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American Historical Association records, 1884-1986

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BOX 382-415 Part A: Historical Service Board File, 1943-1953
Correspondence, memoranda, pamphlet series, financial records, and printed matter.
Arranged by type of material or topic.
BOX 382 Administrative file
Office equipment
Subjects for pamphlets
Orders for general reference
Civilian publications
Request for GI
Roundtable pamphlets
Release, 25 July 1945
Illustrations, correspondence
Staff position, correspondence
Other than secretary
BOX 383 "Should Big Business Be Kept from Getting Bigger?"
"Does War Change People?"
"What Is the Future of Colonies?"
"Has World War Strengthened American Democracy?"
"Is Isolationism Dead in the U.S.?"
"Should Government Control Natural Resources?"
"Should the Demobilized Soldier Expect Special Privileges?"
"Should the Spending of Money by American Soldiers in Foreign Countries Be Limited?"
"What Can Vocational Guidance Do for Me?"
"Should the Voting Age Be Lowered to Eighteen?"
Clough, Shepard B.
Blezen, Theodore
Cushman, Robert W.
Fox, Dixon Ryan
Leland, Waldo Gifford
Nourse, Edwin G.
Schapiro, J. Salwyn
Schlesinger, Arthur M.
Wilson, Robert R.
Young, Donald
Historical Service Board
Executive Committee
Form letters
Work in progress, 1943-1944
(2 folders)
Documents affecting the board
Memoranda to authors
BOX 384 Correspondence and notes on pamphlets on liberated countries, 1945
Goodrich, Donald W., Army Education Branch, 1943-1945
Typists, 1943-1945
Rewriters and writers, 1943-1945
Press notices, releases, etc., 1943-1945
Style sheets, 1940, undated
War Department correspondence, 1943-1945
Financial audit, 1946
Executive secretary search and appointment (not related to the Historical Service Board), 1952-1953
BOX 385 Financial file
Cancelled checks
Income tax
Petty cash receipts
Check book
BOX 386 Accounts and expenses
Vouchers, Nos. 1-300
BOX 387 Accounts and expenses
Vouchers, No. 301 and on
BOX 388 Education manual pamphlets and related correspondence
BOX 389 EM 5-EM 6
BOX 390 EM 10-EM 11
BOX 391 EM 12-EM 14
BOX 392 EM 15-EM 16
BOX 393 EM 17-EM 19
BOX 394 EM 20-EM 22
BOX 395 EM 22-EM 23
BOX 396 EM 24-EM 26
BOX 397 EM 26-EM 27
BOX 398 EM 28-EM 29
BOX 399 EM 30-EM 32
BOX 400 EM 32-EM 34
BOX 401 EM 34-EM 35
BOX 402 EM 36-EM 37
BOX 403 EM 38-EM 40
BOX 404 EM 40-EM 41
BOX 405 EM 42-EM 43
BOX 406 EM 43-EM 45
BOX 407 EM 45-EM 46
BOX 408 EM 46-EM 47
List of pamphlets issued by the army
BOX 409 Cancelled subjects
BOX 410 C-E
BOX 411 F-G
BOX 412 G-H
BOX 413 I-N
BOX 414 O-S
BOX 415 T-V
BOX 416-464 Part A: Committees and Related Organizations, 1888-1962
BOX 416-417 American Council of Learned Societies, 1920-1927
Correspondence, reports, and printed matter.
Arranged by type of material.
BOX 416 Correspondence with J. Franklin Jameson, circa 1920-1927
BOX 417 Correspondence, reports, printed matter, etc.
BOX 418-435 Beveridge Committee, 1929-1962
Correspondence, memoranda, reports, meeting agenda and minutes, manuals, announcements, mailing lists, applications, contracts, financial records, schedules, and printed matter.
Arranged chronologically and thereunder by type of material or topic.
BOX 418 1929-1933
BOX 419 1929-1948
BOX 420 1933-1942
Pease and Ferrin, correspondence
Committee correspondence, White, Pratt, Ford, and Read
Bernstein, Hofstadter, and Josephson correspondence
Birney, James Gillespie, papers, edited by Dwight Lowell Dumond
Ekirch, Arthur Alphonse
Gray, Wood, Northern Allies of the Confederacy
Kirby, Ethyn Williams, George Keith, 1638-1716
Pomeroy, Earl Spencer
Perkins, Howard Cecil, Northern Editorials on Secession and Civil War
Easterby, J. H. , editor, Allston family rice plantation records
Woody, Robert H., editor, writings of Christopher Gadsden
Griffin, Grace Gardner, writings
Monaghan, Frank, editor, John Jay correspondence
Wettereau, James O., editor, History of the First Bank of the United States
BOX 421 1934-1940
General correspondence
General committee correspondence
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