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People for the American Way and People for the American Way Foundation records, 1980-2009

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BOX 258-308 Publicity and Marketing Files, 1981-2009
BOX 258-279 Publications, 1981-2009
Reports, white papers, essays, surveys, periodicals, and handbooks.
Arranged alphabetically by material type and thereunder alphabetically by title, except for the reports, studies, and surveys, which are arranged chronologically by year and alphabetically thereunder by title, followed by publications lists.
BOX 258 Handbooks
An Activist's Guide to Protecting the Freedom to Learn, 1994-1995
The Bible and Public Schools: A First Amendment Guide, 1999
Election Project 1988 - Election Handbook: A Participant's Guide, 1988
First Vote: A Teaching Unit on Voter Education and Registration, undated
BOX 259 How to Win: A Practical Guide to Defeating the Radical Right in Your Community, 1994
How You Can Fight Back - Artsave Action Kit, undated
It's Your Court Organizing Kit, circa 2004
Legacy for Liberty: A Guide to Creative Planned Giving Arrangements, 1999
Lessons for Victory: People for the American Way Foundation's Cincinnati Case Study, A Part of Our Activist Tool Kit, circa 2005
Protecting the Freedom to Learn - A Citizen's Guide
Reclaiming Our Voice: The Movement at the Ballot Box, circa 1997
School Success Tool-Kit: Tools to Help You Get Involved in Your Child's Education, 2002
STAR (Students Talk About Race) Curriculum, 1995
Voices of Freedom Listener's Guide, 1989
Voter ID Toolkit - Pennsylvania, 2008
You Be the Judge Organizing Kit, 2000
The Activist, 1989-1996
Attacks on the Freedom to Learn Online, 1999
Capitol Hill Update, 1998-2001
Education Activist
Vol. One, 1998
Issue One
Issue Two
Issue Three
Issue Four
BOX 260 Issue Five
Issue Six
Issue Seven
Issue Eight
Vols. Two and Three, 1999-2000
1985-1991 See also Oversize
News and Views, 1983
PFAW Bulletin, 1981, Sept.-1982, Sept.
1994-2006 See also Oversize
Planning, 1998
Right-Wing Convention Watch, 1996, June-Aug.
Right-Wing Watch
Right-Wing Watch Online
1997, May-July
1997, Sept.-Dec.
1998, Jan.-Aug.
1998, Sept.-Dec.
BOX 261 2000
2002, Apr.
2002, May
2002, Oct.
Main Page, 1998-1999
Volunteer Newsletter, circa 2000
Reports, Studies, and Surveys
1981, The School Prayer Debate
Are Prime Time Teachers Past Their Prime?
Church-State Separation in America: The Tradition Nobody Knows
Liberty and Justice for Some: Defending a Free Society from the Radical Right's Holy War on Democracy
(2 folders)
BOX 262 (1 folder)
A Primer on Constitutional Concerns
The Radical Right and Foreign Policy
American Covenants and Contracts
As Texas Goes, So Goes the Nation: A Report on Textbook Selection in Texas
Attacks on the Freedom to Learn: Lessons of Fear (1982-1983), Oct.
Attacks on the Freedom to Learn: New York (1980-1983)
Defending the Freedom to Learn: Combating Censorship in North Carolina's Schools, Nov.
Religion in North Carolina's Schools: The Hidden Reality, Sept.
Scopes Revisited: Evolution versus Biblical Creationism
The Tale of Tell-City: An Anti-Censorship Saga
Whose Prayer? How the School Prayer Amendment Attacks Religious Liberty
The Witch Hunt Against "Secular Humanism"
American Families: Responding to the Pro-Family Movement
Attacks on the Freedom to Learn: 1983-1984 Report
Attacks on the Freedom to Learn: Ohio (1980-1983), May
People for the American Way Comments on 1984 Textbooks
Ten Rules for Mixing Religion and Politics
The Attack on Public Education: North Carolina's Experience, Apr.
Attacks on the Freedom to Learn: 1984-1985 Report
Attacks on the Freedom to Learn: Ohio (1983-1984)
A Survey of Public Libraries, Apr.
A Survey of Superintendents of Public Schools, Dec.
A Consumer's Guide to Biology Textbooks
BOX 263 A Department at Risk: A Report Card on the Department of Education after William Bennett's Hundred Days, May
Election Project Background Paper
Extremists of the Eighties
How Many Future Generations?: Armageddon Theory and American Politics
The New Right's Court Packing Campaign
Appendix - People for the American Way and the Fairness Doctrine
Attacks on the Freedom to Learn, A 1985-1986 Report
Election 1986: Religion and Politics
The Freedom of Information Act after Twenty Years
Legislative Activities in the Ninety-Ninth Congress, Nov.
Looking at History: A Review of Major United States History Textbooks
Pat Robertson: Extremist
Religion, Education, and the First Amendment: The Appeal to History, Jan.
Religious Intolerance
Report on Daniel Manion
Attacks on the Freedom to Learn 1986-1987 Report
Bork Versus Bork: A Comparison of Judge Bork's Confirmation Testimony with His Previous Speeches and Articles, Sept.
Ends Versus Means: Oliver North and the Constitution, Sept.
Government Secrecy: Decisions Without Democracy
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