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John McAllister Schofield papers, 1837-1906

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Subject File, circa 1837-1897 (continued)
Index, Inspection of Posts, Dedication of Confederate Monument
BOX 79 Interstate Drill and Encampment, Reunion of Confederate Veterans, Invitations
Transportation Correspondence
(2 folders)
Miscellaneous Correspondence
(3 folders)
BOX 80 Madison Barracks, N.Y., Report on the Post School, 1893-1894
BOX 81 Military Division of the Pacific
(2 folders)
Quartermaster's Department, 1870-1876
Military Service Institute
Index to
Letters Received, 1887-1888
(3 folders)
Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1888-1893
Letter Press Copy Book, 1887, Jan. 10-1888, Aug. 5
BOX 82 Nomination as Secretary of War, 1868
Perry, Leslie J., Article regarding Sherman's March to the Sea, 1896
Porter Case
Correspondence and Related Material, 1861-1884, undated
(8 folders)
Gardner, Asa Bird, Conduct of, 1877-1881
McDowell-Gardner Notes on Advisory Board Report (found in 1883)
BOX 83 Schofield Manuscripts
"Porter at Bethlehem Church"
"Court Martial Record"
"Dawkins Branch"
"The Joint Order"
"Porter's Duty under Modified Joint Order"
"Aug. 29"
"Afternoon of the 29th"
"Porter's Knowledge and Responsibility on the 29th"
"Notes upon the Evidence . . . Made before Hearing the Arguments of Counsel"
"Report of Board of Officers"
"Memorandum to accompany Report" (1879, June 5)
Schofield's Opinion, Draft (fragment)
(2 folders)
Miscellaneous notes and drafts
Letter of Porter to Cox, 1880, Aug. 29
BOX 84 Board of Inquiry Record
(3 printed vols.)
BOX 85 Printed Matter, 1862-1886, undated
BOX 86 Prairie Grove, Arkansas, Battle of 1862
Quartermaster General's Authority over Civilians of the War Department, 1892
Rank of Lieutenant General, 1889-1894
Reconstruction in Virginia, 1867
Reorganization of the Army, 1876-1897
(2 folders)
Secretary of War, 1868-1869
Schofield, G. W., Court-Martial of, 1879
Sheridan, Philip Henry, Funeral Papers, 1888
BOX 87 Statue of Liberty Papers, 1886-1887
Letters, No. 1-235
Other Related Material
BOX 88 Swaim, David G., Court of Inquiry, 1884-1885
(2 folders)
Virginia Constitutional Convention, 1868
West Point, Inspection of, 1890
Index (to those portions of Subject File marked)
BOX 89 Miscellaneous Memoranda, Lot "A" miscellaneous, circa 1865-1888
Nos. 1-43
BOX 90 Nos. 44-80
Miscellaneous Memoranda, Lot "B" miscellaneous, circa 1837-1892
Nos. 1-10
BOX 91 Nos. 11-71
Miscellaneous Memoranda, Lot "C", circa 1885-1888
Items nos. 1-16
BOX 92 Miscellaneous Memoranda, Lot "D" miscellaneous, circa 1862-1894
Items nos. 1-33
Miscellaneous Memoranda, 1866-1875
(2 folders)
BOX 93-95 Speech, Article, and Book File, 1872-1897
Reports, speeches, and writings for publication, including Schofield's memoirs.
Arranged by title or type of writing.
BOX 93 Annual Report, Department of West Point, 1880
Annual Report, Headquarters, U.S. Army, 1890
"Atlanta" (Notes), undated
Chalmer, J. H., Forrest and His Campaigns (Notes read at Southern Historical Society), 1879
"Command as Compared with Army Administration," undated
"Department and Army of the Ohio," undated
"Electoral Count" (Includes copies of correspondence with William T. Sherman), 1876-1877
"Franklin" (Notes), undated
"Franklin and Nashville" (Notes), undated
General Grant (Speech before Military Service Institute), 1877
"General Thomas and the Battle of Nashville," undated
"The Hawaiian Islands," 1872
Inauguration of Military Service Institute, Address on, 1880
"Lessons of the War," undated
McKinley's Administration, Experiences in (Notes), undated
"The March to the Sea," undated
Memoirs, Preface and Introduction, undated
Memoirs Drafts, undated
BOX 94 Memoirs Drafts, undated
Memoirs Miscellany, undated
Military Academy and Vision of the Gulf (Notes), undated
"The Military System of the U.S." (Memorandum), 1890
"Missouri, 1862-1863," undated
"The Monroe Doctrine," undated
"Narrative of Military Operations," undated
Part I, 1861, Apr.-Oct., undated
Part II, 1861, Nov.-1863, Mar., undated
Part III, 1863, May-1864, Jan., undated
BOX 95 "Narrative of Military Operations"
Part IV, 1863, May-1864, Jan. (Political History), undated
Part V?, "Army of the Ohio, Closing Events of the War in North Carolina, Initial Reconstruction," undated
Nashville, Battle of (Notes), undated
"Our Military and Naval Policy," 1888
"Pulaski to Nashville," undated
"Questions and Suggestions regarding Military Administration and Command," 1889
"Reconstruction in Virginia," undated
Sea Coast Defense (Address before Coast Defense Convention), 1897
Sherman's Memoirs
Comments on, undated
Notes, undated
Van Horn's The Army of the Cumberland (Notes), undated
"War Department and Command of the Army" (Draft), undated
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