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American Council of Learned Societies records, 1910-2019

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Part I: Manuscripts, 1930-1960 (continued)
Russian Literature Since the Revolution, Joseph Kunitz
(3 folders)
BOX I:662 Russian translation project
(2 folders)
BOX I:663 (1 folder)
Selected bibliography on Southeast Asia
Selected essays from "The Mirror," M. Hijazi
(2 folders)
Seriousness of the Tragedy, Q. Zurayq
BOX I:664 Slavic studies during the war years
Social Philosophy and the Social Mind, E. C. Holmes
Soviet Legal Philosophy
(6 folders)
BOX I:665 Soviet Patriotism, edited by N. P. Vasil'ev and F. D. Khrustov
(4 folders)
The Spirit of Iran, H. K. Iranshahr
Spoken Amoy
(3 folders)
BOX I:666 Spoken English for Hungarian students
Spoken Uzbek
The Stranger, Yakup Kadri Karaosmanoǧlu, translated by Harold H. Brodeur
(3 folders)
BOX I:667 Thoughts of Russian writers on literature
(3 folders)
Towards Arab Unity, Youssof Haykal
Unidentified manuscripts
(3 folders)
BOX I:668 (6 folders)
BOX I:669 (4 folders)
(6 folders)
BOX I:670 Voltaire's Reversion to the "Naïf" as Protagonist, Dorothy M. McGhee
What the Persian reads
Weeping Laughter, F. Abazah
Works Progress Administration
Federal art project
Federal music project
Federal Relief Administration and the arts
(2 folders)
BOX I:671 (1 folder)
Federal theatre project
Federal writers' project
Historical records survey
Work Relief Administration in earlier times and other countries
BOX I:OV 32 Miscellaneous oversized materials
BOX I:OV 33 The Future of Culture in Egypt, Taha Hussein
BOX I:OV 34 My Life, Ahmad Amīn
BOX I:OV 35 Bargah, Zeyoda
Call of the Unknown, translated by Sidney Glazer
The Development of Turkish Public Law
BOX I:OV 36 Feminist movement in Egypt
Mister Fahim (Fahim Bey), Abdülhak Şinasi Hisar
BOX I:OV 37 Our Village, Mahmut Makal
Plan for the Prince, Chinese program
BOX I:OV 38 Politics and the Azhar, Fakhr Al Zawahiri
The Spirit of Iran, H. K. Iranshahr
Towards Arab Unity, Youssof Haykal
BOX I:OV 39 Turkish short stories
Weeping Laughter, F. Abazah
What the Persian reads
BOX I:OV 40 Card files
Thai glossary
BOX I:OV 41 Miscellany
BOX I:OV 42 Turkish word list
BOX I:672 Printed matter
Proceedings of the Ninth International Congress of Linguists
Structural Notes and Corpus: A Basis for the Preparation of Materials to Teach English as a Foreign Language(2 books)
BOX I:673 Copyright and Intellectual Property, Julius J. Marke
Constraint by Copyright, M. B. Schnapper
Copyright Law Revision (6 books)
Cevat Fehmi: Paydos Piyes
ACLS scholars: Employment qualifications
"The Problem of Excess Accumulation of U.S.-Owned Local Currencies"
"Area Study Programs - The Soviet Union and Eastern Europe"
BOX I:674 "Philosophy in the United States, 1939-1945"
"Research Libraries in the War Period, 1939-45"
"Musicology in the United States," Glen Haydon
"Economics in the War Period," Paul T. Homan
"Medieval History and Historians During World War II," Loren MacKinney
"Sociology, 1941-46," Talcott Parsons and Bernard Barber
"Population Index, October, 1946"
"Current Problems of Council Concern in Research Organization," Donald Young and Paul Webbink
"Social Psychology in the United States During the Second World War," Dorwin Cartwright
Russian series no. 14 (5 books)
BOX I:675 Among Arabic Manuscripts, I. Y. Kratchkovsky
Vocabulary of Common Japanese Words
"The Use of Photography for Clerical Routines," Ralph R. Shaw
Russian reprint program: Supplementary series
(13 vols.)
"A Critique of 'Education and National Security'"
"The Progress of Modern European History Studies in the United States During the Second World War," Lowell Ragatz
A Report on American University Presses, Chester Kerr (2 books)
Young Communists in the USSR, translated by Virginia Rhine
"Far Eastern Leaflets," nos. 1-6
Notes on Far Eastern Studies in America
(2 vols.)
"The Development of Latin-American Studies in the United States, 1939-1945," Lewis Hanke
"Sociology, 1941-46," Talcott Parsons and Bernard Barber
Archiv Orientální
(2 vols.)
Studies in latin American Art, edited by Elizabeth Wilder (2 copies)
"Southern Asia Studies in the United States: A Survey and Plan" (2 copies)
"A Guide to Documents in the National Archives: Negro Studies"
"Eighteenth-Century Aesthetics: A Search for Surviving Values," Roger P. McCutcheon
"Medieval History and Historians During World War II," Loren MacKinney
"Far Eastern Studies in the United States," Meribeth E. Cameron (2 copies)
"Archives in the United States During World War II, 1939-45," Philip C. Brooks
"Research Libraries in the War Period, 1939-45," Luther H. Evans
"Political Science in the United States in Wartime," Carl J. Friedrich
"The Renaissance: 1939-1945," L. Bradner
"Conference on the Character and State of Studies in Folklore"
"The Cultural Program of the W.P.A.," Robert C. Binkley
"A Program for Near Eastern Studies in the United States"
"A Romanized Index to the Surnames in the Chinese Biographical Dictionary," compiled by M. Jean Gates
"A Neglected Facet of the National Security Problem," Mortimer Graves
"Five Hundred Russian Works for College Libraries," Sergius Yakobson
"On the Conflict Between the 'Liberal Arts' and the 'Schools of Education'"
"Art Studies During the War," Wolfgang Stechow
"Social Psychology in the United States During the Second World War," Dorwin Cartwright
ACLS Newsletter, vol. XIX, no. 2
"A Program for the Improvement of American Understanding of Asian Civilization"
Part II: President's Office Files, 1946-1997
Burkhardt, Frederick, 1957-1974
Correspondence, announcements and publicity, conference files, project and program files, committee files, financial material, notes, newspaper clippings, requests for support, reports, trip files, and bylaws.
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