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Charles Linza McNary papers, 1921-1944

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Legislative File, circa 1921-1943 (continued)
Czechoslovak Trade Agreement
Cuban Trade Treaty
Reciprocal Trade Agreement, Great Britain and Canada
Turkish Trade Treaty, Filberts
Venezuela Trade Agreement
Trade Agreement Constitutionality
Reciprocal Trade, Customs
Reciprocal Trade
Agreement, Apples and Pears
Treaties For
1938 Miscellaneous
BOX 45 1939 Miscellaneous
Repeal, Trade Agreement
Argentine Trade Agreement
Reciprocal Trade, Lumber
BOX 46 Lumber Tariff
Lumber Data
(Reciprocal Trade)
Reciprocal Trade, Senate Speech Papers
BOX 47 Umatilla Projects
Umatilla River Flood Control
Umatilla Dam Irrigation
S. 1187 Umatilla Rapids, 1926
Umatilla, 1935-1939
BOX 48 Umatilla Dam, 1938-1940, Columbia River
S. 2252 Umatilla Rapids
BOX 49 S. 2252 Umatilla Rapids
BOX 50 Miscellaneous Legislation
McNary's Laws
S. 2294 (Alcohol)
S. 2474 (Alcohol)
S. 2600 (Rubber produced from alcohol)
Appleby, Stephen C. M.
S. 4188 American Air Transport Services, Etc.
S. 2791 Leasing lands in Alaska for stock breeding and other purposes
S. 1811 British Columbia Yukon Territory and Alaska Highway
S. 1374 United States and British Columbia Yukon Territory, International Highway
S. 1335 Relating to the filing of affidavits of prejudice in the district court for the District of Alaska
BOX 51 B
S. 3731 For the relief of Everett O. Bradford
S. 884 Walter Baer (Immigration Bill)
S. 1658 Migratory Bird Conservation Act
S. 3006 Annual Migratory Bird Stamping Act, Mar. 16, 1934
S. 1766 To provide for the payment of annuities to blind persons
S. 4252 Setting aside land in Douglas county, Oregon, for summer camp for Boy Scouts
S. 2251 Charles Brauch
S. 1899 A bill for the relief of Lawrence Brizendine
S. 629 A bill granting a pension to John Burkland
S. 255 Authorizing the Secretary of War to convey to the Port of Cascade Locks, Oregon, certain lands for municipal purposes
S. 2316 Chamberlain
S. Res. 320 Colorado River Basin
S.J. Res. 211 Drought Bill, McNary-Aswell Bill
H.R. Fibre Flax Plant
BOX 52 G
Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, United States Naval Station
A bill for the relief of Kate Hatton
S. 2574 A bill for the relief of Thomas Partick Heany
S. 2148 Hamper Bill
S. 2791 Amend the Agricultural Adjustment Act by including hops
S. 2062 A bill for the relief of Thomas Jennie Johnson, C. D. Lumber Co.
S. 751 Patriotic poster, 'Look the Truth in the Face'
S. 729 Authorize the distribution to persons admitted to citizenship of the poster entitled "Look the Truth in the Face"
BOX 53 M
S. 726 A bill for the relief of Guy D. Martin
S. 925 Dr. John McLoughlin home
H.R. McLoughlin home appropriation
S. 626 Granting an increase of pension to Esther Ann Hill Morgan
S. Res. 141 Authorizing an investigation of the advisability of Federal regulation of the sizes and weights of commercial motor vehicles
Muscle Shoals
S.J. Res. 19 To provide for designating the route of the Oregon Trail
S. Res. 204 Oriental mail line
S. 2803 Old Age Pension
S. 1546 Poppy seed bill
S. 5524 Porto Rico experimental work, etc.
S. 1792 Amendment to prison-made merchandise
Pensions-Old Age
BOX 54 Q-R
S.J. Res. 172 Authorizing the distribution of government wheat to the American Red Cross
S. 1648 For the relief of the Shaver Forwarding Co.
Smith, Ruth (Mrs. David)
S. 753 Captain Lloyd S. Spooner
Amendment to H.R. 10663 Making appropriations to supply deficiencies, etc., United States Geographic Board (Will Steal)
S. 4420 Sugar Exportation
S. 722 Will Steel "name plates"
S. 927 Judgement upon the claim of Suncrest Orchards, Incorporated
Tongue Point
Tongue Point
Tongue Point
BOX 55 S. 456 Tongue Point Submarine Destroyer Base
S. 3498 Tongue Point Naval Air Base
H.R. 12527 Tongue Point Naval Base
S. 250 Authorizing an appropriation for the development of a naval airbase at Tongue Point, Oregon
Vandenberg, Arthur
S. 793 To provide for a national cemetery in the vicinity of Portland, Oregon
S. 873 Granting compensation to George Walthers
S. 5813 Wild-life Conservation Bill
S. 2775 War Finance Corporation
World Court 1931
World Court 1932
S. 2670 Wildlife-restoration projects
BOX 56 Index of bills and resolutions (introduced by McNary)
69th, 70th, and 71st Congresses
BOX 57 1st Session of the 72nd Congress
BOX 58 72nd, 73rd, and 74th Congresses
BOX 59 75th Congress
BOX 60 Index cards covering bills and resolutions in 76th, 77th, and 78th Congresses
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