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American Historical Association records, 1884-1986

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Part B: Service Center for Teachers of History, 1955-1970 (continued)
Stevens, Harry R.
Hall, Marie Boas
Jordan, Phillip D.
Hucker, Charles O.
Wright, Louis B.
Crane, Robert I.
Bouwsma, William
BOX 859 Winks, Robin W.
Shafer, Boyd C.
Idzerda, Stanley J.
Ward, Paul L.
Lyon, Bryce
Davison, Roderic H.
Freidel, Frank
Carter, Harvey L.
BOX 860 Meyer, Henry Cord
(2 folders)
Winkler, Henry R.
Anderson, Eugene N.
May, Ernest R.
BOX 861 Brown, W. Burlie
Hicks, John D.
Blum, Jerome
Hall, John Whitney
Woodward, C. Vann
Mullett, Charles F.
Mooney, Chase C.
Burks, R. V.
Millis, Walter
Berwick, Keith B.
BOX 862 Meyer, Alfred G.
Whitaker, Arthur P.
Burr, Susan S.
Elkins, Stanley, and Eric McKitrick
Brown, Richard C.
Carson, George Barr, Jr.
BOX 863 Cole, Allan B., and Peter C. Oleson
(4 folders)
Blum, Albert A.
Mullett, Charles F.
BOX 864 Hagan, William T.
Scott, Franklin D.
(2 folders)
Holt, W. Stull
Ekirch, Arthur Alphonse
(2 folders)
BOX 865 Grimm, Harold J.
Morgan, Kenneth W.
Curtin, Phillip D.
Brinton, Crane
Walcott, Robert
Fite, Gilbert C.
Delzell, Charles F.
Harlan, Louis R.
Wright, Gordan
BOX 866 Wasburn, Wilcomb E.
(2 folders)
Webb, R. K.
(2 folders)
Gaustad, E. S.
Morton, Louis
BOX 867 Stewart, John Hall
(2 folders)
Greene, Jack P.
(2 folders)
Healy, David
Galambos, Louis
BOX 868 Grantham, Dewey W.
Joughin, Jean T.
(2 folders)
Rich, Norman
BOX 869 Fairbank, John K.
(2 folders)
Stover, John F.
(2 folders)
BOX 870 Requests for information
Review copies
Revisions, 1969-1970
"Preparation of Secondary School History Teachers"
Private secondary schools
Amherst American History
BOX 871 Identification of Film Criteria
Bloomington, Ind., conference
(5 folders)
BOX 872 (1 folder)
Copy of final report
Distribution of final report
Materials sent to printer
BOX 873 National Defense Education Act History Institutes
Office of Education
Pamphlet evaluations
BOX 874 Special Media Institute, Syracuse, N.Y.
Toronto correspondence
Working papers
BOX 875 International textbooks
(4 folders)
(1 folder)
BOX 876 (1 folder)
Publishers, 1961-1969
Macmillian Co.
Contracts and policies
1958-June 1963
(4 folders)
BOX 877 July 1963-1965
(2 folders)
Material for discussion
Presidential addresses
Stock reports
Waverly Press
1961-Jan. 1965
(3 folders)
BOX 878 June 1965-1967
(6 folders)
BOX 879 1968-1970
(2 folders)
Standing order lists
Stock reports
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