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American Council of Learned Societies records, 1910-2019

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Part III: General Office Files, 1942-2008 (continued)
Education Department, 1990-1996 (continued)
BOX III:289 Elementary and secondary schools teacher curriculum development project: K-12
(8 folders)
BOX III:183 1991-1992
BOX III:288 1991-1993
(6 folders)
BOX III:190 1991-1995
(3 folders)
BOX III:290 1991-1996
(4 folders)
BOX III:177 1992
(1 folder)
BOX III:268 (3 folders)
BOX III:181 1992-1993
(2 folders)
BOX III:187 (2 folders)
BOX III:176 1992-1995
(4 folders)
BOX III:186 1993
(1 folder)
BOX III:189 (2 folders)
BOX III:267 (5 folders)
BOX III:269 1993-1994
(2 folders)
BOX III:180 1993-1995
(4 folders)
BOX III:266 (5 folders)
BOX III:286 1993-1996
(5 folders)
BOX III:265 1994
(2 folders)
BOX III:175 1994-1996
(6 folders)
BOX III:181 Fine, Michelle, 1992
BOX III:182 Ford Foundation
BOX III:181 1994
(2 folders)
BOX III:182 Fulbright teacher exchange program, 1992
Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education/Fund for the Improvement and Reform of Schools and Teaching, 1991-1995
(5 folders)
BOX III:183 Getty Center for Education in the Arts, 1993-1994
Gill, David W. J. and Christopher Chippindale, 1993
BOX III:190 Gladstone Secondary School: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, 1995
BOX III:183 Grand Rapids, Mich., 1995
Hunter College: American social history project, 1991
BOX III:291 International programs: Ford Foundation/Social Science Research Council, 1993-1996
(5 folders)
BOX III:183 Internet in primary and secondary schools, 1992-1993
Japanese exchange, 1992-1995
(2 folders)
BOX III:174 John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, undated
BOX III:184 Liberal arts years project: Grades 11-14, 1992-1995
BOX III:174 Los Angeles Educational Alliance for Restructuring Now, 1992-1994
(2 folders)
BOX III:184 Los Angeles, Calif.
(4 folders)
BOX III:185 1992-1995
(5 folders)
BOX III:174 Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities, 1991
Meade, Edward J., 1991
BOX III:269 Miscellaneous files, 1991-1996
(2 folders)
BOX III:177 Museums, 1993-1994
National Archives, 1991
National Art Education Association, 1991
National Center for History in the Schools, 1990
National Council for the Social Studies, 1991
National Council of Teachers of English, 1991-1995
National Council on Education Standards and Testing, 1991
BOX III:178 National Endowment for the Humanities
General, 1991-1995
(3 folders)
National Faculty, 1994-1995
(2 folders)
BOX III:179 National Faculty
BOX III:178 1994-1996
BOX III:179 National Governor's Association, 1991
BOX III:178 National Humanities Center, 1994
BOX III:179 National Initiative for a Networked Cultural Heritage, 1995
BOX III:285 National Science Foundation: National Research Council, 1993-1994
BOX III:179 New Learning Project, 1992
New Press publishing, 1991-1995
(2 folders)
BOX III:180 (1 folder)
BOX III:285 New York City, N.Y.
New School for Social Research, 1995-1996
Public schools, 1992-1995
New York state social studies syllabus, 1991
Newsletters, 1993
BOX III:267 Notes, 1996
BOX III:285 Office interns, 1991-1992
BOX III:287 Pew Charitable Trusts: Elementary and secondary schools teacher curriculum development project: K-12, 1991-1994
(2 folders)
Philadelphia, Pa. schools collaboration, 1991-1995
(3 folders)
BOX III:174 Publications, journals, and papers
American National Biography, undated
BOX III:186 By Stanley N. Katz, 1991-1995
BOX III:184 Junior Dictionary of the Middle Ages, 1995
BOX III:187 "Teacher Empowerment and Professional Knowledge," 1991
BOX III:288 Rockefeller Brothers Fund, 1993
Rockefeller Foundation, 1994-1995
BOX III:190 Said, Edward, 1991
BOX III:288 San Francisco, Calif., 1992-1994
BOX III:266 Scholastic Overseas Services, circa 1996
BOX III:289 School reform: Marshall S. Smith and Jennifer O'Day, 1990
BOX III:186 Standards, 1993-1995
(2 folders)
Stevens Institute of Technology, 1991-1992
Stuart Foundations, 1992-1995
BOX III:187 Stuckey, J. Elspeth, 1993
Summer institute, 1992
Technology, 1991
BOX III:266 U.S.-China teacher exchange program, 1996
BOX III:187 Undergraduate teaching, 1992
Union Theological Seminary, 1991
BOX III:188 University of British Columbia, 1994-1995
(4 folders)
BOX III:190 (1 folder)
BOX III:187 University of California, Santa Cruz, 1992
Urban education renewal areas project, 1993
Vermont Council on the Humanities, 1991
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