23 June, 17-18 Dec. (Container B101)
1955, 12 Apr., Dec. (Container B101)
Miscellaneous matters
Diary (LeMay)
1950-1951 (Container B103)
1953-1954 (Container B104) See Restricted Data: Classified
Items of interest for the Commander in Chief
1955, June-1957, Mar. (Container B104)
Psychological warfare against Soviet submarines (Container B105)
Electronic counter measures, Appendix A (Container B106)
VII Vice Chief of Staff, USAF, 1957-1961
Miscellaneous matters
RAND (Container B114) See Restricted Data: Classified
VIII Chief of Staff, USAF, 1961-1965
Personal correspondence
1964, Sept. (Container B120)
Official correspondence
Chief of Staff daily log, 1962-1964
(3 folders) (Container B123)
BOX CL 3 Air Force Council
General, 1961-1964
(4 folders)(Container B126)
BOX CL 4 Chief Scientists/Rand/SAB, 1961-1963 (Container B127)
Consultants (Container B128)
Exercises/projects, 1961 (Container B128)
FORECAST, 1963-1964 (Container B128)
Air Force, Office of the Secretary
1962 (Container B128)
1963 (Container B129)
Office of Information, 1963 (Container B130)
Air Force personnel matters
Awards/trophies, 1964 (Container B132)
Recognition, letters of, 1961 (Container B132)
Promotion, 1964 (Container B133)
Air staff actions
1961-1963 (Container B134)
1964 (Container B135
Aircraft, 1962-1964 (Container B135)
BOX CL 5 AR-15 rifle, 1961-1962 (Container B136)
Civil Air Patrol & Civil Defense, 1961 (Container B136)
Investigation, 1961-1964 (Container B136)
Missiles, 1961-1964 (Container B136)
Nuclear testing and space matters, 1961-1962 (Container B137) See Restricted Data: Classified
Air staff replies to inquiries addressed to the Chief of Staff, 1962-1963 (Container B138)
General, 1962-1964 (Container B139)
Airborne Command Post, 1961 (Container B140)
Air Defense Command, 1961-1964 (Container B140)
Air Force Logistic Command, 1963-1964 (Container B140)
Air Force Systems Command, 1961-1963 (Container B141)
Air University, 1964 (Container B142)
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