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People for the American Way and People for the American Way Foundation records, 1980-2009

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BOX 309-342 Legal Files, 1981-2008
BOX 309 Administrative and Operational Files, 1982-2006
Correspondence, reports, agreements, certificates, applications, contracts.
Arranged alphabetically by subject or document type.
501c(4) Solicitations, 1988
Audits and Consulting Agreements, 1986, 1996-2004
Building Purchase, 1998-1999
Certificate of Exemption, 1984
Certificate of Registration and Name Infringement, 1982-1983, 1992
Corporate Files, 1984, 1994
Department Reports and Accomplishments, 1987-1992
Director Files
Elliot Mincberg
Contact Lists, 1987, undated
Thurgood Marshall Award Nomination, 1997, Feb.-Mar.
Judith Schaeffer
Speech for Washington Institute for Jewish Leadership and Values, 2000, Feb.-Mar.
Tikkun Magazine Roundtable, 2000, Sept.
Grand Jury Subpoena, 1987-1990
Program Plan, 1987
Trademark Application, 1998-1999
Trademark Approval, 1999, June 18
Trademark Infringement, 2001, Jan.-May
BOX 310-325 Court Cases, 1981-2008
Correspondence, arguments, briefs, complaints, statements, testimonies, agreements, schedules, memoranda, notes, case files.
Arranged alphabetically by name of court case and thereunder alphabetically by subject or document type.
BOX 310 American Civil Liberties Union v. Reno - Amici Curiae, 1999
Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) v. Casey, 1994
Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now v. Miller̶ Michigan Attorney Fees, 1996
Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now v. Ridge, 1995-1997
ACORN Documents and Survey Results, 1996
Expert Witness, 1996
Injunctive Relief Memoranda, 1995
National Voter Registration Act, 2000
National Voter Registration Act Issue, 1995
National Voter Registration Act Memoranda and Miscellaneous, 1995-2002
Pennsylvania Statutory Conflicts, 1995-2002
Recent Department of Public Welfare/WIC/County Statistics, 1996-1997
Stipulations, 1996-1997
WIC Monthly Reports, 1996, Apr. 15
Wilmer Memorandum on Tenth Amendment, 1995
Bettiol v. City of Menlo Park - Complaint, 1994, May 23
Boy Scouts of America v. Dale - Potential Amici Brief, 2000
Brown v. Woodland Joint Unified School District
(2 folders)
BOX 311 1992, Apr. 2
United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit Decision, 1994, June 15
Cain v. Horne - Chronological File, 2006-2008
California Learning Assessment System Controversy - Alice Walker
School Districts, 1994
(3 folders)
Child Online Protection Act
Alliance for Justice - Internal Revenue Service Comments, 2001
Amicus Brief, 1998-2001
Commission on Child Online Protection/Center for Democracy and Technology, 2000
Commission on Child Online Protection Filtering Testimony - Elliot Mincberg, 2000, July 21
The Free Speech Coalition v. Reno, 2001
"GetNetWise"/ Virginia Internet Suit, 1999-2002
Internet Contacts and PFAWF Work, 2000
BOX 312 Internet Filtering Background, 2000
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science ̶ Hearing on "Kids and the Internet," 1998
PSI Net, Inc. - Common Sense Article, 2000, Apr. 10
Supreme Court Amicus Brief, 2001
Counts v. Cedarville School District Amicus, 2003
Dawson v. Antelope Valley Union High School District, 1994
(2 folders)
Diaz v. Browning - Chronological File, 2008
Easton, Pa. (Dietterich), 1994
Giacomucci v. Southeast Delco School District- General Correspondence, 1998
Gibson v. Lee County School Board
Correspondence, 1997-1998
(2 folders)
BOX 313 County Correspondence, 1997, Aug. 4-Oct. 20
Lee County, Fla. Experts, 1997
PFAW Notes (Bible Study), 1997
Gonzalez v. State of Ariz.
Chronological File, 2008
Correspondence, 2006-2007
Grumet v. Board of Education of the Kiryas Joel Village School District, 1993-1994
Hall v. Hemet Unified School District, 1994
Aug. 16 Board Meeting
Sept. 10 Board Meeting
Herdahl v. Pontotoc County School District
(2 folders)
Complaint, 1994, Dec. 20
Court Order, 1996, June 3
Deposition Questions, 1995
BOX 314 Herdahl School Prayer Case, 1995-1996
Memorandum Opinion, 1993, June 3
Plaintiff's Post-Trial Brief, 1996, Mar. 26
Preliminary Injunction Ruling, 1995, Apr. 18
Schaeffer, Judith E., Work File, 1995
Summary Judgment File, 1995
Videos, 1993-1995
In re: Request of the Texas Education Agency, 1996, Aug.
Ingebretsen v. Jackson Public School District
1994, Aug.-1995, Feb.
1995, Mar.-May
1995, June
1996, Dec.
1997, Feb.-Mar.
United States District Court Ruling on Plaintiff's Motion for Preliminary Injunction of State's School Prayer Law, 1994, Sept. 2
BOX 315 Work File, 1995
Inter Tribal Council of Ariz. v. Brewer, 2006
Jennings v. Election Canvassing Commission of the State of Fla.
Chronological Files, 2007
Election Protection Coalition, 2006
Nov. 7, 2006
Chronological File Number One, Nov.-Dec., 2006
(2 folders)
Congressional District 13, 2007
Engagement Letter and Co-Counsel Agreement, 2007
Voter Contacts, 2006
Jones v. Federal Communications Commission, 2002
Litigation Dockets/Potential Case Areas Under Investigation and Consideration
(1 folder)
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