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American Council of Learned Societies records, 1910-2019

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BOX I:1-14 Part I: Formative Period, 1919-1949
Correspondence, reports, meeting minutes and agendas, articles, circulars, project and program files, newsletters, financial material, applications, surveys and questionnaires. Contains records relating to the founding, incorporation, and early administration of the ACLS.
Arranged by type of material or subject.
BOX I:1 Records of the chairman
ACLS archives
Report: Survey of records, 1949
Checklist of records, 1919-1927, undated
Whicher, George M., 1920-1921
(2 folders)
Merriam, John C., 1920-1924
Jameson, J. Franklin, 1920-1926
(3 folders)
Leland, Waldo G., 1920-1926
(5 folders)
Miscellaneous, 1920-1926
(3 folders)
BOX I:2 Chamberlain, Joseph P., 1920-1927
Shotwell, James T., 1921-1924
Erskine, John, 1921-1925
(3 folders)
Armstrong, Edward C., 1924-1927
(2 folders)
Relations with other organizations
Meetings of the ACLS and Executive Committee, 1920
Articles about the ACLS, including Waldo G. Leland's statement on publicity, 1920-1921
National Research Council
BOX I:3 1922-1923
Social Science Research Council, 1922-1923
Circulars, 1923-1925
Haskins, Charles H.: Personal letters after giving up chairmanship, 1926
Union Académique Internationale See also Containers I:6-I:7 and I:8-I:14, same heading
International auxiliary languages, 1920-1922
Miscellany, 1920-1923
Corpus of Greek vases, 1920-1924
Glossary of Du Cange, 1920-1928
(2 folders)
Latin Incipits, 1925
Projects See also Container I:7, same heading
International undertakings, 1920-1921
Dictionary of National Biography, 1920-1921
Medieval Latin studies
(4 folders)
BOX I:4 1924-1925
(2 folders)
Survey of learned societies in the U.S., 1923-1924
Corpus Monumentorum Antiquorum, 1925
Grants in aid of research, 1925
Heidel, William Arthur: Projects, 1926
Miscellany See also Container I:7, same heading
Assistance to James J. Hill reference library of St. Paul, Minn., 1921
American Committee on Intellectual Cooperation, 1924-1925
Records of the secretary treasurer and executive secretary
Leland, Waldo G., George M. Whicher, Charles H. Haskins, John Erskine, and Edward C. Armstrong, 1919 1926
(10 folders)
BOX I:5 Leland, Waldo G. and Guy Stanton Ford, 1925-1927
Boston Conference, 1919
Council, 1920-1926
(2 folders)
Executive Committee, 1921-1926
Conference of Secretaries, 1921, 1926
General administration and activities
Circulars to secretaries of constituent societies, 1919-1925
History of ACLS, 1919-1932
Bulletin, 1920-1927
Membership, dues, and delegates of constituent societies, 1920-1927
Information about ACLS, 1920-1927
Applications to foundations, 1921-1922
BOX I:6 Committee reports, 1924-1925
Accounts of Waldo G. Leland, 1924-1926
ACLS incorporation, 1924-1926
ACLS activities, 1925-1928
Reorganization of the Council, 1926-1927
Medieval Academy of America membership, 1926-1927
Social Science Research Council, 1926-1927
Union Académique Internationale See also Containers I:3 and I:8-I:14, same heading
Paris, France, conference, 1919
Correspondence, 1919
(2 folders)
Meetings, 1920-1927
(5 folders)
BOX I:7 Corpus of Greek vases, 1922
International auxiliary language, 1921-1922
Glossary of du Cange, revised edition, 1922-1923
International survey of the status of current bibliography, 1925
Philippines, 1925
Proposed encyclopedia of international law, 1926
Projects See also Containers I:3-I:4, same heading
Medieval Latin studies, 1923-1924
Surveys and questionnaires
American learned societies, 1924-1926
Research in the humanistic sciences, 1925
Catalogue of foreign manuscripts in American libraries, 1925
American learned publications, 1925-1926
Association for the Study of Negro Life and History, 1925-1926
Grants in aid of research, 1925-1926
(2 folders)
Scholarly journals in the U.S.: E. C. Marshall's plan, 1922
Corpus Monumentorum Antiquorum, 1925
Facsimile of the earliest manuscript of the Vulgate, 1925
Historia Trojana by Guido delle Cononne, 1925-1927
American Indian languages, 1926
Bibliography of official French publications, 1927
Social science research seminar in Paris, France, 1927
Miscellany See also Container I:4, same heading
Address to enemy scholars, 1920
Buddhist dictionary, 1922
American Association of University Professors, 1925
Exchange of publications with Russia, 1925
BOX I:8 Union Académique Internationale See also Containers I:3 and I:6-I:7 , same heading
Baxter, J. H., 1926-1930
Beeson, Charles H., 1928-1937
Bidez, J., 1930-1940
De Selys Longchamps, M., 1937-1940
Drachman, A. B., 1930-1936
Kenyon, Frederick, 1928-1941
(2 folders)
Koht, Halvdan, 1926-1939
(2 folders)
Lacombe, George, 1932-1934
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