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Series VII: Transcripts, 1520s-1880s (continued)
VII D: Papers of George Washington, 1775-1786 (continued)
BOX VII D:75 Deserters, 1777-1782
BOX VII D:76 Inspection, 1779-1780
BOX VII D:77 Various subjects
1777-1782 (vol. 1)
BOX VII D:78 1782-1783 (vol. 2)
BOX VII D:79 1776-1779 (vol. 3)
BOX VII D:80 Troops, stores, supplies
Pt. 1, 1775
BOX VII D:81 Pt. 2, 1776
BOX VII D:82 Regimental, brigade, militia, miscellany, 1775-1783
BOX VII D:83 Cavalry, miscellany, 1777-1782
BOX VII D:84 General returns of the Continental Army
Valley Forge, White Plains, Fredericksburg, 1778-1779
Miscellany, 1776
BOX VII D:85 Troops, stores, supplies
BOX VII D:86 1780
BOX VII D:87 1780
BOX VII D:88 1780-1781
BOX VII D:89 1781-1782
BOX VII D:90 1782
BOX VII D:91 1782-1783
BOX VII D:92 1783
BOX VII D:93 1783
BOX VII D:94 Index to Army returns of the Revolution
BOX VII:E1-E81 VII E: Other Manuscript Sources, 1560s-1880s
Transcripts from state records, historical societies, private collections, and foreign archives..
Arranged alphabetically by name of source.
Available on microfilm shelf no. 19,061, Reels 1-56. Items removed to Oversize have been filmed in their original location.
BOX VII E:1 REEL 1 (1) Alexander, William (Lord Stirling), 1726-1783. Papers, 1774-1782
circa 300 items
General in the Continental Army. Chiefly military correspondence, reports, and orders concerning preparations for defense in New York, Jan.-Mar. 1776, and operations in the Northern Department, Oct. 1781-Dec. 1782. Also contains lists of officers in the Connecticut and Massachusetts Continental Lines, returns, copies of portraits of Lord and Lady Stirling, and miscellaneous letters relating to military organizations, recruiting efforts, and Benedict Arnold's invasion of Virginia. Correspondents include Sarah Alexander, William Barber, James Bradford, William Burnet, Abraham Clark, George Clinton, Henry Clinton, Elias Dayton, Henry Dearborn, William Duer, Roger Enos, Nathaniel Greene, Edward Hand, Robert H. Harrison, William Heath, Samuel Hogdon, William Livingston, James Lovell, Thomas Lowrey, Daniel Lyman, Alexander McDougall, Robert Morris, Lewis Nicola, William Patterson, Timothy Pickering, Richard Platt, Arthur St. Clair, Philip Schuyler, John Stark, John Sullivan, William Thompson, Tench Tilghman, Samuel Tucker, Benjamin Tupper, George Washington, Anthony Wayne, and Marinus Willett. Originals in the New York Historical Society, 1847.
1.1, 22 Jan. 1774-21 Mar. 1776
1.2, 23 Mar. 1776-4 Oct. 1779
1.3, 7 Jan. 1780-18 June 1781
1.4, 1 July-9 Nov. 1781
1.5, 10 Nov. 1781-30 Aug. 1782
BOX VII E:1 REEL 1 (2) Allen, Ethan, 1738-1789. Papers, 1773-1784.
circa 150 items.
General in the Vermont militia. Political and military correspondence, reports, petitions, addresses, and memorials concerning the capture of Fort Ticonderoga, Indian alliances, the invasion of Canada, the New Hampshire Grants, Vermont statehood, boundary disputes with New York, and secret negotiations between Allen and General Frederick Haldimand. Also contains extracts from A Narrative of Col. Allen's Captivity (1779). Correspondents include Ira Allen, John Allen, Samuel J. Atlee, Stephen R. Bradley, Thomas Chittenden, George Clinton, Abel Curtis, Roger Enos, Jonas Fay, Joseph Fay, Philip Schuyler, Justin Sherwood, George Smith, Jonathan Trumbull, George Washington, and Alexander Webster. Originals in the possession of Henry Stevens, Jr., 1843
(3) Allen, Ira, 1751-1814. Autobiography, 1799.
1 item (77 pp.)
Surveyor of Vermont. "Part of the History of the Life of Ira Allen Esquire, Written by himself from Memory, in the Pelagie Prison, Paris." Concerns chiefly Allen's surveys and land claims in the New Hampshire Grants, 1769-1773, and efforts to block surveying parties from New York.
(4) Anderson, Thomas. Journal, 1780-1782.
1 item (29 pp.)
Lieutenant in the 1st Delaware regiment. Describes Anderson's service in the Southern Campaign, 6 May 1780-7 Apr. 1782. Includes information on marches, skirmishes with Tories, and the battles of Camden, Cowpens, Guilford Courthouse, Hobkirk's Hill, Ninety-Six, and Eutaw Springs. Extracts published in theHistorical Magazine 1 (1867).
(5) André, John, 1751-1780. Poem, undated.
1 item (35 pp.)
Major in the British Army. Poem entitled, "The American Times, A Satire, In three parts, &c.," which characterizes many of the principal leaders of the American Revolution: John Adams, Samuel Chase, James Duane, William Duer, Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock, John Jay, Henry Laurens, William Livingston, Thomas McKean, Gouverneur Morris, Robert Morris, Thomas Paine, Casimir Pulaski, Daniel Roberdeau, George Washington, and James Wilson. Original in the possession of Reverend James Nourse, circa 1845.
(6) Atkinson, Theodore, 1697-1779. Journal, 1727.
1 item (19 pp.)
Secretary of New Hampshire. Detailed report of a conference between commissioners from Massachusetts and New Hampshire and the Norridgewock, Penobscot, and Wawenock Indians at Falmouth (now Portsmouth), Maine, 10-27 July 1727. Commissioners include William Drummer, John Wentworth, and Theodore Atkinson, who also served as clerk for the commission. Original in the New Hampshire Historical Society, circa 1835.
(7) Beers, Nathan, d. 1849. Journal, 1777-1782.
1 item (79 pp.)
Paymaster in Col. Samuel B. Webb's Connecticut regiment. Describes Beer's service in defensive operations along the Hudson River and in Connecticut and Rhode Island. Contains information on military organization, marches, discipline, desertions, supplies, fortifications, skirmishes with British raiding parties, and the Battle of Rhode Island.
BOX VII E:1-2 REEL 1-2 (8) Belknap, Jeremy, 1744-1798. Collection, 1683-1790.
circa 900 items.
Collector.(Correspondence from Gov. William Shirley to Governor Benning Wentworth, 1742-1756, chiefly concerning commerce and military affairs; letters from Governor Wentworth to military and political leaders in England and America, 1757-1761; political and military correspondence between Theodore Atkinson, secretary for the province of New Hampshire, and John Thomlinson, the provincial agent in England, 1733-1768; extracts from the minutes of the Privy Council; reports to the Lords of Trade and Plantations; instructions to provincial governors; the journal of Captain Eleazer Melvin, 13-31 May 1748, kept on an expedition to Crown Point; and the journal of Chaplain Samuel MacClintock, 27 May-27 Aug. 1760, describing the capture of Fort Chambly. Also contains miscellaneous deeds, petitions, orders, and depositions. Originals mainly in the New Hampshire Historical Society, 1834.
8.1, Shirley-Wentworth correspondence, 1742-1747
8.2, Shirley-Wentworth correspondence, 1747-1756
8.3, Wentworth letters, 1757-1761
8.4, MacClintock journal
8.5, Atkinson-Thomlinson correspondence, 1733-1747
8.6, Atkinson-Thomlinson correspondence, 1746-1768
8.7, Other papers, 1683-1715
8.8, Melvin journal and other papers, 1717-1759
8.9, Other papers, 1759-1790
BOX VII E:2 REEL 2 (9) Bellows, Benjamin, 1740-1802. Papers, 1778-1783.
72 items.
General in the New Hampshire militia. Chiefly correspondence concerning New Hampshire Grants and military affairs during the American Revolution. Correspondents include Benjamin Giles, Samuel Olcott, William Page, Meschech Weare, and Beza Woodward. Originals in private hands, circa 1835.
(10) Bernard, Sir Francis, 1712-1779. Letterbook, 1768-1769.
1 item (459 pp.)
Governor of Massachusetts. Letters from Bernard to Thomas Bradshaw, Sir Edward Hawks, Lord Hillsborough (Wills Hill, Earl of Hillsborough), John Pownall, Lord Shelburne (William Petty, Earl of Shelburne), and Philip Stephens concerning resistance in Massachusetts to the Townsend Acts and the Quartering Act. Originals in the possession of O. (Obadiah) Rich, London, England, 1834; subsequently sold to Sir Thomas Phillipps.
10.1, 21 Jan.-6 Aug. 1768
10.2, 9 Aug.-30 Nov. 1768
10.3, 5 Dec. 1768-17 July 1769
BOX VII E:3 REEL 2-3 (11) Bevan, Joseph Vallance, 1798-1830. Collection, 1733-1825.
circa 500 items.
Editor and historian. Reminiscences of Samuel Beekaem on hostilities between Tories and rebels in Georgia, 1778-1781; correspondence and documents relating to the conflicting claims of Thomas Bosomworth and Isaac Levy over the Sea Islands of Georgia, 1743-1768; extracts from Adam Anderson's An Historical and Chronological Deduction of the Origin of Commerce (1760); extracts from the proceedings of the Georgia House of Representatives, 1782-1785; the journal of James Habersham, 28 Mar.-16 May 1780, kept during the Siege of Charleston, S.C.; correspondence of James Habersham, 1738-1775; letters from Noble Jones to his son concerning political, military, and personal affairs, 1760-1761; muster rolls and returns for Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Virginia Continental troops, 1778-1779; correspondence and papers of General Lachlan McIntosh, 1776-1789; papers concerning Indian affairs, 1733-1825; account of the activities of Captain Richard Winn in South Carolina and Georgia, May-Dec. 1780; and miscellaneous materials. Originals in the possession of Israel Tefft, circa 1833; sold at auction in 1867.
11.1, Reminiscences of Samuel Beekaem
11.2, Thomas Bosomworth controversy
11.3, Extracts from the Origin of Commerce
11.4, Extracts from the proceedings of the Georgia assembly
11.5, Accounts, 1733-1734
11.6, Correspondence of James Habersham
11.7, Journal of James Habersham
11.8, Correspondence of Noble Jones
11.9, Articles of capitulation at Charleston, S.C., 1780
11.10, Muster rolls and returns See Oversize
11.11, Correspondence of Lachlan McIntosh
11.12, Papers concerning Indian affairs
11.13, Tax list
11.14, Account of the activities of Capt. Richard Winn
11.15, Other papers, 1755-1806
BOX VII E:4 REEL 3 (12) Boudinot, Elias, 1740-1821. Papers, 1776-1783.
45 items.
American commissary general of prisoners and delegate to the Continental Congress. Chiefly correspondence, reports, and memoranda concerning the treatment and exchange of American and British prisoners of war. Also includes general returns of American prisoners, 1776-1778, and letters written by Boudinot as a member of Congress on the final cartel for an exchange of prisoners and the Treaty of Peace, 1782-1783. Principal correspondents include Sir William Howe, Joshua Loring, and George Washington.
(13) British Army Papers, 1755-1759.
3 items.
Journal of an unidentified provincial soldier in Sir William Johnson's army at the Battle of Lake George, 19 Aug.-22 Sept. 1755; orderly book from the headquarters of Gen. Timothy Ruggles, 23 May-11 July 1759, concerning marches along the Hudson River, discipline among the Royal Highlanders and provincial soldiers from Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island, and routine military affairs; and an orderly book kept at Ticonderoga and Crown Point during preparations for an invasion of Canada, 1 Aug.-9 Nov. 1759. Originals in the possession of Henry Stevens and Henry Stevens, Jr., 1843-1845.
13.1, Journal of the Battle of Lake George
13.2, Orderly book, May-July 1759
13.3, Orderly book, Aug.-Nov. 1759
(14) Broadhead, John Romeyn, 1814-1873. Collection, 1775-1777.
circa 100 items.
Archivist and historian. Chiefly official correspondence between Gov. William Tryon and British colonial secretaries Lord Dartmouth (William Legge) and Lord Germain (George Sackville) concerning the rebellion in New York, efforts to retain the loyalty of the Six Nations, plans to attack the colonists along the western frontier, and the recruitment of loyalists in New York. Includes letters by Sir Guy Johnson, John Johnson, William Smith, and Gen. Samuel Holden Parsons, and reports on Indian affairs by Daniel Claus. Miscellaneous items comprise the "Narrative of William Grant late a Sergeant in the rebel army dated 27 Nov. 1777 ...," describing his service in the Virginia militia during the Cherokee Campaign of 1776 and in the 12th Virginia Regiment in New York and Pennsylvania until his desertion to the British at the Battle of Brandywine. Originals in the Public Record Office, British Museum, and Lambeth Palace.
14.1, Correspondence, 17 Dec. 1775-1 Mar. 1777
14.2, Correspondence, 3 Mar.-Dec. 1777, and narrative
(15) Bryant, Walter, 1710-1807. Journal, 1746-1747.
1 item (12 pp.)
New Hampshire militiaman. "Journal of the Travels and proceedings of the Regiment of Soldiers of New Hampshire enlisted for the Immediate Reduction of Canada...," 7 Jan. 1746-18 Feb. 1747. Describes a march from the Cocheco River to Lake Winnipesaukee, efforts to build a fort overlooking the lake, and problems with discipline and desertions. Includes the names of numerous militiamen.
(16) Cincinnati, Society of Collection, 1783-1846.
4 items.
Journal of the organization of the Society at the cantonment of the American Army on the Hudson River, 10-13 May 1783; journal of the proceedings of the first meeting of the Society at Philadelphia, Pa., 3-14 May 1784, with a list of delegates from the several states; roll of the members of the South Carolina Society, 13 Apr. 1793; and cover letter for the South Carolina roll by A. W. Johnston, 17 Mar. 1846.
(17) Clark, Elihu, Jr. Journal, 1775.
1 item (60 pp.)
Clerk in the 2d Connecticut regiment. Detailed account of activities in Capt. Levi Wells's company at the Siege of Boston, 20 Apr.-20 Dec. 1775. Provides information on camp life at Roxbury and vicinity, supplies, discipline, diet, desertions, casualties, depredations, prisoners of war, and skirmishes with British foraging parties. Also contains remarks on the Battle of Bunker Hill.
BOX VII E:4 REEL 3 (18) Cleaveland, John. Papers, 1758-1778.
15 items.
Chaplain in Col. Jonathan Bagley's Massachusetts Regiment. Includes a journal, 15 June-25 Oct. 1758 (47 pp.), and 11 letters from Cleaveland to his wife, 10 June-11 Oct. 1758, concerning Gen. James Abercromby's Ticonderoga Campaign. Provides information on the organization and discipline of regular and provincial troops, marches, camp life, morale, reconnaissance expeditions, Indian warfare, disease, and casualties. Also contains two letters from Cleaveland to his wife written from Fort Louisburg, 2 Sept. and 1 Oct. 1759, concerning Gen. James Wolfe's Quebec Campaign, and a diary kept by Cleaveland during the British invasion of New York, 1 Oct.-2 Nov. 1776 (16 pp.) Originals in the possession of Reverend Cleaveland, New Haven, Conn., 1843
18.1, Correspondence, 1758-1759
18.2, Journal, 1758
18.3, Diary, 1776
(19) Clough, Abner. Journal, 1746.
1 item (13 pp.)
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