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American Council of Learned Societies records, 1910-2019

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Part I: General Office File II, 1916-1951 (continued)
Linguistic research fund, 1947
Literary history of the U.S., 1944-1946
BOX I:414 Lovejoy, Arthur O., 1939
Lowe, E. A., 1937-1941
Lowman, Guy S., 1938-1941
Lydenberg, H. M., 1936-1941
"M" miscellany
General, 1938-1941
Leland, Waldo G., 1934-1943
MacLeish, Archibald: Librarian of Congress, 1940-1941
Marshall, John, 1940-1941
Medieval Academy of America, 1938-1941
(2 folders)
Mediterranean world, 1949
Memoranda, 1943-1944
Microfilm project
BOX I:415 1941-1946
British manuscripts, 1941-1946
British microfilm ordered and received, 1941-1943
Enemy periodicals, 1942-1944
"N" miscellaneous, 1938-1942
National atlas project, 1947-1950
National Resources Planning Board, 1941
National (Inter-American) Indian Institute: Waldo G. Leland, 1941 1946
BOX I:416 National Research Council: Medical history of the war, 1941 1944
National roster of scientific and specialized personnel, 1940
National School of Modern Oriental Languages and Civilizations, 1942
National semi-volunteer translation service in the unusual languages, 1942
Negro Studies, Committee on, 1941
New dictionary of Middle English, 1927
New music encyclopedia, 1945
Near eastern studies: Mortimer Graves, 1947
Nitze, William A.: "In Retrospect," 1945
Notes and suggestions: Jameson, undated
"O-P" miscellaneous, 1938-1942
Olcott, George N.: Dictionary of Latin Inscriptions, circa 1935 1936
"Organization of the Humanities in Certain Universities and Colleges of the United States" report, 1936
Oriental Library Restoration Committee, 1936-1938
Paetow, L. J.: Guide to the Study of Medieval History, 1938-1941
Paisley Press, 1938-1939
Parmelee, Maurice, 1942-1943
Pattern of contemporary thought as it constitutes a background for the problems of the humanities, 1934
Periodicals devoted to the fine arts: John Marshall, 1933
Philippine customary law, 1929
Pope, Arthur Upham, 1936-1941
Popularization of the humanities, 1950-1951
BOX I:417 Portuguese and Spanish Institute, 1941
Portuguese summer institute, 1942
Power, Eugene B., 1938-1939
Preveden, Francis R., 1938
Problems of policy and practice, undated
Programme of the council, 1939, undated
Psychoanalytic approach to the arts, 1948-1949
Publication assistance, 1939-1940
Putnam, Herbert: Librarian of Congress, 1939
"R" miscellaneous, 1932-1942
Randall, William M., 1938
Regional studies memorandum, 1943
Reports, 1926, 1932-1945
(2 folders)
BOX I:418 Reproducing materials out of print, undated
Research and teaching personnel, 1940-1944
Research fellowships in the humanities, undated
Relations between the ACLS and university research funds, undated
Reactions to "Research is Not Enough" by Charles E. Odegaard, 1950 1951
Research institutes in the humanities: Waldo G. Leland and Mortimer Graves, undated
Rice, Warner G., 1943-1947
Riveros Molinari, Manuel, 1942
Rockefeller Foundation, 1930-1931, 1938-1942
(5 folders)
Roman law, translation of, 1949
Royse, M. W., 1941
Russian translation project, 1944-1950
BOX I:419 "S" miscellaneous, 1937-1943
Salvemini, 1938
Sarton, George, 1934-1942
Scarbrough report, 1947
Graves, Mortimer
Memorandum to the Director, 1945
Remarks, 1945
Leland, Waldo G.: Correspondence, 1945
Memoranda, 1937-1943, undated
(2 folders)
BOX I:420 Meeting minutes, 1938-1943
Population research, 1940-1941
General, 1938-1943
(6 folders)
Hearings, 1945
BOX I:421 Humanities statement, 1945
Conference of Secretaries, 1938-1943
Solalinde, Antonio García, 1938
South Atlantic Modern Language Association, 1940
Stillwell, Margaret B., 1937-1938
Study aids
Memorandum, circa 1937
Summer, 1951
Summer institute, 1950
"T" miscellaneous: Waldo G. Leland, 1938-1942
Tellez, Oscar S.: Manuscript, 1940
Thomson, David Cleghorn, 1939
Turner, Lorenzo D., 1938-1941
Twentieth meeting, Union Académique Internationale, 1939
(2 folders)
University microfilms, 1939-1947
(2 folders)
Vatican rules for the alphabetical index of manuscripts, undated
Vincent of Beauvais: Medieval Academy of America, 1935
BOX I:422 "V-Z" miscellaneous, 1938-1939
"W" miscellaneous: Waldo G. Leland, 1936-1943
Ware, Edith E., 1942-1945
Warfel, Harry R., 1941-1943
Works Progress Administration
Cultural projects
General, 1943-1945
Correspondence, 1943-1945
Reports, 1943-1944
Folk arts, 1938-1939
(2 folders)
Miscellany, 1939-1945
World area research, 1946
"X-Z" miscellaneous: Waldo G. Leland, 1941-1942
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