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Part A: Committees and Related Organizations, 1888-1962 (continued)
Beveridge Committee, 1929-1962 (continued)
1945, Sept.-Dec.
Beveridge folder, 1951
Albert J. Beveridge Award applications, 1951
Correspondence regarding the 1951 folder
Instructions on forwarding manuscripts to the Beveridge Committee (personal data, routing, etc.)
Committee reports on manuscripts, 1951
BOX 426 1945-1952
Whitaker, Arthur Preston, correspondence with Catherine Eddy Beveridge, 1945-1948
Historiography volume, 1948
Beveridge Committee meetings, 15 Oct. and 28 Dec. 1948
Beveridge minutes of meetings, 1949
Beveridge Committee minutes, 3 Nov. 1950 and 10 Oct. 1951
Whitaker, Arthur Preston, papers for Beveridge Council Committee meeting, 10 Oct. 1951
Contract with the University of Pennsylvania Press, 1950
Correspondence with Phelps Soule at the University Press, 1949-1951
(2 folders)
Annual report
Beveridge Fund expenditures
Beveridge Competition, 1951
Beveridge folder, 1950-1951
Beveridge Competition applications, 1950
Beveridge correspondence, 1950
Beveridge Committee reports on manuscripts competition, 1950
BOX 427 1946-1955
Correspondence on applications, 1952
Correspondence, 1952
Correspondence with committee members, 1952
Correspondence, legal intelligence, 1952
Correspondence on notices to learned journals, publicity, 1952
Form letter to a company, announcements, 1952
Form letter, rejections, 1952
Inventory of files, 19 Jan. 1952
Mailing list of announcements
Meeting agenda and memorandum, 1952
Memorandum on committee procedures, Jan. 1952
Financial report, Beveridge Memorial Fund
Routing schedule
Correspondence, University of Pennsylvania Press, 1952
Vouchers, 1952
Theses, comments, and correspondence, 1952
Macmillan Co., Dorothy Goebel and theses comments
Beveridge Committee, 1955
Reports on manuscripts, 1952
Albert J. Beveridge Award publications, 1946
Latin America, miscellaneous
Preferences regarding manuscripts
BOX 428 1946-1951
Beveridge Fellowship correspondence, 1946
Beveridge reports from outside readers, 1946
Reports on manuscripts, 1946
Committee meetings, 1946
Publicity for fellowships, 1946
Bestor, Arthur Eugene, 1946
Loose leaf binder of applications, 1951
BOX 429 1949-1955
BOX 430 1951-1955
BOX 431 1952-1955
BOX 432 1952-1957
BOX 433 1958-1959
BOX 434 1960-1962
BOX 435 Miscellaneous
Pierson, George Wilson
Folders pertaining to manuscripts and labeled with the title of the manuscript
BOX 436-438 Carnegie Revolving Fund, 1933-1954
Correspondence, meeting records, and reports.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX 436 1933-1949
BOX 437 1954
Business meeting
Committee on Committees
Division of English Bibliographies
Annual report
National Archives
Asian history
Herbert Baxter Adams Prize
George Louis Beer Prize
Beveridge Fund
Ad interim appointments
Blue book series
Annual meeting, Commodore Hotel, New York, N.Y.
BOX 438 Correspondence
BOX 439-440 Dictionary of American Biography, 1923-1928
Correspondence of J. Franklin Jameson, contracts, and printed matter.
Arranged alphabetically by name or type of material.
BOX 439 Correspondence of J. Franklin Jameson
A-Z, 1923-1928
BOX 440 Miscellany
Correspondence with the American Council of Learned Societies in regard to the publication of the Dictionary of American Biography; contains contracts with Charles Scribner's Sons and agreement between ACLS and the New York Times Co., circa 1923-1928
BOX 441-443 Foreign Archives Material, 1910-1930
Photostatic copies and transcriptions of foreign documents, notes, reports, memoranda, and newspaper clippings.
Arranged by type of material.
BOX 441 Index of notes from State Department covering Jan. 1804-Dec. 1809
Notes, written in pencil
Set of Library of Congress card catalogue cards which seems to be an index to foreign archives
Brown manilla envelope containing notes on Swiss archives and eight manilla envelopes containing information on archives located in various cantons of Switzerland
BOX 442 Photostats of French and Spanish documents
Photostatic copies of British documents; New York Times Literary Supplement, 20 Apr. 1922; memorandum, 25 Sept. 1926; clipping from Washington Post, 11 Dec. 1927, in regard to a donation from John D. Rockefeller to the Library of Congress for bibliographical research; a page from a periodical entitled the Packer Alumna; pages from the Sunday Star, 16 Feb. 1930
Notes and reports on the public archives in Nova Scotia
Personal notes on archival work and a 1910 report on the Canadian archives
Photostatic, typed, and handwritten copies of British correspondence
Papal Bull of 1344
Treaty concluded between France and Portugal at Lyons, France, dated 14 July 1536
BOX 443 Contains same type of material, photostats, reports, etc.
BOX 444 Historians and the Federal Government, 1950-1957
Correspondence and committee reports.
Arranged alphabetically by type of file.
BOX 444 Loose-leaf binder containing general correspondence, beginning 1950-1951
Manilla envelope containing miscellaneous papers including committee reports for 1953
Two file folders with miscellaneous correspondence, circa 1953-1957
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