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Subject File, 1831-1997 (continued)
BOX 335-343 Water (Field T), 1938-1992
Correspondence, memoranda, notes, reports, statements, testimony, speeches, legislation, court records, legal research, press releases, organizational mailings, newsletters, flyers, newspaper clippings, and other printed matter concerning water-related issues, including New York’s water supply, water pollution and contamination, and water quality standards.
Arranged according to an inventory created by Hoppen. An alphabetical file begins with a general file, followed by files organized alphabetically by topic. Miscellaneous articles and other material are filed at the end of the subseries.
BOX 335 Alphabetical file
BOX 335 General, 1965-1992
(2 folders)
BOX 336 General, 1965-1992
(5 folders)
BOX 336 Action for Clean Waters, Leonard B. Dworsky, Citizens Union Research Foundation, 1967
BOX 336 Automotive and truck impact, 1973-1974
BOX 336 Boston, Mass., harbor cleanup, 1984-1991
BOX 336 Burns, John, General Motors Corp., Hudson River pollution, 1970-1972
(3 folders)
BOX 336 Christian Science Monitor articles, water pollution, 1968
BOX 336 Citizens' Committee for Clean Water, New York, N.Y., undated
BOX 336 Hudson River
BOX 336 Water use for New York City system, 1975-1978
BOX 336 Wild, scenic, and recreational river system, 1977-1978
BOX 336 Mirex contamination, Lake Ontario, 1976
BOX 336 Navigation Law, Title 33, U.S. Code, 1973-1974, undated
BOX 336 New York sewage, 1976
BOX 336 New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, water quality standard hearings, 1968-1974
(1 folder)
BOX 337 New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, water quality standard hearings, 1968-1974
(1 folder)
BOX 337 North River Sewage Plant, New York, N.Y., 1991
BOX 337 Northeastern United States water supply study hearings, 1967
BOX 337 Oceanic and oil pollution, 1966-1970
(2 folders)
BOX 337 Passaic River, N.J., 1976
BOX 337 Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) contamination of the Hudson River, General Electric Co., 1975-1976
(2 folders)
BOX 337 Save the Hudson Coalition, American rivers petition, 1972-1976, undated
(2 folders)
BOX 337 Save the River (St. Lawrence River), Clayton, N.Y., 1983
BOX 337 Sludge and ocean dumping, treatment, 1990-1991
BOX 337 Temporary State Commission on the Water Supply Needs of Southeastern New York, reports
BOX 337 Alternative Futures: A Re-Evaluation, 1974
BOX 337 Compendium of Water Supply Studies, 1972
BOX 337 Emerging Water Supply Technology, 1973
BOX 337 First Year Report, 1972
BOX 337 Institutional Arrangements and Alternative Futures, 1973
BOX 338 Legal, Operational and Financial Data on Water Supply Systems, 1973
BOX 338 Measures to Reduce Water Consumption in Southeastern New York, 1973
BOX 338 Proceedings, Local Government Conferences, 1972
BOX 338 Proceedings, State Agency Conferences, 1972
BOX 338 Proceedings of Public Hearings, 1973
BOX 338 Proposed Water Supply Projects for Southeastern New York, 1973
BOX 338 Water for Tomorrow: Recommendations of the Commission, 1973
BOX 338 Water Law in Southeastern New York, 1973
BOX 339 "Total Urban Water Pollution Loads: The Impact of Storm Water," 1974
BOX 339 Toxic substances hearings, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 1973
BOX 339 Water pollution aspects of street surface contaminants, 1972
BOX 339 Water use and reuse, 1965-1968
(2 folders)
BOX 339 Westchester Welfare Workers Association, Yonkers, N.Y., 1969
BOX 339 Miscellaneous articles and other material
BOX 339 1938, 1957, 1967-1971
(11 folders)
BOX 340 1971-1973
(14 folders)
BOX 341 1973-1974
(18 folders)
BOX 342 1974-1977
(19 folders)
BOX 343 1977-1983, undated
(12 folders)
BOX 343-358 Energy (Field U), 1957-1993
Articles, correspondence, flyers, legislation, memoranda, news clippings, newsletters, notes, petitions, proposals, reports, statements, and legal records including motions and depositions pertaining to energy resources in the United States. Topics include safety, pollution, blackouts, national defense, land and wildlife conservation, energy efficiency, mining, health risks, waste removal, and the involvement of citizen organizations in energy-related matters. A significant portion of the subseries relates to the growing number of nuclear power plants along the East Coast of the United States and Canada and concerns over their impact on the environment and health of communities and wildlife living near the plants. An emphasis is placed on the Consolidated Edison Company of New York for the major role it played in the approval and construction process of nuclear power plants. Also included is information regarding the undergrounding of powerlines to preserve land and natural resources.
Arranged according to an inventory created by Hoppen. Files are organized alphabetically by topic and name with miscellaneous articles and other material filed chronologically at the end.
BOX 343 Alphabetical file
BOX 343 General, 1969-1993
BOX 343 Abbey Pond Watershed Protective Association, 1971
BOX 343 Article VII repeal, New York State Public Services Law, relating to siting of major utility transmission facilities, 1972
BOX 343 Astoria Plant, Queens County, New York, N.Y., 1970
BOX 343 Atomic Energy Commission, 1968
BOX 344 Avco-Everett Research Laboratory, magnetohydrodynamics and electric power generation, 1970-1971
BOX 344 Blackouts, 1966-1968
BOX 344 Bodega Head Plant, Calif., 1967
BOX 344 Cayuga Lake Plant, N.Y., 1968-1969
BOX 344 Citizens Committee for the Hudson Valley, Powerlines Committee, 1973
BOX 344 Citizens Energy Council, Allendale, N.J., 1970-1983
(3 folders)
BOX 344 Civil defense and radiological defense, New York State, 1957
BOX 344 Committee for Environmental Concerns, Brattleboro, Vt., undated
BOX 344 Connecticut Yankee Plant, 1968
BOX 344 Consolidated Edison Co. of New York, regarding the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant, Atomic Safety and Licensing Appeal Board, 1971-1974
(2 folders)
BOX 345 Council on Economic Priorities, The Price of Power: Electric Utilities and the Environment, 1972
BOX 345 Desalting plants, 1968
BOX 345 Easton Plant, N.Y., 1968
BOX 345 Emergency core cooling systems, 1972
BOX 345 Energy mailings completed, 1971
BOX 345 Energy Research and Development Administration, 1976-1978
(2 folders)
BOX 345 Fast breeder reactors, 1968-1969
BOX 345 Four Corners Power Project, Black Mesa Defense Fund, 1971
BOX 345 Fuel cells, 1991
BOX 345 Geothermal energy, 1971-1972
BOX 345 Gerrard, Michael, "Disclosure of Hidden Energy Demands," 1975
BOX 345 Indian Point Nuclear Power Plants, 1958-1971
BOX 346 James Bay Project, Quebec, Canada, 1971
BOX 346 Lake Michigan Federation, 1970
BOX 346 Legislation, energy and nuclear matters, 1968-1969
BOX 346 Long Island Lighting Co., regarding Shoreham Nuclear Power Station, Atomic Safety and Licensing Board, 1973
BOX 346 Magnetohydrodynamics power generation, 1971
BOX 346 Marble Valley, Va., pumped storage project, 1969-1975
BOX 346 McGowan, Thomas, hearings, New York, 1970
BOX 346 Montrose Plant, N.Y., 1968-1969
BOX 346 National Intervenors, Washington, D.C., 1972-1974
BOX 346 New England Regional Commission, "A Study of the Electric Power Situation in New England, 1970-1990," 1970
BOX 346 New York State Coalition Against Powerlines, 1972-1976
BOX 346 North Shore Committee Against Nuclear and Thermal Pollution, N.Y., 1970
BOX 346 Nuclear excavation, 1968-1969
BOX 346 Nuclear matters, 1963-1971
BOX 346 Nuclear submarines and ships, 1968
BOX 346 O'Connor, Egan, 1972
BOX 346 Oregon Initiative, nuclear plants, 1972
BOX 346 Oyster Creek Plant, N.J., 1968
BOX 347 Plant siting legislation, New York, 1971-1972
BOX 347 Project Ketch, Pennsylvania, 1968
BOX 347 Pumped storage plants
BOX 347 General, 1967-1970
BOX 347 Berkshire-Litchfield Environmental Conservancy Council, Conn., 1970-1971
BOX 347 Radioactive waste, 1968
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