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American Council of Learned Societies records, 1910-2019

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BOX I:629-636 Part I: Financial Records, 1921-1952
BOX I:629-634 Grants to ACLS, 1921-1952
Correspondence, administrative files, fellowship and grant files, and project and program files.
Arranged alphabetically by name of foundation, program, or project.
BOX I:629 Carnegie Corporation of New York
Correspondence, 1926-1947
International relations: Waldo G. Leland, 1946
Musicology, 1938-1939
Publication in the humanities, 1934-1944
Art, 1935-1943
Bonney, Thérèse, 1940, 1952
Johnston, Frances, 1936-1943
General assembly of Unesco, 1946
Additional grants, 1923-1924
Administrative expenses, 1924-1944
American Anthropologist index, 1930
American Indian languages, 1927-1933
American Journal of Archaeology, 1933
American Scientific Congress, 1942-1943
Archival administration, 1940-1943
Bibliographical society publications, 1932
Boletín Interamericano de Musica, 1941
Chinese library at McGill University, 1932
Chinese histories: Translations, 1932-1938
Continental congress history, 1938
First application, 1921-1922
Dictionary of American Biography, 1934, 1940
Directory of American Scholars, 1939-1941
Facsimile text society, 1930
Furness, Clifton J., 1938-1940
Grants in aid of research, 1940-1941
Greek thought, History of, 1928-1946
Greek manuscripts, dated, 1936, 1943
Griffin, Nathaniel E., 1938
Linguistic institutes, 1928
Phase books, 1942
BOX I:630 Randall, William M., 1938
Roosevelt library, 1939-1943
Sabin's Dictionary of Books Relating to America, 1933
Smith, Myron B., 1939-1940
National orchestral survey, 1937-1940
Virginia, University of, 1930
Survey of learned societies, 1924-1926
General Education Board, 1926-1932, 1945-1947
(2 folders)
Laura Spelman Rockefeller Memorial, 1922-1931
(3 folders)
Rockefeller Foundation
1929-1935, 1949-1950
(7 folders)
BOX I:631 1933-1948
(13 folders)
BOX I:632 1938-1950
(15 folders)
BOX I:633 1936-1950
(26 folders)
BOX I:634 1936-1948
(22 folders)
BOX I:635-636 Treasurer's Reports, 1924-1944
Financial material, reports, and statements.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX I:635 Comparative statements, 1927-1943
Chronological file
(12 folders)
BOX I:636 1936-1944
(9 folders)
Miscellany, 1929-1931
BOX I:637-675, I:OV 32-39 Part I: Manuscripts, 1930-1960
Published and unpublished manuscripts and typescripts, card files, and printed matter, including some ACLS publications.
Arranged by type of material and alphabetically by title, author, or subject within each material type.
BOX I:637 Actors of Diplomacy, Abolhassan Ihteshami
(2 folders)
Alimentation produits exotiques épices
American Literature, Willard Thorp
Anthology of Russian Culture
(2 folders)
Anthology on the Russian National Character
(1 folder)
BOX I:638 (4 folders)
BOX I:639 (5 folders)
BOX I:640 (5 folders)
BOX I:641 (6 folders)
BOX I:642 (1 folder)
Anthology of Turkish Short Stories, H. R. Gürpinar
The Arab Cause, Ali Nasir Ud-Din
Arab Thinking Between Its Present and Past, Sami Al Kayyali
Arabic-Russian Dictionary of the Contemporary Literary Language, I. Yu. Krachkovsky
BOX I:643 Barca, Niqula Ziyada
Beginnings of Civilization in China, C. W. Bishop
Belinsky, Vissarion Grigoryevich, Otto P. Peterson
Bibliography of Descriptive Linguistics, Bernard Bloch
Bibliography of Italian and Sardinian Linguistics, Robert A. Hall, Jr.
BOX I:644 Bibliography of Slavic Civilization, John Sheldon Curtiss
Bibliography of Survey of Persian Art
Biographical dictionary articles on current China
(2 folders)
BOX I:645 (3 folders)
A Brief Outline of the History of Russian Music, Leonid Sabaneev
Call of the Unknown, Mahmūd Taymūr
Case of the Fellah, Ibnat Al-Shāti'
(2 folders)
Catalogue of Prokudin-Gorsky negatives
Classical studies, Friedrich Sobusen
Commerce de Luxe
BOX I:646 Compagnies Commerciales Ayant Leur Siege Principal en Flandre
Continuatio Theophanis, Harry George Nickles
(2 folders)
Customary law in the Philippines, Beyer-Holleman papers
Development of the feminist movement in Egypt, Duriyah Shafīq and Ibrahim Abduh
Development of Turkish Public Law, Recai G. Okandan
(2 folders)
Economics in the War Period, Paul T. Homan
Education and Unemployment in Egypt, Abdul-Hamid Fahmi Matar
(1 folder)
BOX I:647 (1 folder)
Education in Russia
(6 folders)
Establishment of Islam as the State Religion of Syria, Shaykh Mustafa al Sibā'i
Far Eastern Studies, Meribeth E. Cameron
Fine Arts
Future of the Arab World, Albert Badr
BOX I:648 Green Night, Resat Nuri Güntekin
(3 folders)
Historical Outline of Russian Education, Olga Bervy-Kaidanova
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