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Series VIII: Manuscript Collections, 1492-1873 (continued)
VIII D: Other Collections, 1632-1873 (continued)
(164) Smith, Samuel Harrison, 1772-1845. (continued)
1 vol. (31 pp.)
Exercise book (1787) entitled "Logic," probably kept when Smith was a student at the University of Pennsylvania.
(165) Smith, William.
1 vol. (70 pp.)
Orderly book (5 Feb.-2 Mar. 1813) kept by Lt. Smith for the 35th Regiment, United States Infantry, garrisoned at Fort Nelson and Norfold, Va. Includes ordnance reports, returns, drafts, letters, notes, and the presentation note (2 Oct. 1845) from J. Bruff to Peter Force.
BOX VIII D:160 REEL 67 (166) Society of the Cincinnati. See also Oversize
2 units
Ledger of accounts (1784-1810), interleaved with a few pieces of correspondence, and a roll of autographs (1783) of Virginia officers subscribing to the Society's constitution.
(167) Solomon's Lodge, Savannah, Ga.
3 items.
Photocopies of the minutes (1756-1757) of Solomon's Lodge No. 1, Free and Accepted Masons. (Under an act of Congress in 1926, the original minutes in the Library were transferred to Solomon's Lodge.) Includes copy of the congressional bill.
BOX VIII D:161 REEL 68 (168) Sullivan, John, 1740-1795.
99 items.
Papers (15 Aug. 1775-30 Apr. 1781) including accounts, correspondence, intelligence reports, orders, payrolls, and returns relating to Gen. Sullivan's Revolutionary War commands at Winter Hill, Medford, Cambridge, and elsewhere. Correspondents include John Adams, George Baylor, John Erskine, Benjamin Flower, Horatio Gates, Moses Hazen, John Jay, Marquis de Lafayette, Henry Laurens, Henry Lee, Timothy Pickering, Benjamin Rush, and William Winthrop. [Published, in part, inLetters and Papers of Major General John Sullivan, Continental Army (Concord, N.H., New Hampshire Historical Society, 1930-1939. 3 vols.), edited by Otis G. Hammond.]
BOX VIII D:162 REEL 68 (169) Todd, John Payne.
1 vol. (160 pp.)
Memorandum book (1844-1848) of accounts, copies of legal papers, drafts of letters sent, and memoranda, chiefly concerning Todd's property and the management of the estate of James Madison, his stepfather.
BOX VIII D:163 REEL 68 (170) Tuesday Club, Annapolis, Md.
1 vol. (28 pp.)
Minutes (27 May 1755-10 Feb. 1756) entitled "Record of the Tuesday Club, Volume II," kept largely by Dr. Alexander Hamilton (1712-1756) of Annapolis, secretary of this literary and social club. Members include Charles Cole, Walter Dulany, Jonas Green, and William Thornton. Includes a broadside and the presentation inscription from William S. Green of Annapolis to Peter Force. (Note: "Volume I" or the records for 1745-1755 are in the Maryland Historical Society.)
(171) U. S. Constitution, See also Oversize
6 items
Federal Convention imprint (1787) of the report of the Committee on Detail, with annotations made at the Constitutional Convention, in the hand of William Samuel Johnson and William Jackson, with a Peter Force facsimile of the same document. Includes correspondence (1858) between Ainsworth Rand Spofford and Susan Hudson, a descendant of Johnson, regarding the imprint.
BOX VIII D:164 REEL 68 (172) United States letters of marque
1 vol. (60 pp.)
List (26 June-21 Dec. 1812) of commissions issued by the Department of State for privateers during the War of 1812. Includes location of ship (Baltimore or Charleston), owner, master, and specifications for armaments.
BOX VIII D:165 REEL 68 (173) United States national currency.
1 vol. (56 pp.)
Scrapbook containing an annotated copy of the National Currency Act (1863). Includes two newspaper clippings (1864) and a copy of a proposed "Albany tax bill" (1864).
(174) United States Navy.
2 items.
List (1794) of naval officers who served in the American Revolution, compiled by the Auditor's Office, Treasury Department. Includes a loose leaf entitled "Secretary of the Navy's List of Lieutenants in the Navy" (with penciled annotations in the hand of Peter Force).
BOX VIII D:167 REEL 68 (175) United States President, 1845-1849. (Polk)
circa 600 items in 2 units
Reports (1848) of Cabinet members and others accompanying the message of President Polk to the 30th Congress, 2nd session, relating chiefly to the Mexican War (with penciled annotations in the hand of Peter Force). [Published in Message From the President of the United States to the Two Houses of Congress, at the Commencement of the Second Session of the Thirtieth Congress (Washington, Printed by Wendell and Van Benthuysen, 1848. 1,275 pp.)]. (Note: Manuscripts arranged as printed.)
175.1 Reports of
pp. 47-73, Secretary of State
pp. 75-84, Secretary of War
pp. 86-168, Letters accompanying Secretary of War's report
pp. 170-186, General orders accompanying the Adjutant General's report
pp. 187-243, Quartermaster General
pp. 244, Commissary General
pp. 245, Paymaster General
pp. 247-281, Chief Engineer
pp. 282, Board of Visitors, West Point
pp. 324-339, Chief, Topographical Engineer
pp. 340-364, Ordnance Department
pp. 365-367, Surgeon General
pp. 368-384, Commissioner of Pensions
pp. 600-602, Second and Third Auditors
BOX VIII D:168 REEL 69-70 175.2
pp. 603-629, Secretary of the Navy
pp. 630-638, Bureau of Construction
pp. 733-737, Bureau of Ordnance and Hydrography
pp. 741-751, Bureau of Yards and Docks
pp. 890-895 and 925, Bureau of Provisions and Clothing
pp. 1006-1237, Reports and dispatches exhibiting the operations of the United States naval forces during the Mexican War
pp. 1239-1275, Postmaster-General
BOX VIII D:166 REEL 70 (176) United States Register of the Treasury.
1 vol. (22 pp.)
Statement of accounts (1785-1803).Report of the Commissioners for the Settlement of the Accounts Between the United States and the Individual States, Stating Balances (Philadelphia, 1803) and manuscript accounts with statements for each State prepared by the Register, Joseph Nourse, on 1 June 1785.
BOX VIII D:169 REEL 88 (177) United States Treasury.
1 vol. (299 pp.)
Accounting records (1781-1790). Includes general accounts of receipts and expenditures, statements of receipts, lists of expenditures, and general accounts of Robert Morris, Superintendent of Finances, with a letter of transmittal (4 Mar. 1790) from Joseph Nourse, Register of the Treasury, who prepared the accounts for a committee of the House of Representatives in 1790.
BOX VIII D:170 REEL 70 (178) United States Treasury. Imports and exports.
23 items.
Abstracts and statements on imports and exports, (1 Oct. 1789-30 Sept. 1790) compiled chiefly by Tench Coxe, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury. Includes general statement of the tonnage of vessels entering the United States from foreign ports, abstracts of United States exports, table of duties on imports, statement on goods imported and estimate of their value, and destination and abstract of value of United States exports.
BOX VIII D:170 REEL 70 (179) United States War Department.
1 vol.
List (1791) of invalid pensioners of the United States and the arrearages due them, arranged by State and recorded by the War Office.
(180) Vaudreuil, Louis Philippe Rigaud, marquis de.
1 vol. (32 pp.)
English translation of an extract (12 Apr. 1782) from the journal of the marquis de Vaudreuil, Commander of the Triumphant, chiefly concerning movements of the French fleet.
BOX VIII D:171 REEL 89 (181) Vernon, Edward, 1684-1757.
900 items in 18 units.
Vernon-Wager papers (1654-1773). Correspondence, accounts, instructions, reports, and other material of Vernon and Sir Charles Wager (1666-1743), British admirals, relating chiefly to British naval operations against the Spanish in the West Indies, 1725-1745. Topics include the expedition against Cartagena, Porto Bello, and Havana; a proposed expedition against Georgia and Florida; attempts to suppress piracy on the Spanish Main; the slave trade; commercial operations of the South Sea Company; the Newfoundland fisheries; colonial control of Jamaica and the Bahamas and operations of the Bahama Society; the impressment of seamen; the relations with various Indian tribes; the settlement of Nova Scotia; the British mediation in a dispute between Russia and Sweden; and a plan of attack on Manila, 1739. Includes letters received and instructions, 1754-1773, of Robert Monckton (1726-1782), British general and Governor of New York, concerning the expulsion of the Acadians from Nova Scotia and military affairs in New York and Virginia. Correspondents include Sir Jeffrey Amherst, Martin Bladen, Francis Fauquier, Thomas Gage, Charles Lawrence, Sir John Norris, Andrew Stone, Edward Trelawny, Baron James O'Hara Tyrawly, and Thomas Wentworth. Also available on microfilm shelf no. 15,916. See also Container I:8, 25 Oct. 1850, invoice of purchase from Henry Stevens.
181.1 9 Dec. 1654-1 June 1725
BOX VIII D:172 REEL 89 181.2 28 Mar. 1726-5 Oct. 1727
BOX VIII D:173 REEL 89 181.3 17 Oct. 1727-25 Nov. 1729
BOX VIII D:174 REEL 89-90 181.4 26 Nov. 1729-26 May 1732
BOX VIII D:175 REEL 90 181.5 3 July 1732-1 Aug. 1734
BOX VIII D:176 REEL 90 181.6 2 Aug. 1734-July 1735
BOX VIII D:177 REEL 91 181.7 6 Oct. 1735-11 Aug. 1739
BOX VIII D:178 REEL 91 181.8 20 Aug. 1738-18 June 1739
BOX VIII D:179 REEL 91 181.9 18 June-7 Nov. 1739
BOX VIII D:180 REEL 92 181.10 7 Nov. 1739-23 Mar. 1740
BOX VIII D:181 REEL 92 181.11 25 Mar.-26 June 1740
BOX VIII D:182 REEL 92 181.12 28 June-6 Nov. 1740
BOX VIII D:183 REEL 93 181.13 6 Nov. 1740-7 Apr. 1741
BOX VIII D:184 REEL 93 181.14 7 Apr.-23 June 1741
BOX VIII D:185 REEL 93 181.15 23 June 1741-6 Nov. 1751
BOX VIII D:186 REEL 94 181.16 30 Nov. 1751-11 Mar. 1773, undated
BOX VIII D:187 REEL 94 181.17 Undated
BOX VIII D:188 REEL 94 181.18 Monckton, 12 Dec. 1754-2 Mar. 1773
BOX VIII D:189 REEL 70 (182) Virginia Ratification Convention.
1 vol. (15 pp.)
Proceedings (25-27 June 1788) of the Virginia Convention for ratifying the Constitution, signed by Edmund Pendleton, President, and attested by John Beckley, Secretary. Includes a bill of rights, 20 recommended Constitutional amendments, committee appointments, and votes.
BOX VIII D:190 REEL 70 (183) Waldron, Richard, 1694-1753.
circa 500 items.
Papers (1726-1770). Chiefly drafts of letters (1730-1748) by Waldron, a provincial officer and legislator of New Hampshire, to Governor Jonathan Belcher of Massachusetts. Includes drafts of two letters (1770) to Governor John Wentworth of New Hampshire, a few letters received, and mercantile accounts (1730-1735) with Samuel Sherburne.
BOX VIII D:191 REEL 71 (184) Walker, Singleton S.
20 items.
Papers (1824-1827). Chiefly letters between Walker, an employee of Peter Force on the National Journal, and his brothers George in New York City and Daniel in Lancaster District, S.C. Includes other family correspondence and a letter and a note to Peter Force.
(185) Ward, Andrew. See also Container VIII D:53, Douglas, William
1 vol. (55 pp.)
Orderly book (1776) of Andrew Ward and William Douglas (1742-1777). The first half of the book (22 Feb.-23 Mar. 1776) was kept by Lt. Col. Andrew Ward for his regiment in the Connecticut Militia and the remainder (10 July-13 Dec. 1776) was kept by Col. William Douglas for his Connecticut State Regiment. Includes general and regimental orders for troops in the vicinity of New York City, list of Connecticut Militia officers, and general and regimental returns.
BOX VIII D:192 REEL 71 (186) Washington College, Chestertown, Md.
1 vol. (25 pp.)
Collection (1782) including three copies of "An Act for Founding a College at Chester" (now Chestertown), printed by John Dunlap; four copies of a petition to the inhabitants of the Eastern Shore with the names of the subscribers and the amount subscribed for the college's establishment; drawing of a building identified as Washington College; and an engraving of William Smith (1727-1803), founder of Washington College.
BOX VIII D:191 REEL 71 (187) Wentworth, Benning, 1696-1770.
1 vol. (54 pp.)
Instructions (30 Sept. 1761) from King George III to Wentworth, Governor of New Hampshire.
(188) Williams, Timothy.
2 vols.
Memorandum book (1801, 1807) of nautical affairs kept by Williams in incomplete copies of The Massachusetts Register and United States Calendar for 1801 and 1807. Entries note the arrivals and departure of ships, cargoes, and prices of goods shipped at Boston.
BOX VIII D:193-194 REEL 95 (189) Woolsey and Salmon.
circa 500 items.
Letterbook (18 Oct. 1774-Apr. 1784) of the Baltimore mercantile partnership of George Woolsey and George Salmon. Includes copies of letters sent to firms and individuals on the eastern seaboard and in Great Britain. Topics include the Irish servant and convict trade and the impact of the entry of France into the American Revolution. There are numerous letters to John Pringle (a partner until 1780) of Philadelphia concerning trade, commodities, prices, and accounts reflecting Baltimore's role as the only port open for the entire period of the American Revolution. [Published, in part, in Naval Documents of the American Revolution(Washington, United States Government Printing Office, 1964-1970. 5 vols.)]. Also available on microfilm shelf no. 15,684.
BOX VIII D:195 REEL 71 (190) Wooster, David, 1711-1777.
1 vol. (180 pp.)
Orderly book (19 June-10 Oct. 1759) of orders for Col. Wooster's regiment at Fort Edward Lake George, Ticonderoga, and Crown Point, N.Y.
(191) Wyvill, Richard Augustus.
1 vol. (420 pp.)
Memoir (1814?) of Maj. Wyvill sketching his career in the British Army from his entrance (1778) to his last command (1808-?) and subsequent retirement on the Isle of Jersey. Includes descriptions of the people and their customs in the countries in which he served, including America (especially the New York area), Ireland, Scotland, Holland, Spain, Egypt, Minorca, the West Indies (especially the conditions of African Americans there), and the islands of Guernsey and Jersey.
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