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Series VIII: Manuscript Collections, 1492-1873 (continued)
VIII D: Other Collections, 1632-1873 (continued)
(20) Clesson, Matthew.
1 item (14 pp.)
Journal (25 Mar.-25 Apr. 1756) kept by Clesson as a military scout under Col. Israel Williams on an expedition from Deerfield, Mass., to Lake Champlain. Includes accounts (3-10 June 1764) for expenses incurred in Concord at General Court.
(21) Cleve, Heinrich Urban, d. 1808.
1 vol. (114 pp.)
Contemporary copies of two serial letters written by Cleve, aide-de-camp of Maj. Gen. Friedrich Riedesel, to his family and friends in Germany. One (Mar.-Apr. 1777) from St. Anne, Canada, and the other (Nov. 1777-June 1778) while in prison at Cambridge, Mass. [Published on pp. 40-75 and pp. 94-141 of Letters From America, 1776-1779 (Boston, Houghton Mifflin Co., 1924, 281 pp.), by Ray Waldron Pettengill]
BOX VIII D:27 REEL 32 (22) Clift, Lemuel.
1 vol. (100 pp.)
Orderly book (10 May-20 Sept. 1782) kept by Clift, as a captain in the 1st Connecticut Continental Regiment. Includes division, brigade, and regimental orders from headquarters at Highlands and Newburgh, N.Y.
(23) Coker, Daniel.
1 vol. (41 pp.)
Journal (21 Apr.-21 Sept. 1821) kept by Coker as a Methodist minister and agent for the American Colonization Society in Liberia.
BOX VIII D:28 REEL 32-33 (24) Columbian Institute for the Promotion of Arts and Sciences.
350 items
Collection (1816-1837 and undated) including accounts, addresses, astronomical observations and calculations, correspondence, minutes, reports and tables relating to the institute's activities, membership, and the scientific work carried on by its members. Includes an address (10 Dec. 1825) "On Sleep" given by James M. Staughton, M.D., before the institute. Correspondents include J.A. Brereton, Overton Carr, Asbury Dickins, Philip Ricard Fendall, William Elliott, William Lambert, and Josiah Meigs.
BOX VIII D:29 REEL 33 (25) Commission at the Court of France. See also Oversize
1 vol. (149 pp.)
Journal of cash (7 Dec. 1776-19 May 1777) recording the dealings of the American commissioners and agents John Adams, Silas Deane, Benjamin Franklin, Arthur Lee, and William Lee with various merchants, agents, and ships captains. Also includes a 3 pp. account (1776-1785) of Benjamin Franklin.
BOX VIII D:30 REEL 33 (26) Commonplace book and journal, 6 Aug.-22 Sept. 1844.
1 vol. (50 pp.)
Manuscript kept by a traveler on his tour of Paris, Milan, Verona, Venice, Geneva, and Constantinople.
(27) Concord Union Seminary.
1 vol. (32 pp.)
Account book (1827-1828) kept by Joseph McMinn, chiefly recording tuition payments.
BOX VIII D:31 REEL 33-34 (28) Connecticut Continental Loan Office.
2,000 items in 17 vols.
Receipt book (1781-1809) kept by William Imlay, Continental Loan Officer in Connecticut, for interest payments made on outstanding loan office certificates and for new certificates issued upon cancellation of those issued earlier.
Jan.-Feb. 1781
Feb.-May 1781
May-Sept. 1781
BOX VIII D:32 REEL 34 Oct.-Dec. 1781
Jan.-Sept. 1782
Dec. 1787-June 1788
Apr. 1788-Dec. 1789
BOX VIII D:33 REEL 34 28.3
Mar.-June 1789
Nov.-Dec. 1791
Jan. 1792
BOX VIII D:34 REEL 35 28.4
July-Dec. 1792
Apr. 1793
Jan.-Aug. 1794
BOX VIII D:35 REEL 35 28.5
May 1795
Oct. 1800-Jan. 1801
BOX VIII D:36 REEL 35 (29) Croghan, George, d. 1782.
1 vol. (34 pp.)
Minutes (26 Apr.-9 May 1768) of a conference held at Fort Pitt in which Croghan, deputy agent for Indian affairs in Pennsylvania, negotiated a treaty with the Ohio and Western Indian tribes, including the Six Nations, Delaware, Shawanee, Munsee, Mohican, and Wyandot.
BOX VIII D:37 REEL 36 (30) Cushing, Jacob.
31 vols. in 3 units.
Diaries (1749-1809) kept by Cushing a Congregational minister in Waltham, Mass., in which he interleaved his comments on daily events, church activities, and meteorological observations in various printed almanacs. [Cushing's diary for 1782 was a gift of the American Antiquarian Society in 1916.]
(2 folders)
(2 folders)
(3 folders)
BOX VIII D:38 REEL 36 30.2
(4 folders)
(2 folders)
(3 folders)
BOX VIII D:39 REEL 36 30.3
(2 folders)
(3 folders)
BOX VIII D:40 REEL 37 (31) Dag Register.
1 vol. (472 pp.)
Journal (1780-1783) in Dutch and entitled "Journal of Dag Register Van den Beginne des tegenwoordige Oorlog tusseren de seven Vereenigde Provincien, en England" (journal from the beginning of the present war between the Seven United Provinces and England), with copies of treaties, admiralty lists, notes, and comments. Includes poetry and an essay.
BOX VIII D:41 REEL 79 (32) Davis, John d. 1827.
1,325 items in 11 units.
Papers (1755-1783) relating to Davis' service as assistant and deputy quartermaster in Pennsylvania. Includes orders, receipts, appointments, accounts, official military communications, and private business correspondence. Correspondents include James Abeel, Clement Biddle, Mark Bird, John Cox, David Grier, Nathaniel Greene, Isaac Melcher, Charles Pettit, Thomas Smith, and James Wilson.
BOX VIII D:41 REEL 79 32.1, 28 May 1755-29 May 1778
BOX VIII D:42 REEL 79 32.2, 30 May-19 Oct. 1778
BOX VIII D:43 REEL 80 32.3, 20 Oct. 1778-20 Mar. 1779
BOX VIII D:44 REEL 80 32.4, 28 Mar.-25 May 1779
BOX VIII D:45 REEL 81 32.5, 26 May-2 Sept. 1779
BOX VIII D:46 REEL 81 32.6, 3 Sept. 1779-29 Feb. 1780
BOX VIII D:47 REEL 82 32.7, 1 Mar.-22 June 1780
BOX VIII D:48 REEL 82 32.8, 23 June-4 Oct. 1780
BOX VIII D:49 REEL 83 32.9, 5 Oct. 1780-15 Mar. 1781
BOX VIII D:50 REEL 83 32.10, 16 Mar.-7 Nov. 1781
BOX VIII D:51 REEL 83 32.11, 13 Nov. 1781-14 July 1783
BOX VIII D:52 REEL 37 (33) Dexter, John Singer.
2 vols.
Orderly books (1781-1783) kept by Maj. Dexter as assistant to the adjutant general. Includes orders of the Continental Army at New Windsor, Peeksill, Tarrytown, Phillipsburg, Dobbs' Ferry, and Kingsbridge, and later at Newburgh, N.Y. Also returns and notes on the organization of the Army, and a translation of a letter (1783) from Anne C sar La Luzerne to George Washington.
33.1, 22 Apr.-2 Aug. 1781
33.2, 26 Nov. 1782-17 Jan. 1783
BOX VII D:53 REEL 37 (34) Dorchester, Guy Carleton, Baron, 1724-1808.
1 vol. (100 pp.)
Letters (10 Dec. 1774-19 Sept. 1777) of Lord Dartmouth and Lord George Germain to Carleton as Governor of Quebec and Commander of the British Army in Canada, dealing mainly with military matters, particularly the defense of Quebec.
BOX VIII D:53 REEL 37 (35) Dorsey, Edward, fl. 1750.
1 vol. (112 pp.)
Journal of accounts (11 Mar. 1761-20 Nov. 1765) settling the estate of Edward Dorsey, merchant and legislator of Annapolis and Elk Ridge, Md., kept by a lawyer.
(36) Douglas, William, 1742-1777. See also Container VIII D:191, Ward, Andrew
1 vol. (98 pp.)
Orderly book (1 Aug.-4 Nov. 1759) kept by Douglas as regimental clerk to Colonels Eleazer Fitch and Israel Putnam at Ticonderoga and Crown Point.
(37) Drayton, William, 1732-1790.
1 vol. (130 pp.)
Manuscript (1778) in the hand of Drayton entitled "An Inquiry into the present State, and Administration of Affairs in the Province of East-Florida; with some Observations on the Case of the late Ch[ief] Justice there," with appendixes and postscript containing copies of legal documents, correspondence, and testimony.
(38) Drummond, Henry, d. 1685.
1 vol. (50 pp.)
Poem, undated. Contemporary copy of "Phyllis" (fragment).
BOX VIII D:54 REEL 37-38 (39) Dukes County, Mass.
173 items.
Records (1712-1812), chiefly legal, pertaining to Inferior Courts of Common Pleas and Superior Court cases.
BOX VIII D:55 REEL 38 (40) Du Simitière, Pierre Eugène, 1737-1784.
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