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American Council of Learned Societies records, 1910-2019

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Part IV: President's Office Files, 1999-2019 (continued)
BOX IV:13 Investment Committee, 2008-2009
BOX IV:13 Learned Society Leadership Seminar, 2004-2007
(8 folders)
BOX IV:14 Learned Society Leadership Seminar, 2008-2018
(9 folders)
BOX IV:14 Meetings
BOX IV:14 American School of Classical Studies at Athens, 2013
BOX IV:14 Beijing, 2007
BOX IV:14 British Academy, 2007
BOX IV:14 Carnegie Corporation of New York, 2017
BOX IV:14 Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes, 2010
BOX IV:14 China studies program, 2003
BOX IV:15 China studies program, 2010
BOX IV:15 Emeritus faculty research funding, Jaroslav Folda, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2010
BOX IV:15 Emory University, 2008
BOX IV:15 Gates Foundation, 2012
BOX IV:15 Goals and functions of fellowship programs, 2004
BOX IV:15 International programs planning, 2003-2004
BOX IV:15 John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, 2017
BOX IV:15 Teachers Assurance and Annuity Foundation, 2016
BOX IV:15 Ryskamp fellowship, 2009, 2018
(2 folders)
BOX IV:15 Taipei Cultural Center of the Taipei Economic Cultural Office, New York, 2009-2010
BOX IV:15 Tang Research Foundation, 2015
BOX IV:15 Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center, 2015
BOX IV:15 Nominating Committee, 2002-2018
(12 folders)
BOX IV:16 Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation
BOX IV:16 Advisory meeting on Buddhist studies, 2013
BOX IV:16 Board meetings, 2013-2015
(2 folders)
BOX IV:16 Buddhist studies program, 2014-2015
(2 folders)
BOX IV:16 Buddhist Universal Digital Archive (BUDA), 2016
BOX IV:16 General, 2011-2012
BOX IV:16 Meetings, 2014-2017
(3 folders)
BOX IV:16 Social Science Research Council (U.S.), 2004-2018
BOX IV:17 Speeches, lectures, and testimonies
BOX IV:17 Modern Language Association of America, 2003
BOX IV:17 American Association of Colleges and Universities, 2004
BOX IV:17 Association of American University Presses, 2004
BOX IV:17 Cornell University Institute for German Cultural Studies, 2004
BOX IV:17 Dickinson College Clarke Center, Carlisle, Pa., 2004
BOX IV:17 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2004
BOX IV:17 University of Kansas, 2004
BOX IV:17 Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies fiftieth anniversary, 2005
BOX IV:17 Ohio State University, 2005
BOX IV:17 University of Nebraska, Lincoln, 2005
BOX IV:17 Colgate University, Hamilton, N.Y., 2006
BOX IV:17 University of Richmond, 2006
BOX IV:17 Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Va., 2006
BOX IV:17 University of California, Berkeley, 2007
BOX IV:17 Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan, 2008
BOX IV:17 National Chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan, 2008
BOX IV:17 Association of American Universities meeting at Northwestern University, Evanston, Ill., 2009
BOX IV:18 Rutgers University Confucius Institute, New Brunswick, N.J., 2009
BOX IV:18 Council of Colleges of Arts and Sciences, award acceptance, 2010
BOX IV:18 Duke University, 2010
BOX IV:18 University of California, Berkeley, second U.S.-China cultural forum, 2010
BOX IV:18 University of Wisconsin, Madison year of the humanities, 2010
BOX IV:18 Columbia University Center for the Core Curriculum symposium on the humanities, 2011
BOX IV:18 Cornell University Society for the Humanities, 2011
BOX IV:18 Johannes Gutenberg-Universität, Mainz, Germany, rectors conference, 2011
BOX IV:18 University of California, Berkeley Center for Humanities, 2011
BOX IV:18 University of Notre Dame, 2011
BOX IV:18 Elizabethtown College, Elizabethtown, Pa., commencement, 2012
BOX IV:18 International innovation in higher education, New South Wales, Australia, 2012
BOX IV:18 University of California, Davis, 2012
BOX IV:18 University of Maryland, Baltimore County Dresher Center for the Humanities, 2012
BOX IV:18 Time summit on higher education, 2013
BOX IV:18 University of California, Los Angeles, 2013
BOX IV:18 University of Michigan, 2013
BOX IV:18 Arizona State University, 2014
BOX IV:19 Teagle Foundation
BOX IV:19 Correspondence, 2010-2011
BOX IV:19 Disciplines listening, 2006
BOX IV:19 Education projects and programs, 2005
(3 folders)
BOX IV:19 Meeting, 2004
BOX IV:19 Meeting, community colleges, 2016
BOX IV:19 UNESCO meetings, 2005-2008
(4 folders)
BOX IV:19 UNESCO representative materials, 2006-2010
BOX IV:19 Union académique internationale, 2006-2012
(2 folders)
DF Part IV: Digital Files, 2002-2019
The Digital Files in Part IV complement and overlap with the material in Part IV: President’s Office Files, documenting the tenure of ACLS president Pauline Yu and the administration of ACLS. This series contains predominantly president’s reports, meeting agendas, development and fundraising material, and speeches and speech drafts for conferences and other events. Prominent in the digital files, and not present in the paper office files, are copies of Yu’s academic publications spanning the years 1978-2016. The series is comprised of 379 files and 0.53 GB of data.
Arranged and described alphabetically by folder title, as received.
DF AAU-ACLS steering committee, 2005
Digital ID: mss54288_211_001
ACLS fellowship planning meeting, 2003-2004
Digital ID: mss54288_211_001
ACLS international program planning meeting, 2004
Digital ID: mss54288_211_001
ACLS materials, 2009
Digital ID: mss54288_211_001
American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 2013-2014
Digital ID: mss54288_211_001
Annual giving letters, 2008-2012
Digital ID: mss54288_211_001
Annual report, president's report, 2003-2006, 2018
Digital ID: mss54288_211_001
Centennial, 2016-2018
Digital ID: mss54288_211_001
Commission on the Humanities and Social Sciences, 2011-2013
Digital ID: mss54288_211_001
Development, 2003-2005
Digital ID: mss54288_211_001
Fellowships and grants, 2006, 2010, 2016-2018
Digital ID: mss54288_211_001
Library of Congress Scholars' Council, 2006
Digital ID: mss54288_211_001
Meetings, 2009-2010, 2017-2019
Digital ID: mss54288_211_001
Notes, 2009-2011, 2018
Digital ID: mss54288_211_001
Papers, 2002-2006
Digital ID: mss54288_211_002
Published articles, 2016
Digital copies of Yu's writings on Chinese poetry and literature, published between 1979 and 2014. Includes a bibliography.
Digital ID: mss54288_211_002
Speeches, lectures, and talks, 2003-2019
Presentations and talks given by Yu at various events. Includes reports to the ACLS Council, Board, Conference of Administrative Officers, Conference of Executive Officers, and Executive Committee of the Delegates. Also includes speeches delivered at conferences, convocations, and commencements at various American and international universities and learned societies.
Digital ID: mss54288_211_002
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