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Charles Linza McNary papers, 1921-1944

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BOX 1-4 Family Letters, 1922-1943
Carbon copies of letters from McNary to members of his family.
Arranged by name of family member and therein chronologically.
BOX 1 Stoltz, Ella (Mrs. Walter P.) (sister)
BOX 2 1940-1943
Stoltz, Walter T. (brother-in-law), 1922-1940
Stoltz, Richard M. (nephew), 1925-1943
BOX 3 Marshall, Margaret Stolz (Mrs. Willard C.) (niece), 1924-1943
Marshall, Willard C. (nephew), 1927-1943
Marshall, Martha McNary (grand-niece), 1934-1943
Marshall, Julia Stolz (grand-niece), 1941-1943
Bruce, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. H. T.) (sister), 1935-1943
BOX 4 McNary, Nina, 1927-1932
McNary, John H. (brother), 1922-1936
Heater, Lenore (Mrs. L. D.), 1939-1943
BOX 5-22 General Correspondence, 1921-1944
Letters sent and received.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX 5 1921-1937
BOX 6 1938-May 1939
BOX 7 June-Dec. 1939
BOX 8 1940
Jan.-June 11
BOX 9 June 12-26
BOX 10 June 28-July
BOX 11 Aug. 1-15
BOX 12 Aug. 16-Oct.
BOX 13 1940, Nov.-1941, Jan. 15
BOX 14 1941
Jan. 16-Feb. 4
BOX 15 Feb. 5-20
BOX 16 Feb. 21-Mar. 9
BOX 17 Mar. 10-May 8
BOX 18 May 9-July
BOX 19 Aug.-Dec.
BOX 20 1942, Jan.-1943, June
BOX 21 1943, July-1944, Feb.
BOX 22 1944, Feb.-Mar., undated
BOX 23-24 Speeches and Statements, 1924-1942
Handwritten, typewritten, multicopy, and printed copies of speeches or drafts of speeches.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX 23 1924-1940, Mar.
BOX 24 1940, June-1942, undated
BOX 25-60 Legislative File, circa 1921-1943
Letters sent and received, memoranda, and printed copies of bills and resolutions.
Arranged by subject. Little arrangement of folders under these headings, but each folder deals with a specific legislative proposal. Included are two groups of index cards relating to legislative proposals of the 76th, 77th, and 78th Congresses. The first group is arranged alphabetically, by name or subject. The second group is arranged by Congresses, and within each Congress, serially by bills. Loose-leaf notebooks and record books serve as indexes to bills and resolutions introduced by McNary in various Congresses.
BOX 25 Agriculture
Agricultural Statements
Agricultural Data, 1935-1938
S-2409 Authorize more complete endowment of agricultural experiment stations (Purnell Bill), 1924
Amendment to H.R. 7729, Hawes-Cooper Bill, 1928
S.J. Res. 159 Control and Eradication European Fowl Pest (Agriculture Appropriation), 1924
S. 3473 Expanding Foreign Field Service, etc., 1926
S. 2043 Expanding Foreign Field Service, 1929-1930
Crop Insurance Bill, 1922-1937
BOX 26 S. Res. 92 Crop Insurance
S. 2149 Crop Insurance
S. Res. 413 Crop Insurance, Time Extension
S. 3987 (Peak's Bill) Soil Resources
S. 2787 Pope-McGill Farm Bill
S. 1579 To extend time during which orders and marketing agreements under the Agricultural Adjustment Act, as amended, may be applicable to hops
S. 1662 Amendment (in the nature of a substitute) to extend the time during which orders and marketing agreements under the Agricultural Adjustment Act, as amended, may be applicable to hops
S. 4536 To amend Agricultural Marketing Act.
BOX 27 S. 4602 Farm Bill
S.1 Farm Relief Bill
Farm Relief (S. 4536)
S. 2999 Establish Federal Farm Board control and disposition of surplus commodities
S. 3538 Farm Bill
S. Res. 137 Relating to a supplemental report by the Committee on Agriculture and Forestry in connection with its investigation of the Federal Farm Board
S. 4206 New McNary-Haugen Bill, Formerly S. 4158, S. 3109
S. 4808 Farm Relief Bill
S. 1911 Farmers' Export Corporation Bill
Farm Board Reports-Miscellaneous
BOX 28 S. 3091 Wheat Folder
S. 2012 Wheat Bill
S. 3091 New Wheat Bill (2012)
History of McNary-Haugen Legislation, 69th-75th Congresses
(2 folders)
BOX 29 S. 3555 70th Congress
McNary-Haugen Clippings, Data
(2 folders)
McNary-Haugen Miscellaneous
McNary-Haugen Bills, Reports, Laws
(1 folder)
BOX 30 (1 folder)
Farm Board Investigation, Correspondence
BOX 31 McNary-Haugen Farm Bill, 1924-1932
BOX 32 Hearings on Various Agricultural Relief Bills including McNary-Haugen (Marked "Only Copies") (Printed Matter)
BOX 33 Bonneville Dam
Bonneville Dam
Columbia River Development, 1931-1933
Bonneville Dam, 1933-1934
Bonneville Fishways, 1935
Bonneville, 1935
BOX 34 Bonneville Dam, 1935-1936
H.R. 6732 Columbia River at Bonneville, 1935
S. 3330 Bonneville Power Bill, 1936
Bonneville, 1936
BOX 35 Bonneville Dam Rates
BOX 36 Bonneville Dam
BOX 37 Bonneville Dam
S. 2092 Bonneville Dam Bill, 1937
Bonneville Dam, 1937-1938
S. 2375 To amend the Bonneville Project Act, 1939
Bonneville Data, 1940
Bonneville Amendment (1942) S. 2430
Columbia Valley Authority
Columbia Valley, 1941
Columbia Valley, Roosevelt, also Harold L. Ickes (1941)
BOX 38 Fisheries
S. 732 Propagation of Salmon in the Columbia River
S. Res. 85 Salmon Treaty
S.J. Res. 15 Whaling Industry Extension
S. 240 (Fisheries)
BOX 39 Forestry
Forestry Legislation
S. 3556 McNary-McSweeney (Reintroduced S. 1183)
S. 4507 Forestry Bill
S.J. Res. 116 Puerto Rico Reforestation Lands
S. 718 Protection of watersheds of navigable
BOX 40 S. 766 Extend provisions of forest exchange to Cascade National Forest Oregon
S. 767 Authorizing appropriation for construction and maintenance of protection of national forests
S. 1182 Reforestation Bill
S. 1982 Add certain lands to Mt. Hood National Forest
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