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REEL 4 French Society Correspondence and Documents, 1783-1926
Item nos. 386-518
Microfilm shelf no. 11,877 (negative shelf no. 8,859)
Item: 386
April 12, Certificate from the Vicomte de Poudenx in favor of Du Moulin de Montlezun (Moulin de la Barthete).
Item: 387 Oct. 20, Washington to Lafayette
Item: 388 Oct. 29, Washington to Rochambeau.
Item: 389 Oct. 29, Washington circular letter to Gerard, d'Estaing, De Grasse, Des Touches.
Item: 390 Dec. 16, La Fayette to Vergennes, praying the King's permission for his officers to wear the order of me Cincinnati, with English translation.
Item: 391 Dec. 24, De Bougainville to Washington soliciting admission to membership for himself and other officers, and
Item: 392 English translation, De Bougainville to Washington.
Item: 393 Dec. 25, Estaing to Washington:
Personal letter
Expedition (list of enclosures)
Official letter, grateful acceptance of his admission to membership and requesting support of the 4 Memorials (applications) enclosed.
4 Memorials.
Item: 394 Dec. 25, La Fayette to Washington.
Item: 395 Dec. 29, Grasse to Washington.
Item: 396 Jan. 6, Lameth, Charles de, Washington.
Item: 397 Jan. 8, Estaing to Washington, enclosing four Memorials (1 Memorial missing).
Item: 398 Jan. 19, Rochambeau to Washington, enclosing
List of French officers admitted to membership.
List of subscribers to fund General Society.
Copy of letter, Segur to Rochambeau.
List of officers thought to be eligible.
Item: 399 Rochambeau to Washington (translation).
Item: 400 Jan. 23, Barras to Washington, with translation, enclosing List of Captains of vessels who served under him.
Item: 401 Jan. 24, Viomenil to Washington.
Item: 402 Jan. 29, Rochambeau to Washington.
Item: 403 Feb. 1, La Bretonniere to Washington.
Item: 404 Feb. 5, Mullens to La Fayette
Item: 405 Feb. 20, Lilancourt to Messieurs.
Feb. 22, Lilancourt to Washington, enclosing
Lilancourt to Rochambeau, Feb. 4, 1784 (copy).
Rochambeau to Washington, Feb 13, 1784.
Lilancourt to Rochambeau, Feb. 8, 1784 (copy).
Lilancourt to Washington, Feb. 20, 1784 (copy).
Item: 406 Mar. 9, La Fayette to Washington, enclosing
List of French officers who served in Continental Line, certified by La Fayette.
Proceedings of meeting of committee of French Continental officers, Paris, Mar. 8, 1784.
Item: 407-408 __, Vienne, Marquis de, Memorial with Washington certificate, Sept. 29, 1778.
Item: 409 Mar. 15, La Gardeur de Tilly to Washington.
Item: 410 May 6, La Luzerne to Washington.
Item: 411 __, Tarle, M. de, Memorial.
Item: 412 May 15, Washington to Viomenil.
Item: 413 May 10, Armed, Marquis de la Rouerie, to Washington enclosing Extract of letter from L'Enfant.
Item: 414 May 15, (Washington) to Armed, Marquis de la Rouerie.
Item: 415 May 15, Washington to Rochambeau (rough draft).
Item: 416 May 15, Washington to Bougainville.
Item: 417 May 17, Du Bouchet to Washington.
Item: 418 May 17, Washington to La Luzerne.
Item: 419 May 17, Washington to Barras.
Item: 420 May 17, Washington to La Fayette.
Item: 421 May 17, Washington to Estaing.
Item: 422 July 13, Estaing. Ideas for the association of the Cincinnati.
Item: 423-424 Aug. 31, Vence to Benj. Lincoln, enclosing Memorial.
Item: 425 Kalb, Baron de application for members (copy)
Item: 426 1785
May 1, Etat de services.
Item: 427 July 9, La Fayette to Elbridge Gerry, Paris.
Item: 428 1786
Feb. 18, O' Reilly, Count de Bressy, to Secretary General.
Item: 429 May 5, Certificate concerning Philippe O' Reilly.
Item: 430 Oct. 24, Madrillon, Joseph, Memorial.
Item: 431 1787
Jan. 24, Madrillon, Joseph, to Washington.
Item: 432 Apr. 20, Perkins to Knox.
Item: 433 Apr. 25, Lincoln, Benjamin, to the General Meeting, enclosing
Petition of Baron de la Valtiere.
Official paper showing rank.
Certificates by Estaing and la Valtiere.
(Lincoln) to (Valtiere) a translation by Baron de Galliere.
Item: 434-435 May 9, Van Berekel, Minister of the United Netherlands, to Henry Knox, enclosing formal recommendation of Mr. Madrillon.
Item: 436 June 2, Turner, G., Ass't Sec'y Gen., to senior officer or President of the Cincinnati in France.
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