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I.M. Pei papers, 1920-2016

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BOX OV 1-OV 49 Oversize, 1958-2009
Architectural drawings and plans, blueprints, certificates, maps, photographs, brochures and other printed matter, and a letter, scroll, watercolor drawing, and diploma.
Listed and described according to the series, containers, and folders from which the material was removed. Physically grouped and housed by size of the items, with containers numbered sequentially according to the physical arrangement.
General Correspondence
BOX OV 30 Scroll with a quotation by Sun Yat-Sen, presented by T. C. Tsao, 1958 (Container 4, "R-T" general)
BOX OV 45 Photographs of Pablo Picasso and sculptures by the artist taken by Carl Nesjar, undated (Container 21, Nesjar, Carl)
BOX OV 1 Letter from Robert Chesley Osborn after a tour of the East Building of the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C., 1978 (Container 43, Osborn)
BOX OV 17 Watercolor and ink drawing of a traditional landscape sent by Y. Z. Pei, 1979 (Container 50, Chinese correspondence)
Projects Completed/Inactive
BOX OV 14 Annapolis, Md., St. John's College, poster presentation with campus plan, aerial photograph of the campus, and a drawing of a building exterior, undated (Container 136, Annapolis)
Barcelona, Spain, La Caixa Bank Headquarters
BOX OV 17 Presentation drawings, 1992 (Container 136, La Caixa)
BOX OV 17 Blueprints, 1994 (Container 137, La Caixa)
BOX OV 17 Vols. I and IIA
BOX OV 18 Vols. IIB and III
BOX OV 1 Beijing, China, Bank of China Head Office, boxed set of presentation drawings, 1995 (Container 137, Bank of China)
BOX OV 2 Berlin, Germany, Deutsches Historisches Museum, two sets of presentation drawings, 1997 (Container 142, Topical files)
BOX OV 18 Boston, Mass., John F. Kennedy Library, copy of site plans with pencil annotations, 1972 (Container 147, General)
BOX OV 2 Brooklyn, N.Y., Bedford-Stuyvesant Superblock, award certificate, 1974 (Container 151, General)
BOX OV 2 Cambridge, Mass., Gateway to Guilford North Point, spiral-bound set of presentation drawings and model photographs, 1999 (Container 152, Gateway)
BOX OV 3 Chicago, Ill., University Gardens Apartments, bound set of presentation drawings for Hyde Park redevelopment project, circa 1959 (Container 153, Chicago)
BOX OV 3 Cleveland, Ohio, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, spiral-bound set of presentation drawings, 1987 (Container 155, Topical files)
BOX OV 31 Columbus, Ind., Cleo Rogers Memorial Library, plans, 1985 (Container 155, Columbus)
BOX OV 18 Dallas, Tex., Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center, certificate of recognition, 1990 (Container 159, General)
Dawhah, Qatar, Museum of Islamic Art
Chin, Perry
BOX OV 19 Set of drawings, 2003 (Container 251, Architectural detail drawings)
BOX OV 19 Set of drawings detailing the exterior of the building, 2003 (Container 251, Architectural drawings and exterior enclosure)
BOX OV 19 Bound set of detail drawings, 2003 (Container 251, Architectural drawings, base building)
BOX OV 19 (1 folder)
BOX OV 20 (1 folder)
BOX OV 20 Drawings for auditorium, 2003 (Container 251, Auditorium design drawings)
BOX OV 32 Hand and computer-generated renderings of exterior and interior, 2002 (Container 254, Concept designs)
BOX OV 3 Two spiral-bound dossiers containing graphic designs from other museums and sketch designs for the Museum of Islamic Art, 2004 (Container 255, Corporate identity designs)
BOX OV 21 Three sets of mechanical, plumbing, and engineering drawings, 2003 (Container 256, Electrical, plumbing, and ventilation)
(3 folders)
BOX OV 22 Set of drawings for the central courtyard and fountain, 2003 (Container 258, Fountain drawing sheets)
BOX OV 4 Two spiral-bound, graphic-design dossiers containing preliminary and sketch designs, 2004 (Container 258, Graphic designs)
BOX OV 20 Bound set of drawings for exterior stone system, 2003 (Container 260, Interior and exterior stone cladding)
BOX OV 22 Interior drawings, 2001-2004 (Container 260, Interior architectural design)
BOX OV 23 Landscape drawings, 2006 (Container 268, Landscape layouts and details)
BOX OV 23 (1 folder)
BOX OV 24 (1 folder)
BOX OV 20 Bound set of early drawings, 2002 (Container 277, Preliminary design issue)
BOX OV 4 Set of preliminary security design drawings, 2004 (Container 284, Security design)
BOX OV 5 Three spiral-bound dossiers on signage, including investigation, sketch designs, and bid documents, 2004-2005 (Container 289, Signage)
(3 folders)
BOX OV 33 Site maps, 2000-2004 (Container 289, Site plans)
BOX OV 24 Two sets of drawings, 2003-2004 (Container 293, Structural drawing sheets)
Okamoto, Hiroshi
BOX OV 14 Working drawings, 2002 (Container 310, Preliminary design)
BOX OV 14 (3 folder)
BOX OV 15 (2 folder)
BOX OV 15 Topical files
BOX OV 15 Three sets of presentation drawings, 2001-2003 (Container 313, Presentation material)
BOX OV 15 (1 folder)
BOX OV 16 (1 folder)
BOX OV 6 Luxemburg, Luxembourg, Musée d'Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean, two sets of presentation drawings, 1996 (Container 320, General)
New York, N.Y.
BOX OV 6 88 Pine St. (Wall Street Plaza), award certificate, 1973 (Container 328, 88 Pine)
Four Seasons Hotel renovation, shop drawings (Container 338, Shop drawings)
BOX OV 34 Zoning and architectural drawings, 1990, 2000-2002
BOX OV 34 (1 folder)
BOX OV 35 (1 folder)
BOX OV 46 Presentation drawings, 2000-2001
BOX OV 46 Architectural drawings, 1989-1991, 2001
(3 rolls)
BOX OV 47 Marino, Peter, interior drawings, 2001-2002
(3 rolls)
BOX OV 47 Structural and electrical drawings, 2000-2003
BOX OV 48 Burgess Steel and Petrillo Stone, 2001-2003
BOX OV 48 Burgess Steel
(4 rolls)
BOX OV 48 Petrillo Stone
BOX OV 49 Precast façade and windows, 1990-1992
(3 rolls)
BOX OV 49 HVAC drawings, 1991-1993
(2 rolls)
Paris, France
BOX OV 36 Le Grand Louvre, early plans for the pyramid, 1984 (Container 349, General)
BOX OV 28 Tête de la Défense, plans, 1970-1973 (Container 360, General)
BOX OV 28 (3 folders)
BOX OV 29 (2 folders)
Shiga, Japan
Miho Institute of Aesthetics chapel (Container 362, Team files)
BOX OV 25 Hand sketches and design drawings, circa 2006-2009
BOX OV 25 Design drawings and renderings, 2006-2009
(2 folders)
Miho Museum
BOX OV 6 Certificate of recognition, 1996 (Container 364, General)
BOX OV 6 Spiral-bound set of presentation drawings for building design and landscape concepts, 1997 (Container 365, Topical files)
Suzhou Shi, China, City Planning project (Container 371, City Planning)
BOX OV 7 Book, Planning Controls and Preservation of Historical Residential Blocks in Suzhou, and two bound volumes of urban plans and site drawings, 1988, circa 1995
(2 folders)
BOX OV 8 Bound and printed report of the Suzhou International Planning Workshop for the Ping Jiang District Renovation and Redevelopment Plan, 1996
BOX OV 26 Certificate of appointment as senior advisor, 1996
BOX OV 37 Large decorative map of Suzhou, China, perhaps given as a gift, circa 1995
BOX OV 38 Series of maps of Suzhou, China, 1995, undated
BOX OV 39 Washington, D.C., East Building of the National Gallery of Art, presentation drawings, undated (Container 340, General)
Wiltshire, England, Oare Pavilion
BOX OV 40 Plans and drawings, 2000 (Container 375, Chin, Perry)
BOX OV 8 Spiral-bound set of presentation drawings, 2000 (Container 376, Client correspondence)
Projects Aborted
BOX OV 16 Athens, Greece, Athens Museum of Contemporary Art, spiral-bound set of presentation drawings, 1993 (Container 377, General)
Bilbao, Spain, Bilbao Emblematic Building
BOX OV 9 Boxed set of presentation drawings, 1995 (Container 381, General)
BOX OV 10 Portfolio of presentation drawings and photographs of models, 1991 (Container 381, General)
BOX OV 10 La Rochefoucauld, France, Château de La Rochefoucauld, spiral-bound set of presentation drawings, 1999 (Container 383, General)
Osaka, Japan, China Pavilion at Expo '70
BOX OV 26 Two bound sets of blueprints, 1969 (Container 385, General)
(2 folders)
BOX OV 41 Drawings with notes and annotations, 1969 (Container 386, Topical files)
BOX OV 16 San Francisco, Calif., Ferry Building, spiral-bound set of drawings, circa 1980 (Container 386, Ferry)
Projects Proposed
BOX OV 10 1973, Paris, France, Jean Dubuffet project, pencil sketch of site on an envelope, 1975 (Container 393, Drawings and plans)
BOX OV 10 2001, miscellaneous, portfolio of color photographs of Westside, Los Angeles, Calif., attached to a letter from Michael S. Ovitz, 2001 (Container 411, Miscellaneous)
BOX OV 11 Series of interviews in Ming Pao Weekly, 1988 (Container 417, 1988-1992)
BOX OV 27 Article on Pei from Le Figaro, 1993 (Container 417, 1993)
BOX OV 11 Color photographic portrait of Pei by Richard Schulman for Portraits of the New Architecture, 2004 (Container 427, 2004)
BOX OV 11 Commemorative booklet, 1979 (Container 434, John F. Kennedy Library)
BOX OV 11 Wall calendar featuring skyscraper buildings, including the John Hancock Tower, Boston, Mass., and the Bank of China Tower, Hong Kong, 1999 (Container 435, Bank of China Tower)
BOX OV 11 Marked-up galley proof of commemorative book, 1997 (Container 440, Miho Museum)
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