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American Council of Learned Societies records, 1910-2019

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Part II: General Office Files, 1920-1997 (continued)
General, 1920-1996 (continued)
(3 folders)
BOX II:844 1958-1968
(9 folders)
BOX II:845 USSR, 1959-1965
(6 folders)
BOX II:111 Rejected invitations to conferences: Gordon B. Turner and Jason H. Parker, 1974-1987
BOX II:306 Requests for information, 1985
(3 folders)
BOX II:825 Sample letters, 1977-1984
(2 folders)
BOX II:844 Soviet affairs, 1955-1961
BOX II:807 Turner, Gordon B., 1977-1996
(2 folders)
BOX II:418 U.S. government
Congressional relations
BOX II:417 1957-1969
(5 folders)
BOX II:473 1958-1966
(2 folders)
BOX II:138 1969
BOX II:421 Education, Office of
(3 folders)
BOX II:422 1960-1969
(4 folders)
BOX II:418 National Science Foundation, 1957-1965
State Department
(2 folders)
BOX II:419 1962-1968
(3 folders)
BOX II:416 Tax Reform Act (1969), 1969-1970
(5 folders)
BOX II:420 Unesco
BOX II:421 1966-1969
(3 folders)
BOX II:133 Universities and colleges
Alphabetical file
A-D, 1960-1965
(21 folders)
BOX II:134 D-M, 1960-1965
(23 folders)
BOX II:135 M-S, 1960-1965
(26 folders)
BOX II:136 S-Y, 1960-1965
(21 folders)
BOX II:137 Comments on timing of faculty fellowship awards, 1962
Invitations to inaugurations
(5 folders)
BOX II:138 1968-1969
(2 folders)
Memoranda, 1963-1965
Regional, 1961-1967
(4 folders)
Reports, 1966
BOX II:144 Washington office, 1955-1958
Parker, Jason H., Executive Assistant, 1958-1997
Includes files of Executive Assistant Jason H. Parker, who focused primarily on projects related to China and Eastern Europe. Correspondence, project and program files, committee files, financial material, fellowship and grant files, conference files, meeting minutes and agendas, notes, reports, announcements and publicity, future plans, applications, speeches and lectures, and trip files.
Arranged alphabetically by subject, type of material, or name of individual, program, project, organization, or committee.
BOX II:1010 American Association for Higher Education, 1971-1976
BOX II:450 American Council for Emigres in the Professions: Placement of Soviet scholars, 1973 1979
(5 folders)
BOX II:672 American-Chinese (Taiwan) Cooperation
BOX II:672 Fellowships and grants, 1976-1987
(5 folders)
Financial material, 1979-1985
BOX II:671 General, 1982-1984
BOX II:672 Miscellaneous projects, 1984-1987
BOX II:1008 Area studies
Fellowships and grants, 1979-1983
General, 1972-1975
BOX II:898 Language and linguistics
Coalition for the Advancement of Foreign Languages and International Studies, 1986-1990
(2 folders)
National Foreign Language Center, 1989 1993
BOX II:1008 President's Commission on Foreign Language and International Studies, 1978-1979
(3 folders)
BOX II:867 Miscellany, 1980-1983
Statistics, 1984-1990
BOX II:1008 Association International d'Etudes du Sud-Est Européen
BOX II:951 1981-1990
BOX II:1010 Association of American University Presses, 1970-1976
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 1966-1976
Center for Policy Research, 1968-1976
BOX II:899 China, People's Republic of, 1980-1992
(3 folders)
BOX II:360 Chinese Civilization and Contemporary China committees liaison
Conferences, workshops, and seminars, 1976
BOX II:358 Financial material, 1974-1976
BOX II:359 General, 1973-1975
(2 folders)
BOX II:360 Planning meetings, 1975
BOX II:914 Chinese Civilization, Committee on Studies of
Archives project, 1972
BOX II:915 Chinese Civilization, Committee on Studies of
1964-1979, 1985
(5 folders)
BOX II:358 1966-1979
BOX II:359 Dictionaries, 1974-1979
BOX II:915 Early China
(2 folders)
BOX II:354 1978-1981
(2 folders)
BOX II:353 1980-1982
(2 folders)
BOX II:914 East Asian musicology project, 1973-1981
BOX II:879 Establishment of committee, 1963
BOX II:1000 Fellowships and grants, 1972-1977
BOX II:358 Financial material, 1974-1978
(2 folders)
General, 1968-1973
BOX II:914 Internships in Chinese studies: Publishing, 1975
BOX II:354 Literature, 1975-1983
(6 folders)
BOX II:355 Medieval China
(2 folders)
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