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American Council of Learned Societies records, 1910-2019

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Part II: President's Office Files, 1946-1997 (continued)
General, 1946-1990
Correspondence, administrative files, meeting minutes and agendas, reports, conference files, fellowship and grant files, committee files, project and program files, financial material, and notes. Contains materials covering numerous presidencies, indicating shared custody.
Arranged alphabetically by subject, type of material, or name of individual, program, project, organization, or committee.
BOX II:1060 Alternative careers for PhDs, 1975
BOX II:662 American-Hungarian Commission on the Humanities and Social Sciences, 1979-1985
(2 folders)
BOX II:731 Association of Research Libraries, 1986-1988
BOX II:400 Committee on Roman Law, 1972
BOX II:684 Conference board
BOX II:685 1983-1987
(4 folders)
BOX II:64 Conference Board of Associated Research Councils
American Committee on the American Studies Research Center at Hyderabad, 1967-1969
BOX II:70 General
(3 folders)
BOX II:71 1965-1967
(4 folders)
(4 folders)
BOX II:73 1972
BOX II:811 1973
BOX II:810 1974-1976
(3 folders)
BOX II:809 1977-1980
(4 folders)
BOX II:808 1981-1982
(3 folders)
BOX II:64 Meetings
BOX II:810 1976
BOX II:73 Reports, 1956-1963
(2 folders)
BOX II:1060 Conferences, workshops, and seminars, 1982
BOX II:808 Council for International Exchange of Scholars, 1981-1984
(2 folders)
BOX II:1044 Darwin project, 1985
BOX II:398 Dictionary of American Biography, 1982-1986
(2 folders)
BOX II:1044 Dictionary of the Middle Ages, 1977-1989
BOX II:396 Finance committee
(4 folders)
BOX II:397 1972-1979
(4 folders)
BOX II:1064 Foundations and granting organizations
(16 folders)
BOX II:1063 1966-1984
(5 folders)
BOX II:1065 1983
(2 folders)
BOX II:654 Grants and fellowship programs
Grant-in-aid programs, 1957-1984
BOX II:695 Study fellowship program, 1967-1982
BOX II:662 Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 1983-1984
Index of Middle English Prose, 1979-1980
BOX II:660 International Research and Exchanges Board
General, 1982-1985
(5 folders)
BOX II:398 History of organization: Original proposal, 1968
BOX II:661 Soviet Academy of Sciences, 1980-1985
(4 folders)
BOX II:401 Japanese Studies, Joint Committee on, 1973
Korean Studies, Joint Committee on, 1973
Language and linguistics
(5 folders)
BOX II:404 1958-1978
(3 folders)
BOX II:405 1974-1979
(4 folders)
BOX II:403 Programs, 1950-1958
(3 folders)
BOX II:402 1967-1972
(7 folders)
BOX II:404 1985-1986
BOX II:630 National Coordinating Committee for the Promotion of History
General, 1985-1990
(2 folders)
Legislative packet, 1983
BOX II:633 National Endowment for the Humanities
Chairman, 1985
BOX II:633 Fellowships and grants, 1986-1990
(3 folders)
BOX II:632 General
BOX II:633 1985-1990
(2 folders)
Mailing list, 1985
Statement: Introduction to the ACLS, 1985
BOX II:1049 National Periodicals Center, 1980
BOX II:1048 National Trust for Higher Education, 1984
BOX II:403 Near and Middle East, Joint Committee on the, 1959-1974
BOX II:1060 Organization files
Council on Library Resources, 1980-1984
(5 folders)
BOX II:1064 Library of Congress, 1980-1985
BOX II:1060 National Council on Foreign Language and International Studies (Coalition for the Advancement of Foreign Languages and International Studies)
(4 folders)
BOX II:1061 (4 folders)
BOX II:1062 1983
National Humanities Alliance
(2 folders)
BOX II:1063 (2 folders)
BOX II:1060 National Humanities Faculty, 1982-1985
BOX II:1065 President's Committee on the Arts and the Humanities, 1982-1984
BOX II:822 Pacific Coast Committee for the Humanities, 1946-1973
BOX II:1049 Presidential Task Force on the Arts and the Humanities, 1981
President's Commission on Foreign Language and International Studies, 1978 1981
BOX II:398 President's fund: Supported projects
(3 folders)
BOX II:399 1968-1974
(6 folders)
BOX II:400 1975-1980
(4 folders)
BOX II:1046 1980-1982
(2 folders)
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