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Part I: Grants and Projects, 1966-1998 (continued)
Townes educational funds, 1977-1984
Grant proposal guide, National Science Foundation, 1994-1997
BOX 300 SPO Reports, Sponsored Projects Office, California University, Berkeley, Calif., 1986-1990
(2 folders)
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
JPL-959142, wide-field astrometry with an infrared interferometer
Cumulative detail reports, 1992-1995
(3 folders)
General correspondence, 1993-1995
Proposals, budgets, and awards
BOX 301 1991-1993
JPL-959424, long baseline infrared interferometry
Cumulative detail reports, 1992-1994
General correspondence, 1994-1995
Proposals, budgets, and awards, 1991-1994
NAG2-208, grant "G," spectroscopic observations of the infrared line normally obscured by atmospheric absorption
Cumulative detail reports
(7 folders)
BOX 302 1994-1997
(3 folders)
General correspondence, 1993-1996
Proposals, budgets, and awards
(5 folders)
BOX 303 1994-1997
(6 folders)
NAG2-1080, spectroscopic observations of the infrared line normally obscured by atmospheric absorption, 1996-1998
NAGW-1672, Center for Research Excellence, grant
Cumulative detail reports, 1989-1993
(2 folders)
General correspondence, 1991-1994
Proposals, budgets, and awards, 1988-1989
NGL-05-003-272, grant "C," research in radiation physics, 1969-1987 See also same heading, Containers 277-279
(1 folder)
BOX 304 (3 folders)
NGT-50450, training grant, 1991-1992
(2 folders)
National Science Foundation
AST82-12055, travel, 1982-1985
AST-8351381, infrared and submillimeter astrophysics
General, 1984-1986
BOX 305 Reports, 1985-1986
AST85-13415, unidentified project, 1986-1989
AST-9016474, refinements of a mid-infrared spatial interferometer and data processing for general astronomical observations
Cumulative detail reports, 1991-1995
(2 folders)
Final report, 1989-1993
Proposals, budgets, and awards, 1991
AST-9017765, observations of circumstellar gas and dust with a long baseline infrared spatial interferometer, proposal, 1991
BOX 306 AST-9119317, examinations of characteristics of atmosphere fluctuations of importance to ground-based astronomy
Cumulative detail reports, 1992-1994
(2 folders)
General correspondence, 1993-1995
Proposals, budgets, and awards, 1991-1993
AST-9221105, spatial interferometry on infrared spectral lines
Cumulative detail reports, 1993-1995
(2 folders)
General correspondence, 1992-1995
Proposals, budgets, and awards, 1992-1994
AST-9315485, dust formation, mass loss, and diameters of evolved stars observed with a long baseline infrared interferometer
Cumulative detail reports, 1994-1997
(1 folder)
BOX 307 (2 folders)
General correspondence, 1995-1997
Proposals, budgets, and awards, 1994-1996
AST-9321289, ultrawide bandwidth high quantum efficiency detectors and other improvements to the infrared spatial interferometer
Cumulative detail reports, 1994-1997
(2 folders)
General correspondence, 1994-1997
Proposals, budgets, and awards, 1993-1996
AST-9500525, request for supplemental funding for "a long baseline imaging interferometer for the mid-infrared," 1997-1998
No number, a tunable, cooled heterodyne receiver for ground-based spectroscopy in the 300 800 is μm region, proposal, 1985
BOX 308 No number, unidentified project
Cumulative detail reports, 1984-1997
(2 folders)
General correspondence, 1993-1997
New York Academy of Sciences, no number, L. W. Frohlich Research Fellowship
Cumulative detail reports, 1986-1991
(4 folders)
General correspondence, 1986-1990
Office of the Chief of Naval Research, N00014-89-J-1583, infrared spatial interferometry
Cumulative detail reports
(2 folders)
BOX 309 1991-1996
(6 folders)
General correspondence, 1990-1996
Proposals, budgets, and awards
(3 folders)
BOX 310 1996-1997
Office of Naval Research
N00014-84-C-0140, unidentified project
Contract modifications, 1984-1989
Cumulative detail reports, 1986-1990
(5 folders)
N00014-87-K, unidentified project, cumulative detail reports, 1987-1988
N00014-93-1-0775, student support for long baseline infrared interferometry
Cumulative detail reports
BOX 311 1995-1996
General correspondence, 1993-1997
Proposals, budgets, and awards, 1992-1997
Perkin-Elmer Fund
No number, infrared spatial interferometer
Cumulative detail reports, 1986-1997
(5 folders)
General correspondence, 1985-1997
No number, interferometer project
Cumulative detail reports
BOX 312 1987-1991
(4 folders)
General correspondence, 1985-1987
Research Corp., no number, far-infrared and submillimeter laser for astronomical spectroscopy, proposal, 1981-1985
Stockholm University Observatory, Stockholm, Sweden, no number, Townes group research in astrophysics
Cumulative detail reports, 1991-1993
General correspondence, 1989-1994
University of Texas, Austin, Tex., NAG-2-402, cooled far-infrared and submillimeter heterodyne mixers, 1986-1987
W. M. Keck Observatory, Hawaii, no number, Keck camera project
Accounting reports, 1995-1996
General correspondence, 1995-1997
Weitzmann, Robert, no number, infrared astrophysics, gift, 1989-1992
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