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Series VII: Transcripts, 1520s-1880s (continued)
VII E: Other Manuscript Sources, 1560s-1880s (continued)
(19) Clough, Abner. Journal, 1746. (continued)
Clerk in Capt. Daniel Ladd's New Hampshire militia. Describes an unsuccessful search for an Indian war party through New Hampshire's Rumford, Suncook, Canterbury, and Chichester grants, 14 July-28 Sept. 1746.
(20) Colden, Cadwallader, 1688-1776. Papers, 1738-1763.
15 items.
Lieutenant governor of New York. Contains Benjamin Franklin's proposals for uniting the northern colonies (with related correspondence), which formed the basis of the Plan of Union adopted by the Albany Congress in 1754; correspondence between Colden and William Smith, Jr., 15 Jan.-29 Feb. 1759, chiefly concerning Smith's History of the Province of New-York (1757); lists of justices of the peace in nine New York counties; and petitions by Lauchlin Campbell for land in New York under the headright system, with lists of families he brought to America between 1738 and 1741.
BOX VII E:4 REEL 3 (21) Connecticut, Governor and Council. Minute book, 1713-1728, 1743.
1 item (274 pp.)
Records of meetings of the governor and council of the colony of Connecticut, 26 Jan. 1713-19 Feb. 1728. Includes a single entry for 1 Sept. 1743. Original in the possession of John McClellan, Woodstock, Conn., 1844.
(22) Connecticut, 9th Regiment. Journal, 1780.
1 item (7 pp.)
Describes skirmishes, troop movements, and routine military affairs in northern New Jersey and along the Hudson River in New York, 7 June-2 Oct. 1780. Includes a few comments on the execution of Maj. John André. Original in the possession of the heirs of Gen. Ebenezer Huntington, Norwich, Conn., circa 1843.
BOX VII E:5 REEL 3-4 (23) Continental Army. Orderly book, 1775-1778.
5 items.
General, brigade, and regimental orders issued from the headquarters of the commander-in-chief during the Siege of Boston, the New York Campaign of 1776, and at Valley Forge. Provides information on the organization and disposition of troops, marches, discipline, desertions, enlistments, supplies, fortifications, courts-martial, and routine military affairs. Includes orders issued at Cambridge, Mass., 3 July-30 Dec. 1775 (134 pp.); New York City, 19 May-6 Aug. 1776 (78 pp.) and 18 June-9 July 1776 (34 pp.); along the Hudson River, 30 Aug.-4 Oct. 1776 (66 pp.); and Valley Forge, 1 Jan.-23 Apr. 1778 (185 pp.) Original orders for May-Aug. 1776 in the possession of the heirs of Gen. Ebenezer Huntington, Norwich, Conn., 1843.
23.1, Cambridge, Mass., 1775
23.2, New York City, May-Aug. 1776
23.3, New York City, June-July 1776 (duplicate of 23.2)
23.4, Along the Hudson River, 1776
23.5, Valley Forge, 1778
BOX VII E:5 REEL 3-4 (24) Continental Army. Returns, 1776-1783.
1 item (196 pp.)
Partial returns for officers in the Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and Virginia Continental Lines, Apr. 1783; lists of officers in the Virginia Line following the rearrangement at White Plains, N.Y., Aug. 1778; lists of field officers, captains and subalterns in the Virginia Line, 1777-1779; lists of prisoners of war from Virginia, South Carolina, and Georgia held at Haddrell's Point, S.C., May 1780; certifications for commissions in the Virginia Line; and lists of American prisoners not exchanged as of 23 Oct. 1782, with articles of agreement for the relief and exchange of prisoners taken in the Southern Department. Originals in the United States Department of State, circa 1845
24.1, Returns of officers, 1776-1783
24.2, Returns of officers, 1776-1783
BOX VII E:5 REEL 4 (25) Continental Congress. Journal, 1778.
1 item (22 pp.)
"Journal of the Commissioners appointed By the States of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, and New Jersey and Pennsylvania for the Purpose of regulating the Prices of Labor, &c. agreeably to the Fifth Article of the Resolves of the Continental Congress, of the 22 Nov. A.D. 1777," 15-31 Jan. 1778.
(26) Cushing, Charles. Journal, 1776.
1 item (15 pp.)
Captain in the Massachusetts militia. Describes the sufferings and hardships of provincial and Continental troops under Gen. John Sullivan on the retreat from St. Johns to Ticonderoga during the Quebec Campaign, 18 June-26 Sept. 1776. Includes remarks on discipline, disease, skirmishes, and deaths. Original in the possession of Mr. Cushing, Lancaster, Mass., 1845.
BOX VII E:6-7 REEL 4-5 (27) Deane, Silas, 1737-1784. Letterbooks, 1777-1784.
4 items (circa 1,100 letters).
Connecticut delegate to the Continental Congress, 1774-1776, and agent to France, 1776-1778. Contains letters written by Deane in Europe and America concerning commercial and political affairs, his recall as American agent in Paris, the settlement of Deane's account with Congress, and personal business matters. Recipients include Edward Bancroft, Thomas Barclay, Pierre Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais, William Carmichael, Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock, John Jay, Robert Morris, Isaac Moses, Gurdon Saltonstall, and his brothers, Barnabus and Simeon Deane. Published in the New-York Historical Society Collections, vols. 20-22 (1887-1889). Originals in the Connecticut Historical Society.
27.1, 26 Aug.-3 Oct. 1777
27.2, 4-19 Oct. 1777
27.3, 24 Oct.-23 Nov. 1777
27.4, 25 Nov. 1777-3 Jan. 1778
27.5, 4 Jan.-8 Feb. 1778
27.6, 11 Feb.-29 Mar. 1778
27.7, 1 Sept.-22 Oct. 1778
27.8, 24 Oct. 1778-6 Mar. 1779
27.9, 9 Mar.-3 Aug. 1779
27.10, 5 Aug.-21 Sept. 1779
27.11, 22 Sept. 1779-20 Feb. 1780
27.12, 8 Apr.-2 June 1780
27.13, 8 Aug.-2 Sept. 1780
27.14, 4 Sept. 1780-5 May 1781
27.15, 11 May-26 Sept. 1781
27.16, 21 Sept.-26 Oct. 1781
27.17, 28 Oct.-26 Dec. 1781
27.18, 5 Jan.-30 Mar. 1782
27.19, 8 Apr. 1782-28 Aug. 1783
27.20, 15 Oct. 1783-10 May 1784
BOX VII E:7 REEL 5 (28) Douglas, William, circa 1742-1777. Orderly book, 1776.
1 item (33 pp.)
Colonel in the Connecticut State Regiment. Chiefly brigade and regimental orders concerning the recruitment, organization, supply, discipline, health, and service of Connecticut soldiers during the New York Campaign, 1 July-13 Dec. 1776. Original at Yale College, 1843.
BOX VII E:8 REEL 5 (29) Duane, James, 1733-1797. Papers, 1752-1786
circa 200 items.
New York lawyer and statesman. Correspondence, reports, petitions, depositions, newspaper clippings, notes, and advertisements concerning the Vermont land controversy. Includes Ethan Allen's "A Brief Account of the Proceedings of the Government of New York Relating to their obtaining the Jurisdiction of that Large District of Land to the Westward from Connecticut River..."; a report entitled "Collection of Evidence in vindication of The Territorial Rights and Jurisdiction of the State of New York against The Claims of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and New Hampshire and the people of the Grants who are commonly called Vermonters"; and a report on the "State of the Evidence and Argument in Support of the Territorial Rights and Jurisdiction of New York against The Government of New-Hampshire and the Claimants under it and against, The Commonwealth of Massachusetts," by James Duane. Correspondents include John Blackburn, Joseph Blanchard, William Bullock, William Cockburn, John Munro, Benjamin Spencer, James Wadsworth, and Robert Yates. Originals in the New-York Historical Society, 1843.
29.1, Correspondence and papers, 1752-1786
29.2, "Collection of Evidence..."
29.3, "State of the Evidence..."
BOX VII E:8 REEL 5 (30) Dyer, Eliphalet, 1721-1807. Correspondence, 1764.
3 items.
Jurist, soldier, and statesman from Windham, Conn. Contains two letters from Dyer to his brother-in-law, Samuel Gray, London, England, 10 Feb. and 20 Mar. 1764, and an undated letter from Gray to Dyer concerning the Susquehanna Company, Indian affairs, and proposed colonial taxes. Originals in the possession of Henry Stevens, Jr., 1845.
(31) Elizabeth Town District. Maryland Journal, 1775-1777.
1 item (215 pp.)
Proceedings of the Committee of Observation for Elizabeth Town District, 14 Sept. 1775-24 Apr. 1777. Contains correspondence with the Maryland Council of Safety; requests for troops and supplies; lists of "non-enrollers" and "non-associators"; orders concerning deserters, Tories, counterfeiters, and pacifists; names of members of district and state committees; and miscellaneous accounts, petitions, reports, requisitions, and regulations.
BOX VII E:8 REEL 5-6 (32) Elwyn, Alfred Langdon, 1804-1884. Collection, 1774-1789.
circa 450 items.
Physician, philanthropist, and collector. Chiefly correspondence between Josiah Bartlett, John Langdon, James Lovell, and William Whipple, 1774-1782, concerning British import duties and trade restrictions, the Siege of Boston, the conduct of the war, prize vessels, the recruitment and service of New Hampshire soldiers, activities and treatment of Tories, events in the Continental Congress, and foreign affairs. Most letters by Lovell and Whipple, and many of Bartlett's early letters, were written as members of the Continental Congress. Letters by Langdon concern chiefly his service as agent for prizes in New Hampshire. Other correspondents are Silas Deane, William Ellery, Hall Jackson, Richard Henry Lee, Robert Morris, John Sullivan, Jonathan Trumbull, Meshech Weare, and John Wentworth, Jr. Miscellaneous items include the resignation of Henry Laurens as president of Congress; "A Plan for the regulation and Equipment of the navy," 7 Apr. 1777; instructions to the New Hampshire delegates in Congress; and a report by Langdon on fortifications at West Point and vicinity. Originals in the Pennsylvania Historical Society.
32.1, 5 Sept. 1774-27 Dec. 1776
32.2, 3 Jan. 1777-29 Aug. 1778
32.3, 31 Aug. 1778-31 Jan. 1789
BOX VII E:8 REEL 6 (33) Farmar, Robert, undated 1804. Journal, 1781.
1 item (23 pp.)
Ensign in the Royal American Regiment. Detailed account of the siege of Pensacola, Fla. (Fort George), by Spanish and French forces under Gov. Bernardo de Gálvez, 9 Mar.-12 July 1781. Includes information on Creek, Choctaw, and Chickasaw reinforcements. Published in Historical Magazine 4 (1860), pp. 166-171, and Louisiana Historical Quarterly 26 (1943), pp. 311-329.
(34) Fleete, Henry, fl. 1621-1654. Journal, 1631-1632.
1 item (20 pp.)
Adventurer. Account of a voyage in the barque Warwick from England to North America, excursions in the rivers and harbors of Maryland and Virginia, and trade with various Indian tribes, 4 July 1631-22 Feb. 1632. Published in Edward D. Neill, Founders of Maryland(1876), and John T. Scharf, History of Maryland (1876), vol. 1.
BOX VII E:9-11 REEL 6-8 (35) Force, Peter. Collection, 1756-1814.
circa 900 items.
Printer, editor, and antiquarian. Chiefly correspondence and papers relating to the American Revolution, particularly the Northern and Middle Departments, 1775-1783. Includes official correspondence and orders of the commander-in-chief; correspondence between various officers, officials, and state and local committees and the Continental Congress; proceedings and minutes of courts-martial; intelligence reports; miscellaneous muster rolls and returns; lists of prisoners of war; captured letters; correspondence concerning the Carlisle Peace Commission; copies of the Articles of Capitulation at Yorktown, Va., and the provisional Treaty of Peace; and miscellaneous letters and documents. Provides details on the conduct of the war, enlistments, troop arrangements, fortifications, military supplies, the treatment of Tories, criminals, and prisoners of war, generalship, and rank disputes. Also contains information on western lands and Pontiac's War. Correspondents include John Armstrong, William Armstrong, Benedict Arnold, William Atlee, Benjamin Bellows, Daniel Brodhead, Sir Guy Carleton, George Clinton, Thomas Cushing, Horatio Gates, George Germain, Moses Hazen, Frederick Howard (5th Earl of Carlisle), James Jay, Henry Knox, John Lloyd, James Maury, James Otis, Samuel Sherburne, John Stark, William Stevenson, John Thornton, Jonathan Trumbull, George Washington, Anthony Wayne, Meshech Weare, Benning Wentworth, Jonathan Williams, and William Woodford. Transcribed by William Q. Force, chiefly from originals in his father's collection, for use as printer's copy for the American Archives. Arranged by subject or type of material because missing pages disrupted the pagination sequence established by Force.
35.1, Armstrong papers, 1762-1814
35.2, Correspondence of Benedict Arnold, 1780
35.3, Articles of Capitulation at Yorktown and related returns, 1781
35.4, Correspondence and papers of William Atlee, 1781
35.5, Correspondence and papers of William Atlee, 1781-1783
35.6, Correspondence of William Atlee and the Lancaster, Pa., Committee of Safety, 1776-1777
35.7, Correspondence of William Atlee and the Lancaster, Pa., Committee of Safety, 1777-1780
35.8, Letters to Benjamin Bellows, 1777-1780
35.9, Papers concerning Col. Daniel Brodhead's command at Fort Pitt, 1781
35.10, Correspondence between James Jay and Sir Guy Carleton, 1782
35.11, Carlisle Peace Commission-Parliamentary bill on American taxation, 1778
35.12, Papers of George Clinton, 1781-1784
35.13, Continental Congress papers: letters and papers to, 1777-1783
35.14, Continental Congress papers: charges against Silas Deane, 1778-1779
35.15, Continental Congress papers: correspondence with Adm. James Gambier, 1778
35.16, Continental Congress papers: committee at camp, minutes of proceedings and correspondence, 1778
35.17, Proceedings of courts-martial, 1777-1783
35.18, Elizabeth Town District of Maryland, 1775-1777
35.19, Intercepted letters of Lord George Germain, 1781
35.20, Letters to Jonathan Hale, 1777
35.21, Moses Hazen's Canadian Regiment
35.22, Moses Hazen v. James R. Reid, 1783
35.23, Letters and orders to Henry Knox, 1779
35.24, Papers of Rev. James Maury, 1756-1763
35.25, Military papers: intelligence reports
35.26. Military papers: miscellaneous
35.27, Military papers: miscellaneous
35.28, Military papers: returns, 1777-1783
35.29, Miscellaneous correspondence and papers, 1765-1770
35.30, Miscellaneous correspondence, 1777-1782
35.31, Papers concerning the arrangement of New York regiments, 1777-1780
35.32, Proceedings of the Schenectady, N.Y., Committee of Safety, 1777-1778
35.33, Correspondence of John and Samuel Sherburne, 1778
35.34, Letters to Gen. John Stark, 1778-1781
35.35, Provisional Treaty of Paris, 1782
35.36, Correspondence of Jonathan Trumbull, 1777-1778
35.37, Correspondence of George Washington, 1777-1784
35.38, Letters to Gen. William Woodford, 1775-1780
35.39, Papers concerning the court-martial of Gen. Anthony Wayne, 1777-1778
35.40, Papers of Meshech Weare and the New Hampshire Committee of Safety, 1777-1784
BOX VII E:12 REEL 8 (36) Franklin, William, 1731-1813. Papers, 1775-1776.
6 items.
Royal governor of New Jersey. Letter from Franklin to Lord Dartmouth, 5 Jan. 1776, on the political crisis in New Jersey, with the following enclosures: (1) Reasons why the Americans should not furnish the King's ships with provisions; (2) the substance of John Dickinson's speech to the assembly; (3) John De Hart's resignation from the Continental Congress; (4) Minutes of the New Jersey Assembly, 17 Nov.-4 Dec. 1775; and (5) Petition to the New Jersey Assembly against independence. Original letter in the Force collection.
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