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Command Assignment Papers, 1918-1965 (continued)
General officers
Autographs, insignia, and photographs requests
Miscellaneous personal
BOX B44 Miscellaneous matters
Public appearances by LeMay
Speeches by LeMay
Speech material
Booklet, Don and John
Smyth, report on use of atomic energy
BOX B45 V USAFE, 1947-1949
Official correspondence
Atkinson, J. H.
Clay, Lucius D.
Craigie, L. C.
Davidson, Howard C.
Edwards, Idwal H.
Gaffney, Dale V.
Hoag, Earl S.
Huebner, Clarence R.
Hull, Harris B.
Kenny, George C.
Kuter, Laurence S.
McDonald, George C.
Partridge, E. E.
Quesada, Elwood
Spaatz, Carl
Symington, W. Stuart
Talbott, Harold E.
Vandenberg, Hoyt S.
Appreciation, commendations, sympathy, reprimands
Carrier sheets
Miscellaneous requests
BOX B46 Invitations
Personal correspondence, 1947-1948
(2 folders)
BOX B47 Official documents
"Construction for USAFE," 8 May 1945-1 July 1947
Daily Diary, June 1947-Sept. 1948
BOX B48 Functional chart: directories and staff sections, 1 Sept. 1947, Headquarters U.S. Air Forces in Europe
Rosters, Headquarters, U.S. Air Forces in Europe, Sept. 1948
Speeches and PRO releases
Status of Berlin Air Lift Project
Trip to Spain
Personal miscellaneous
Bills and receipts
Customs declarations
BOX B49 VI Strategic Air Command, 1948-1957
Official correspondence
General officers
Anderson, Fred
Anderson, Sam E.
(3 folders)
Ankenbrandt, F. L.
Armstrong, Frank A., Jr.
BOX B50 Atkinson, J. H.
(3 folders)
Auton, Jesse
Bertrandias, Victor E.
Blake, Gordon A.
Boatner, Bryant L.
Boyd, Albert
Brandt, Carl A.
BOX B51 Briggs, James E.
Bunker, Howard C.
Burgess, Carter L.
Burns, Robert W.
Cabell, C. P.
Caldera, Joseph D.
Cannon, John K.
Carroll, Joseph F.
Childaw, Benjaman W.
BOX B52 Cook, Orval R.
Craig, Howard A.
(2 folders)
Craigie, L. C.
Doolittle, James Harold
(2 folders)
Dougher, Charles B.
DuBose, J. T.
Eaker, Ira C.
(2 folders)
Early, James F.
Edwards, Idwal H.
Everest, Frank F.
BOX B53 Fairchild, Muir S.
Finletter, Thomas K.
Gilpatrick, R. L.
Griswold, Francis H.
Grubbs, Sidney D., Jr.
Gruenther, Alfred M.
Harper, Robert W.
Hoag, Earl S.
Hutchinson, David W.
Irvine, C. S.
(1 folder)
BOX B54 (2 folders)
Johnson, Leon W.
Kalberer, Alfred K.
Kelly, Joe W.
Kenny, George C.
Kepner, William E.
BOX B55 Kissner, A. W.
(2 folders)
Kuter, Laurence S.
(2 folders)
Lloyd, Hugh P.
McCone, John A.
McConnell, J. P.
BOX B56 McCormick, John H.
McKee, William F.
(2 folders)
McNaughton, K. P.
Montgomery, J. B.
Mooney, H. K.
Mundy, George W.
Murtin, Louis-Jacques
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