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American Lands Alliance records, 1976-2009

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Digital Files, 1993-2008 (continued)
DF Set A, 1996-2008
Brochures, fliers, charts, photographs, images for publication, posters, logos, presentations, press files, reports, outside publications and articles, grant material, staff files and email folders, videos, and website files. Set A files are from CDs or floppy disks received independent of the paper files. Request files using the Digital ID. Email files are currently unprocessed and not available.
Arranged alphabetically by type of material.
Email files, 2003-2006
Email files are currently unprocessed and not available.
Digital ID: mss85455_121_004_email
Digital ID: mss85455_121_009_email
Digital ID: mss85455_121_015
Digital ID: mss85455_121_016_email
Digital ID: mss85455_121_018_email
Digital ID: mss85455_121_020_email
Digital ID: mss85455_121_021_email
Images and graphics
American Lands Alliance brochure, 2006
Digital ID: mss85455_121_059
American Lands Alliance national forests flyer and spring raffle ticket, 2006
Digital ID: mss85455_121_036
Digital ID: mss85455_121_037
Examples of United States Forest Service thinning abuse, 2007
Digital ID: mss85455_121_044
Digital ID: mss85455_121_045
Fishery Biology Program, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 2002-2004
Digital ID: mss85455_121_032
Gifford Pinchot National Forest, 2005
Digital ID: mss85455_121_011
National forest restoration collaborative post-disturbance working group field tour, Hayfork, Calif., 2006
Digital ID: mss85455_121_039
Senate Science Forum, 2006
Digital ID: mss85455_121_046
Adobe InDesign files require InDesign software to open or view.
"This Land is Your Land," images for publication, 2001-2004
Digital ID: mss85455_121_030
Tuckaluge Falls and brook trout, 1998
Digital ID: mss85455_121_067
University of Oregon Community Planning Workshop, 2005
Digital ID: mss85455_121_029
Western Ancient Forest Campaign logo, 1997-1999
Digital ID: mss85455_121_070
Western Oregon Bureau of Land Management resource management plans revision poster, 2008
Digital ID: mss85455_121_049
Community-Based Forestry Demonstration Program, final meeting, 2005
Digital ID: mss85455_121_028
"Non-native animal pathogens in the US: an ecological indicator based on wildlife disease," Sylvia M. Fallon and Laura A. Meyerson, 2005
Digital ID: mss85455_121_011
"Our National Forests: America's Living Natural Heritage," 2004
Digital ID: mss85455_121_035
Press files, 2001-2005
Digital ID: mss85455_121_005
Digital ID: mss85455_121_042
Reports and publications
"After the Fires: Do No Harm in America's Forests, a Report on the Impacts of Logging on Forest Recovery," 2005
Digital ID: mss85455_121_033
Digital ID: mss85455_121_041
Brainerd Foundation grant report and supporting documents, 2005
Digital ID: mss85455_121_010
Ethical issues in ecological restoration course readings, 2005
Digital ID: mss85455_121_038
Greenpeace Forest Activist Kit, 2004
Digital ID: mss85455_121_057
Harder Foundation grant report and supporting documents, 2005
Digital ID: mss85455_121_012
Ingalsbee, Timothy, "Money to Burn: The Economics of Fire and Fuels Management. Part I: Fire Suppression," 1999
Digital ID: mss85455_121_069
National Commission on Science for Sustainable Forestry symposium, final reports and other materials, 2003-2005
Digital ID: mss85455_121_056
National Forest System Land and Resource Management Planning, proposed rule, 2002
Digital ID: mss85455_121_027
"Perspectives on Industrial Forestry, Certification, and the American Forest and Paper Association Sustainable Forestry Initiative," 2002
Digital ID: mss85455_121_034
"Reclamation: Managing Water in the West," United States Bureau of Reclamation budget justification, 2007
Digital ID: mss85455_121_047
Smithwick, Erica, "Forest fires and the ecological role of post-fire wood," handout, 2006
Digital ID: mss85455_121_043
United States Fire Administration Technical Report series, Volume 1, 1999
Digital ID: mss85455_121_026
Staff files, 2002-2006
Intern folders, 2006
Digital ID: mss85455_121_014
Planning documents, 2003-2005
Digital ID: mss85455_121_030
Recreational fee demonstration program House of Representatives vote list, 2001
Digital ID: mss85455_121_068
Staff backup folders, 2003-2006
Staff backups consisting of various files and directories copied from staff computers. Staff folders contain financial material for the organization, including expense reports, fundraising efforts, donor information, budgets, databases, and accounting and audit documents. There are also grant proposals and reports, chiefly for the Brainerd and Wilberforce Foundations. Staff materials include timesheets, workplans, email files, and monthly reports. Legislative material chiefly concerns the Forest Emergency Recovery and Research Act of 2006.
Digital ID: mss85455_121_013
Digital ID: mss85455_121_019
Digital ID: mss85455_121_021
Digital ID: mss85455_121_060
Timber sales, fire management, and salvage materials, 1996-2001
Digital ID: mss85455_121_002
Digital ID: mss85455_121_003
Workstation copies, 2000-2006
Workstation copies made from C drives of organizational computers, and likely retained as backups of staff computers. The copies may contain program files, as well as some duplicate files, and may also include staff email files and intern files. Subjects include forest fire, forest planning, grazing, biomass, budget and finance, Lobby Week, legislation, and logging.
Digital ID: mss85455_121_004
Digital ID: mss85455_121_007
Digital ID: mss85455_121_009
Digital ID: mss85455_121_017
Digital ID: mss85455_121_018
Digital ID: mss85455_121_020
Video files
"Economic and Public Benefits of Revitalizing Montana Landscapes," the Governor's Restoration Forum, 2006
Digital ID: mss85455_121_054
"From Conflict to Common Ground," Northwest Ecosystem Alliance, 2006
Digital ID: mss85455_121_053
House Natural Resources Committee hearing, 9 May 2007
Digital ID: mss85455_121_052
Website files, 1998-2004
Digital ID: mss85455_121_006
Digital ID: mss85455_121_008
DF Set B, 1993-2006
Videos and documents concerning National Forests, photographs, reports, material for publication, and national monument proposals. Set B files are from CDs or floppy disks found within the paper files in the course of processing. A cross reference to the original location in the paper files is provided for each file. Request files using the Digital ID.
Arranged and described according to the series, containers, and folders from which the items were removed.
Administrative Files
"America's National Forests," video file, Unified Forest Defense Campaign and High Plains Films, 2005 (Container 5, Fact sheets)
Digital ID: mss85455_126_012
National Forest System Land and Resource Management Planning, proposed rule, 2002 (Container 62, Proposed rule changes)
Digital ID: mss85455_126_003
Sustainable Forestry Initiative, clearcutting images, 2003 (Container 66, Columbia River Bioregion)
Digital ID: mss85455_126_015
Healthy Forest Coalition, forest images, 2005 (Container 66, same heading)
Digital ID: mss85455_126_013
Salmon-Challis National Forest, Idaho, Hebgen Lake Ranger District, images, 2002 (Container 68, same heading)
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