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Society of the Cincinnati records, 1714-1938

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General Society Correspondence, 1783-1849 (continued)
June 25, Johnston to Jackson (circular letter) regarding deaths of officers and special meeting. (continued)
Item: 78 June 25, Johnston to Jackson (circular letter) regarding deaths of officers and special meeting.
Item: 79 June 26, Spencer, Robert D., to Johnston.
Item: 80 July 1, Johnston to William Pennington.
Item: 81 July 2, Pennington to Johnston.
Item: 82 Nov. 23, Popham, W. To George Thomas regarding meeting and delivery of Diamond Eagle to next President General.
Item: 83 Dec. 2, Thomas and J. W. Scott to Maj. William Popham announcing his election as President General.
Item: 84 Dec. 9, Popham, W., Johnston. Acceptance of office.
Item: 85 __, Popham, W., to J. W. Scott and George C. Thomas.
Item: 86 1845
Feb. 22, Berrien, John McPherson, to Thomas L. Smith.
Item: 87 Feb. 24, Thomas, George C., to A. W. Johnston.
Item: 88 Mar. 17, Daveis, Charles S., to Johnston, regarding report of meeting, revival of State Societies and papers of Secretary General Knox.
Item: 89 June 16, Johnston to Horace Binney.
Item: 90 June 16, Binney, Horace, to Johnston.
Item: 91 June 26, Jamison, C. C., to Johnston.
Item: 92 Oct. 6, Johnston to William Popham regarding celebration meeting of State Societies.
Item: 93 Oct. 11, Daveis, Charles S., to Johnston, regarding meeting.
Item: 94 Oct. 15, Popham, W., to Johnston, regarding meeting.
Item: 95 Oct. 15Oct. 15, Johnston circular letter to State Societies cancelling meeting because of lack of response.
Item: 96 Oct. 18, Scott, J. W., to Johnston regarding meeting.
Item: 97 Nov. 13, Glentworth to Johnston.
Item: 98 1847
Sept. 30, Jackson, William, to Johnston.
Item: 99 Oct. 8, Marcellin, Edward P., to Johnston, regarding disposition of Eagle of deceased President General.
Item: 100 Oct. 14, Johnston to Marcellin.
Item: 101 Oct. 15, Daveis, Charles S., to Johnston.
Item: 102 Oct. 18, Marcellin to Johnston.
Item: 103 Oct. 20, Scott, J. W., to Johnston, regarding election of delegates to attend meeting.
Item: 104 1848
June 10, Johnston to J. W. Scott, regarding payment of expenses of delegates.
Item: 105 June 12, Scott to Johnston.
Item: 106 June 17, Binney, Horace, to Johnston.
Item: 107 July 10, Scott to Johnston.
Item: 108 July 17, Dearborn, H. A. S., to Johnston, inquiring whether Diplomas for Massachusetts members may be taken from plate of General Society.
Item: 109 July 29, Johnston to Dearborn.
Item: 110 Nov. 30, Dearborn to Charles S. Daveis, recommending adoption of report of S. C. Society of March 1799 for "unless such a measure is adopted all the Societies must within a few years he extinguished by a law of nature."
Item: 111 1849
Jan. 1, Dearborn to Johnston.
REEL 2 L'Enfant Correspondence and Documents, 1783-1793
Item nos. 112-200
Microfilm shelf no. 11,877 (negative shelf no. 8,859)
Item: 112
Oct. 15, Account of Maj. Gen. Alex M. McDougall with officers of the Army . . . and notation of payment to Maj. L'Enfant for the Society of the Cincinnati.
Item: 113 June 10, L'Enfant to Steuben.
Item: 114 Sept. 27, L'Enfant to Knox.
Item: 115 Oct. 1, L'Enfant to Knox.
Item: 116 Oct. 1, Knox to L'Enfant.
Item: 117 Oct. 15, Receipt of L' Enfant.
Item: 118 Oct. 15, Certificate of McDougall, Knox and Huntington regarding appropriation of funds for Diploma and dies for Medal.
Item: 119 Oct. 16, Knox to Washington.
Item: 120 Oct. 20, L' Enfant membership certificate signed by Washington.
Item: 121 Oct. 29, Knox to Washington.
Item: 122 1783
Nov. 1, Washington certificate to L'Enfant.
Item: 123 Dec. 25, L'Enfant to Washington. Read at General Meeting, May 1784.
Item: 124 __, Roll of subscribers for the Egale
Item: 125 1784
April 29, L' Enfant to Washington.
Item: 126 __, L' Enfant's account of transaction in France.
Item: 127 May 10, L' Enfant to Washington and Delegates, Meeting of May 1784.
Item: 128 May 17, L' Enfant to Washington endorsing Du Rouchet for membership.
Item: 129 __, Account, Society of the Cincinnati with L' Enfant.
Item: 130 Aug. 4, L' Enfant to Washington.
Item: 131 1786
Jan. 7, Jefferson to Washington (copy).
Item: 132 Jan. 19, Francastle to Marquis de . . . regarding payment due for production of Medals and Eagles.
Item: 133 Feb. 11, Mss. Translation of extract from letter of Marquis de La Fayette, Feb. 11, 1786, and letter of L'Enfant, Nov. 2, 1785, regarding debts incurred in France for the Cincinnati.
Item: 134 Apr. 11, Thompson, William, to John Dart, regarding payments due L'Enfant.
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