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Charles Linza McNary papers, 1921-1944

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Legislative File, circa 1921-1943 (continued)
S. 4509 Klamath Indian Extension
S. 3382 Expenses Klamath Indian Delegate to Washington
S. 3749 Erection at Burns, Oregon, School for Piute Indian Children
S. 3272 Snake or Piute Indians, Court of Claims (Burns Indians)
S. 1191 Umatilla Reservation Indians
S. 5575 Coos Bay, Umpqua, and Siuslaw Indians
S. 820 Conferring jurisdiction Court of Claims, bands of tribes of Indians residing in Oregon
S. 1513 Timber sales on Indian Lands
S. 2097 Conferring jurisdiction Court of Claims, Indian tribes
S. 2761, Conferring jurisdiction Court of Claims certain bands, tribes, Indians, State of Oregon
S. 1432 Authorizing the Snake or Piute Indians of the former Malheur Indian Reservation of Oregon to sue in the Court of Claims
S. 1715 Authorizing the restoration to tribal ownership lands upon the Umatilla Indian Reservation, Oregon
S. 926 Umatilla Indians
S. 1968 To provide for the distribution of judgement fund of the Klamath and Modoc Tribes and Yahooskin Band of Snake Indians
S. 2153
S. 4352 Coos Bay (Kowes) Umpqua (Kalawatset), Siuslaw tribes
S. 2635 Indian timber sales of allotments
S. 2895 Warm Spring Tribe of Indians
S. 4517 Klamath Reservation, expenses Grand Council
S. 253 To authorize the leasing of certain Indian lands subject to the approval of the Secretary of the Interior
BOX 42 Public Lands
O. and C. Lands
S. 722 Authorize selection of certain publicly owned lands by the State of Oregon
S. 3655 Authorize purchase by Yamhill of certain lands formerly embraced in grant to the O & CRR Co. and revested in United States by act, June 9, 1916
S. 1193 Rocks and Islands for park purposes
S. 3162 Oregon Caves
S. 3224 Crater Lake, adjust boundaries
S. 3225 Crater Lake, enlarge boundaries
S. 4057 Cutting and removing timber on revested or reconveyed lands
S. 742 Siuslaw National Forest
S. 2987 Restore homestead rights in certain cases
S. 616 Tongue Point submarine and destroyer base, removal of rock
S. 629 Acquisition of certain timber lands or sale to Oregon for recreational and scenic purposes
S. 242 Relating to the disposition of funds derived from the Coos Bay Wagon Road grant lands
S. 236 Authorizing the Secretary of Commerce to convey a certain tract of land to the State of Oregon for use as a public park and recreational site
BOX 43 Reclamation
New Reclamation Bill
S. 3254 Reclamation Bill. McNary Bill
S.J. Res. 109 Authorizing Secretary of Interior to employ engineers for consultation in connection with construction of claims for irrigation purposes
S. 2251 Deschutes Project
S. 743 Deschutes Project
S. 1428 McNary-Smith Reclamation Bill (old bill 3254-67th Congress)
S. 3571 Compact Bill of Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Montana in regard to the Columbia River
S. 4614 Amend Sec. 14, adjust water right charges. This bill connected with S. 4117, (Colonial Realty Co. Bill)
S. 1759 Mill Four Drainage District
S. 2822 Regulate undertaking new federal irrigation projects, etc., and extensions of existing projects
S. 2415 To convey to the Hermiston Irrigation District and to the West Extension Irrigation District of the Umatilla reclamation project in the State of Oregon all the interest of the United States in the Umatilla reclamation project, and for other purposes.
S. 3198 Klamath irrigation District
BOX 44 Reciprocal Trade
Reciprocal Trade Agreement
Czechoslovak Trade Agreement
Cuban Trade Treaty
Reciprocal Trade Agreement, Great Britain and Canada
Turkish Trade Treaty, Filberts
Venezuela Trade Agreement
Trade Agreement Constitutionality
Reciprocal Trade, Customs
Reciprocal Trade
Agreement, Apples and Pears
Treaties For
1938 Miscellaneous
BOX 45 1939 Miscellaneous
Repeal, Trade Agreement
Argentine Trade Agreement
Reciprocal Trade, Lumber
BOX 46 Lumber Tariff
Lumber Data
(Reciprocal Trade)
Reciprocal Trade, Senate Speech Papers
BOX 47 Umatilla Projects
Umatilla River Flood Control
Umatilla Dam Irrigation
S. 1187 Umatilla Rapids, 1926
Umatilla, 1935-1939
BOX 48 Umatilla Dam, 1938-1940, Columbia River
S. 2252 Umatilla Rapids
BOX 49 S. 2252 Umatilla Rapids
BOX 50 Miscellaneous Legislation
McNary's Laws
S. 2294 (Alcohol)
S. 2474 (Alcohol)
S. 2600 (Rubber produced from alcohol)
Appleby, Stephen C. M.
S. 4188 American Air Transport Services, Etc.
S. 2791 Leasing lands in Alaska for stock breeding and other purposes
S. 1811 British Columbia Yukon Territory and Alaska Highway
S. 1374 United States and British Columbia Yukon Territory, International Highway
S. 1335 Relating to the filing of affidavits of prejudice in the district court for the District of Alaska
BOX 51 B
S. 3731 For the relief of Everett O. Bradford
S. 884 Walter Baer (Immigration Bill)
S. 1658 Migratory Bird Conservation Act
S. 3006 Annual Migratory Bird Stamping Act, Mar. 16, 1934
S. 1766 To provide for the payment of annuities to blind persons
S. 4252 Setting aside land in Douglas county, Oregon, for summer camp for Boy Scouts
S. 2251 Charles Brauch
S. 1899 A bill for the relief of Lawrence Brizendine
S. 629 A bill granting a pension to John Burkland
S. 255 Authorizing the Secretary of War to convey to the Port of Cascade Locks, Oregon, certain lands for municipal purposes
S. 2316 Chamberlain
S. Res. 320 Colorado River Basin
S.J. Res. 211 Drought Bill, McNary-Aswell Bill
H.R. Fibre Flax Plant
BOX 52 G
Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, United States Naval Station
A bill for the relief of Kate Hatton
S. 2574 A bill for the relief of Thomas Partick Heany
S. 2148 Hamper Bill
S. 2791 Amend the Agricultural Adjustment Act by including hops
S. 2062 A bill for the relief of Thomas Jennie Johnson, C. D. Lumber Co.
S. 751 Patriotic poster, 'Look the Truth in the Face'
S. 729 Authorize the distribution to persons admitted to citizenship of the poster entitled "Look the Truth in the Face"
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