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Rosa Parks papers, 1866-2006

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2024 Addition, 1900-2005 (continued)
BOX 45 Correspondence and related items, 1977-1978, circa 1988, undated
BOX 45 Rent receipts, 1989-1994
BOX 45 Sewing kit, undated
BOX 46 Printed matter
BOX 46 By topic
BOX 46 Civil rights, 1956, 1963, undated See also Oversize, same heading
BOX 46 Government and foreign policy, 1952, 1961
BOX 46 King, Martin Luther, Jr., 1967
BOX 46 Depictions of Parks
BOX 46 Book, David A. Adler, A Picture Book of Rosa Parks, 1993
BOX 46 Script fragment, "The Rosa Parks Story," 2001
BOX 46 Newsletters and bulletins
BOX 46 Mentioning Parks, 1971, 1989, 1998
BOX 46 Not mentioning Parks, 1966, 1997-2001
BOX 46 Newspapers
BOX 46 Mentioning Parks
BOX 46 1979
BOX 46 1984-1989
BOX 46 1990-1999
BOX 46 Not mentioning Parks
BOX 46 1978
BOX 46 1998
BOX 46 Feb.-Mar.
BOX 46 Apr.-Aug.
BOX 46 Undated
BOX 46 Teacher materials for "Rosa Parks: Back of the Bus," 1981
BOX 47 Books owned by Parks
BOX 47 Barwick, Mary, The Alabama Angels, inscribed by Jean Everage, 1991, 1994
BOX 47 Bentley, Kenneth W., Women of Courage, introduction by Rosa Parks, 1996
BOX 47 Cochran, Johnnie L., Jr., with Tim Rutten, Journey to Justice, inscribed by Johnnie L. Cochran Jr., 1996
BOX 47 Dees, Morris, with Steve Fiffer, A Season for Justice: The Life and Times of Civil Rights Lawyer Morris Dees, inscribed by Morris Dees, 1990, 1991
BOX 48 Drinker, Frederick E., Booker T. Washington: The Master Mind of a Child of Slavery, inscribed by Rosa Parks [Rosa Louise McCauley], 1915
BOX 48 Graetz, Robert S., Montgomery: A White Preacher's Memoir, inscribed by the author, 1991, 1995
BOX 48 Gray, Fred D., The Tuskegee Syphilis Study: The Real Story and Beyond, inscribed by the author, 1998, 2000
BOX 48 Guy-Sheftall, Beverly, and Jo Moore Stewart, Spelman: A Centennial Celebration, inscribed by Donald M. Stewart, 1981, 1985
BOX 48 Guzman, Jesse Parkhurst, Crusade for Democracy: The Story of the Tuskegee Civic Association, 1941-1970, inscribed by the author, 1984, 1988
BOX 49 Hittleman, Richard, Introduction to Yoga, 1969
BOX 49 Holy Bible
BOX 49 Thomas Nelson, Inc., inscribed by Ossie Jefferson, 1972, 1977
BOX 49 World Publishers, Inc., inscribed by Alfred Miles, St. Matthew A.M.E. Church, 1986
BOX 49 Ikeda, Daisaku, Shining Moments, 1998
BOX 50 Lanker, Brian, I Dream a World: Portraits of Black Women who Changed America, inscribed by Brian Lanker, Clara McBride Hale, Charlayne Hunter-Gault, Jewell Jackson McCabe, Queen Mother Audley Moore, Odetta, Sonia Sanchez, Betty Shabazz, 1989 See also Oversize, same heading
BOX 50 Lessenberry, D. D., and E. A. Jevon, 20th Century Typewriting, inscribed by Rosa Parks, 1938
BOX 50 Lewis, John, with Michael D'Orso, Walking with the Wind: A Memoir of the Movement, inscribed by John Lewis, 1998
BOX 50 McClure, A. K., Lincoln's Own Yarns and Stories, fragment, 1900 See also Container 36, same heading
BOX 51 McKissack, Patricia, and Fredrick McKissack, A Long Hard Journey: The Story of the Pullman Porter, inscribed by the authors, 1989, 1991
BOX 51 Mullan, Don (editor), Eyewitness Bloody Sunday, inscribed by the editor, 1997, 1998
BOX 51 Peters, Cyndee
BOX 51 Timme för timme, dag för dag: Min väg genom sorgen, inscribed by the author, 1988
BOX 51 Vidare, inscribed by the author, 1994
BOX 51 Prayers, a Janet Thoma book, inscribed by "Sorors of Carver Sr. High School," 1993, 1995
BOX 51 Riley, Maurice, The Deaconess: Walking in the Newness of Life, inscribed by the author, 1990, 1992
BOX 52 Rumi, with Deepak Chopra (editor), The Love Poems of Rumi, inscribed by the editor, 1998
BOX 52 Wheat, Harry Grove, The Teaching of Reading: A Textbook of Principles and Methods, inscribed with "State Normal School, Montgomery, Ala.," annotated, 1923
BOX 52 White, Florence M., Malcolm X: Black and Proud, 1980
BOX 52 Wright, Nathan, Jr., Let's Work Together, inscribed by the author, 1968
BOX OV 1-OV 21 Oversize, 1900-2006
Oversize material consisting of resolutions, tributes, certificates, honorary degrees, correspondence, writings, political ephemera, labor and campaign buttons, a calendar, a family Bible, and newspapers.
Arranged and described according to the series, containers, and folders from which the items were removed.
BOX OV 1 Family Papers
BOX OV 1 Letters to and from Rosa Parks
BOX OV 1 Extended family
BOX OV 1 Undated (Container 1)
Digital content available
BOX OV 1 Other family papers
BOX OV 1 McCauley, Leona (mother)
BOX OV 1 Miscellany, 1980 (Container 2)
Digital content available
BOX OV 1 General Correspondence
BOX OV 1 Alphabetical file
BOX OV 1 Jackson, Jesse, holiday greeting and campaign ephemera, 1987 (Container 4)
Digital content available
BOX OV 1 Letters and drawings from children (Containers 12-13)
BOX OV 1 1998-2000
Digital content available
BOX OV 1 2003
Digital content available
BOX OV 2 Subject File
BOX OV 2 Labor and political buttons, 1937-1947, 1980s, undated (Container 15)
Digital content available
BOX OV 3 Presidential Medal of Freedom, 1996
BOX OV 3 Certificate (Container 16)
Digital content available
BOX OV 3 Case for certificate (Container 16)
Digital content available
BOX OV 3 Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute for Self Development, 1998 (Container 16)
Digital content available
BOX OV 3 Writings, Notes, and Statements
BOX OV 3 Drafts of early writings
BOX OV 3 Autobiographical, undated (Container 18)
Digital content available
BOX OV 4 Events
BOX OV 4 Featuring or honoring Parks
BOX OV 4 1989 (Container 19)
Digital content available
BOX OV 5 1993 (Container 20)
Digital content available
BOX OV 6 Resolutions and Other Honors (Container 22)
BOX OV 6 Congressional
BOX OV 6 Bilbray, James H., 1989
Digital content available
BOX OV 6 Ford, Harold, 1988
Digital content available
BOX OV 6 Lautenberg, Frank, 1990
Digital content available
BOX OV 6 Mineta, Norman Y., 1993
Digital content available
BOX OV 6 Reid, Harry, 1989
Digital content available
BOX OV 6 Stokes, Louis, 1977, 1996
Digital content available
BOX OV 6 Institutions and organizations
BOX OV 6 African American Roundtable of Santa Clara County, Calif., 1993
Digital content available
BOX OV 6 Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Eta Rho Omega Chapter, San Jose, Calif., 1993
Digital content available
BOX OV 6 Association of Teacher Educators, 1995
Digital content available
BOX OV 6 Bryant College, Smithfield, R.I., 1995
Digital content available
BOX OV 6 Congress of Racial Equality of California, undated
Digital content available
BOX OV 6 Cuyahoga Community College, Cleveland, Ohio, 1977
Digital content available
BOX OV 6 Edward Waters College, Jacksonville, Fla., 1994
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