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Series VII: Transcripts, 1520s-1880s (continued)
VII B: Printed Sources, 1586-1852 (continued)
Simms, Jeptha R., History of Schoharie County, and Border Wars of New York; containing also a Sketch of the Causes which led to the American Revolution, ... and interesting Memoranda of the Mohawk Valley; together with much other Historical & Miscellaneous Matter never before published. (Albany: Munsell & Tanner, Printers, 1845, 672 pp.)
Smith, Buckingham, trans., Escalente Fontaneda, Hernanco d' Memoir of Don d'Escalente Fontaneda respecting Florida. Written in Spain, about the year 1575. Translated from the Spanish, with notes, by Buckingham Smith. Transcribed by William Q. Force from the Smith Library.
Some Candid suggestions towards accommodation of differences with America, offered for the consideration of the Public. (London: J.[T.] Cadell in the Strand, 1775.)
Some Fugutive Thoughts on a Letter Signed Freeman, [William Henry Drayton] to the Deputies Assembled at the High Court of Congress in Philadelphia. By a Back Settler. (Dated Keowee, 25 Sept. 1774.) (South Carolina, 1774.)
South Carolina Gazette. 1732-1781
BOX VII B:13 Stanley, Thomas, trans., The Kisses of [Johannes] Secundus, translated by Thomas Stanley, Esq. from his collection of poems, printed in 1651.
"Strictures on the Declaration of Independence, written for the Remembrancer," Remembrancer, IV:25-42, 1776
"Treaty of Fort Stanwix, in 1784," Olden Times, II (Sept. 1847), 403 ff. Transcribed by William Q. Force.
A True and Faithful Account of an Intire and Absolute Victory Over the French Fleet in the West Indies.(London, 1690.)
Virginia Gazette, 1775-1779
(3 folders)
BOX VII B:14 Ward, George Atkinson, Journal & Letters of the Late Samuel Curwen, Judge of the Admiralty, etc., an American Refugee in England from 1775-1794. (New York: C. S. Francis & Co., 1842; London: Wiley & Putnam, 1844.)
Weiser, (Johann) Carl, "A Memorial of the Six Nations, as they existed in the year 1744," The American Magazine, I (December, 1744), 665 ff. Preceded by a brief biography of the author. Transcribed by Samuel G. Drake.
Wilkinson, James. Memoirs of General Wilkinson. (Washington: W. Cooper, 1810-11.) Transcribed in part by William Q. Force.
(3 folders)
BOX VII:C1-C90 VII C: Papers of the Continental Congress, 1770-1796
Transcripts made at the Department of State, circa 1840.
Item numbers refer to Papers of the Continental Congress, 1774-1789, Record Group 360, at the National Archives and Records Administration. The materials have been microfilmed (series M27) and are arranged in numerical order by item number.
BOX VII C:1 ITEM 1 Journals
1776, May 14-Dec. 31 (vols. 2-6)
BOX VII C:2 1777, Jan.3-Oct. 22 (vols. 7-11)
BOX VII C:3 1777, Oct. 24-1778, Apr. 28 (vols. 11-15)
BOX VII C:4 11778, Apr. 29-July 31 (vols. 16-17)
BOX VII C:5 ITEM 11 Congressional Committee Proceedings, 1780
(2 folders)
ITEM 12A Pres. Hancock Letter Books, 20 Sept. 1775-27 Oct. 1777 See Container VII C:26, Letters and papers of John Hancock
BOX VII C:6 ITEM 13(1) Papers of Henry Laurens
1 Nov. 1777-19 June 1778
(3 folders)
BOX VII C:7 ITEM 13(2) 1778, June 20-Dec. 8
(3 folders)
BOX VII C:8 ITEM 14 Continental Congress Presidents
John Jay, 11 Dec. 1778-25 Sept. 1779
(2 folders)
S. Huntington
1779, Sept. 28-1780, May 19
(2 folders)
BOX VII C:9 ITEM 15 1780, May 19-1781, May 20
(2 folders)
BOX VII C:9 ITEM 16 1781, May 28- July 8
Thomas McKean, 12 July-5 Nov. 1781
John Hanson, 10 Nov. 1781-29 Oct. 1782
Elias Boudinot, 4 Nov. 1782-1 Nov. 1783
Thomas Mifflin, 23 Nov. 1783-31 May 1784
Richard Henry Lee, 11 Dec. 1784-6 Oct. 1785
Arthur St. Clair, 9 Aug. 1787, undated
BOX VII C:10 ITEM 18 Letterbooks of Charles Thomson, 20 Nov. 1779-1 May 1789 (vols. A-B)
(3 folders)
BOX VII C:11 ITEM 19 Committee reports
Applications of individuals, A-Y (vols. 1-6)
BOX VII C:12 ITEM 20 State Papers
Vol. 1, New Hampshire-New Jersey
Vol. 2, Pennsylvania-Georgia
ITEM 21 regarding Army, 1775-1785
ITEM 22 Hospitals, muster masters and inspectors
P.M. General, Quartermaster Department, and Canadians
ITEM 23 Congress, household of President and qualifications of members
ITEM 24 Power of Congress
ITEM 25 Departments of Foreign Affairs (1776-1788)
(2 folders)
BOX VII C:13 ITEM 26 Treasury and Finance, 1776-1788
ITEM 27 War Office and Department of War, 1776-1788
ITEM 28 Prisoners, Admiralty and Marine, 1776-1786
ITEM 29 Commissary's Department, 1776-1786
ITEM 30 Indian Affairs and Western Territory, 1776-1788
ITEM 31 Clothing, commerce and miscellaneous, 1776-1786
BOX VII C:14 ITEM 32 States, 1781-1785
ITEM 33 Conferences and conventions, 1775-1780
ITEM 34 Public debt and expenses, 1781
ITEM 35 Letters from Comptroller of Treasury and Claims of Canadian Refugees, 1783-1786
BOX VII C:15 ITEM 36 Motions, 1-4, 1777-1778, undated
(4 folders)
ITEM 37-38 Marine Committee Reports and Board of Admiralty, 1776-1780
ITEM 38 Mutiny in Puau establishment, 1783
BOX VII C:16 ITEM 39 Letters and Papers of Committee of 1780
(3 folders)
BOX VII C:17 ITEM 40 New Hampshire Grants, Committee Reports and Papers, 1776-1784
(2 folders)
BOX VII C:18 ITEM 41 Memorials, 1775-1788
(5 folders)
(5 folders)
BOX VII C:20 ITEM 42 Petitions, 1775-1789
(4 folders)
(4 folders)
BOX VII C:22 ITEM 43 Remonstrances and addresses, 1778-1788
ITEM 44 Claims for captured vessels, 1777-1784
ITEM 45 Papers regarding seizure of property, 1777-1783
BOX VII C:23 ITEM 47 Articles of Confederation, plans and drafts of treaties, etc., 1775-1784
ITEM 48 Memorials for Illinois, Kaskaskias, and Kentucky, 1780, 1785
ITEM 49 Letters and papers of Charles Thomson, 1781-1789
ITEM 50 Letters and papers of Oliver Pollock, 1777-1792
BOX VII C:24 ITEM 51 Intercepted letters, 1775, 1781
(2 folders)
ITEM 52 Papers regarding trial of counterfeiters in New York, 1783
ITEM 53 Papers regarding plundering, etc., of British, 1775, 1784
BOX VII C:25 ITEM 55 Letters and papers of Thomas Paine, 1779-1785
ITEM 56 Indian affairs, 1765, 1789
ITEM 57 Letters and papers
Convention troops, 1776-1780
ITEM 58 Miscellaneous
BOX VII C:26 ITEM 58 (1-2) Letters and papers of John Hancock, 1775-1777
(2 vols.)
BOX VII C:27 ITEM 59 Miscellaneous papers, 1770-1789
(3 folders)
BOX VII C:28 (1 folder)
ITEM 60 Letters of J. Carleton and T. Hutchins, plans of posts, etc., 1779-1788
ITEM 61 Letters and papers of R. Bache and E. Hazard, Pay Master Generals, 1777-1788
BOX VII C:29 ITEM 62 Letters and reports of John Pierce, Pay Master General, and Foreman, and Gibson, 1781-1788
ITEM 63 Expedition against Staten Island, Philip Schuyler's defense and papers of J. Morgan, 1776-1783
ITEM 64 New Hampshire and Rhode Island State papers, 1775-1788
BOX VII C:30 ITEM 65 Massachusetts State papers, 1775-1787
(2 folders)
ITEM 66 Connecticut State papers, 1775-1789
(2 folders)
ITEM 67 New York State papers, 1777-1788
BOX VII C:31 ITEM 68 New Jersey State papers, 1775-1788
ITEM 69 Pennsylvania State papers, 1775-1791
(2 folders)
ITEM 70 Maryland and Delaware State papers, 1775-1789
BOX VII C:32 ITEM 71 Virginia State papers, 1-2, 1775-1789
(2 folders)
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