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French Society Correspondence and Documents, 1783-1926 (continued)
Item: 467 Feb. 25, Montelzun to Washington, enclosing
Letter, Count de Flechin (?) to Baron de Montelzun.
Montelzun to General Society.
Certificate of the King, with Seal, as to nobility of family of Montelzun.
Certificate from Juge d'Arms, Sept. 8, 1770.
Item: 468 Mar. 5, Turner to Knox.
Item: 469 Mar. 10, Knox to Capt. Lollickoffer.
Item: 470 Mar. 10, Knox to Maj. Turner.
Item: 471 Mar.18, Knox Marrec de Montbarrot.
Item: 472 Marrec de Montbarrot, Memorial.
Item: 473 May 26, La Valtiere to Knox.
Item: 474 La Valtiere to Washington.
Item: 475 Knox memorandum regarding La Valtiere.
Item: 476 June 8, Estaing to Wahington.
Item: 477 June 12, Des Noyer to Washington.
Item: 478 Memorial, Chevalier Des Noyer.
Item: 479 June 24, Bounier de St. Cosme to Washington.
Item: 480 Memorial of the Chevalier Bounier de St. Cosme.
Item: 481 Estaing to Knox.
Item: 482 List of officers of the French Navy, members of the Cincinnati in France, from Estaing to Knox.
Item: 483 List of officers of the French Army, members of the Cincinnati in France.
Item: 484 Oct. 9, De Bert, Major, receipt for Diplomas.
Item: 485 Oct. 12, Moustier, Comte de, to Knox
Item: 486 Oct. 12, Knox to Comte de Moustier.
Item: 487 Oct. 13, Knox to Estaing
Item: 488 Oct. 15, Knox to Armand, Marquis de la Rouerie Regil.
Item: 489 Nov. 16, De Tourville to Washington regarding officers of the regiment de Royal Auvergne.
Item: 490 List of officers in the Regiment Royal Auvergne, attested Tourville.
Item: 491 1790
Jan. 2, Armand, Marquis de La Rouerie, Knox.
Item: 492 Jan. 7, Cottineau de Kerioguin to Gen. Mifflin.
Item: 493 Mar. 14, Eustis to Knox.
Item: 494 Mar. 31, Knox to Dr. Eustis.
Item: 495 Apr. 10, Eustis, William, to Knox.
Item: 496 Mar. 20, Estaing to Washington.
Item: 497 Apr. 24, Noailles to Washington.
Item: 498 Apr. 24, St. Trys, Chevalier de, to Knox.
Item: 499 May 7, Zollickoffer, John C., to Knox.
Item: 500 Cottineau de Kerloguin to the General Society.
Item: 501 Aug. 7, List of Diplomas delivered by C. Freeman to M. de La Forest to be sent to France.
Item: 502 Aug. 31, Knox to Estaing.
Item: 503 1791
Jan. 25, Receipt from Durocutois for box of Diplomas for the Society in France.
Item: 504 Dec. 8, Knox to the Minister of France.
Item: 505 1793
Feb. 16, Alais, Charles Gaillaume, Viconte d' letter with etat de service.
Item: 506-507 Apr. 27, Lear, Tobias, to Knox, enclosing Letter of M. de Flad and etat de service.
Item: 508 July 20, De Beauvoir to Knox.
Item: 509 1815
Jan. 6, Quantin, Pierre, to Charles C. Pinckney.
Item: 510 Feb. 1, Viomenil, Marechal de Camp, to Charles C. Pinckney.
Item: 511 Aug. 25, Desondes, Marechal de Camp, to Charles C. Pinckney.
Item: 512 1816
Sept. 17, Ponteves-Gien, Marquis de, to Charles C. Pinckney.
Item: 513 1820
Apr. 17, Hyde de Neville to Maj. Jackson.
Item: 514 May 23, Jackson to de Neville.
Item: 515 Oct. 20, Leaumont, Viscount de, letter and
Item: 516 Certificate of service.
Item: 517 1822
July 12, Ponteves-Gien, Marquis de, to W. Jackson, enclosing
Official extract from register of birth.
Official extract from the Civil Tribunal of Toulon.
Item: 518 1826 Aug. 27, La Roche to Jackson.
REEL 5 General Society Accounts, 1787-1793
Item nos. 519-520
Microfilm shelf no. 11,877 (negative shelf no. 8,859)
Item: 519
1787-1788, Account book of George Turner with the General Society.
Item: 520 1793, Accounts, Henry Knox with the General Society
REEL 5 Proceedings of the Standing Executive Committee, 1872-1938
Microfilm shelf no. 11,877 (negative shelf no. 8,859)
Item: 521
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