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Walter Sullivan papers, 1929-1997

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Oversize, 1932-1984 (continued)
BOX OV 2 Assault on the Unknown; the International Geophysical Year, photographs and illustrations (Container 68, Photographs and illustrations)
BOX OV 2 Illustration, Antarctica, undated
BOX OV 2 Map, "Karte der geographischen verbreitung des nordlichtes," geographic distribution of the northern lights, undated
BOX OV 2 Photograph, unidentified rocket launch, undated
BOX OV 2 Black Holes: The Edge of Space, the End of Time, photographs and illustrations, miscellany (Container 69, Miscellany)
BOX OV 2 Illustration, map depicting the area of a 1908 explosion in the Soviet Union, with annotations, undated
BOX OV 2 Illustration, "map of the tree blowdown pattern, from the findings of the 1961 expedition; Siberia, Soviet Union," with annotations, undated
BOX OV 2 Image of a newspaper, "The Black Hole," announcing a Massachusetts Institute of Technology Physics Colloquium by K. Brecher, Thursday, Feb. 14, 1974, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass., undated
BOX OV 2 Photograph, black hole, with annotations, undated
Continents in Motion: The New Earth Debate
BOX OV 5 Miscellany (Container 82, Miscellany)
BOX OV 5 Map identifying features from the former suture zone between Europe and America, undated
BOX OV 5 Unidentified topographical map, undated
Photographs and illustrations, miscellany (Container 84, Miscellany)
BOX OV 1 Book jacket, second edition, undated
BOX OV 1 Images and layouts for book figures and illustrations, eighty-one total, undated
BOX OV 3 Images and layouts for book figures and illustrations, three total, undated
BOX OV 1 Map, highways of Canada and the northern U. S., undated
BOX OV 1 Photograph, "Jackson, W. H. 1278," undated
BOX OV 2 References and revisions, general, galley proof of book citations arranged by chapter, with annotations, undated (Container 92, General)
Landprints: On the Magnificent American Landscape, photographs and illustrations
BOX OV 2 Ice (Container 101, Ice)
BOX OV 2 Illustration, Great Lakes and surrounding states, undated
BOX OV 2 Illustration, migration of the Virginia Barrier Islands during the past 122 years; Drumstick Island formation; Westward migration of Core Bank, undated
BOX OV 2 Volcanoes, illustration depicting volcanic fields that have produced eruptions during the past five million years, undated (Container 103, Volcanoes)
BOX OV 2 Volcanoes and cascades (Container 103, Volcanoes and cascades)
BOX OV 2 Illustration, eastern U. S., related to figure 4-8, undated
BOX OV 2 Illustration, "Waves from the open sea," related to figure 27-1, undated
BOX OV 2 Photograph of a waterfall by Josef Scaylea, undated
BOX OV 4 Terranes (Container 104, Terranes)
BOX OV 4 Road map of British Columbia, Canada, undated
BOX OV 4 Two maps of terranes in the western U. S., with annotations, undated
BOX OV 5 Quest for a Continent: The Story of the Antarctic, map, "Antarctica, compiled from all available sources to 1943," 1947 (Container 109, Maps)
We Are Not Alone: The Search for Intelligent Life on Other Worlds and We Are Not Alone: The Continuing Search for Extraterrestial Intelligence
Miscellany (Container 120, Miscellany, 1960-1993, undated)
BOX OV 2 Certificate, "URKUNDE, Derinternational Sachbuchpreis" for We Are Not Alone, undated
BOX OV 3 Color print of early ideas of the solar system, undated
BOX OV 3 Reviews and publicity, poster, "Signale aus dem All: Auf der Suche nach belebtem Welten, Gibt es Leben im Weltraum? 1. Preis im Internationalen Sachbuch-Wettbewerb," undated (Container 123, Reviews and publicity)
BOX OV 3 Television and Radio Files, "Landprints," Miscellany, Map, Connecticut bedrock geological map, 1985 (Container 172, Miscellany)
Alphabetical Files
BOX OV 2 China, Chinese world map reproduction from Under Heaven Map Book, undated
BOX OV 4 Continental drift, maps depicting stages of continental drift, undated (Container 191, Continental drift)
BOX OV 5 "Earth at Night," poster, undated
BOX OV 4 Earthquakes, map, "Cal-Nev Quakes, 1980-1981," with annotations, circa 1982
BOX OV 5 "Pilot chart of the North Pacific Ocean" published by the Hydrographic Office, Navy Department, 1948
BOX OV 4 Soil conservation, map in six sections, "Mosaic imagery from Earth Resources Technology Satellite-1 of the conterminous U. S.; National Aeronautics and Space Administration Goddard Space Flight Center and the U. S. Department of Agriculture Soil Conservation Service," 1972 (Container 206, Soil conservation)
BOX OV 4 Tectonics, maps, "Generalized Tectonic Map of North America" by Philip B. King and Gertrude J. Edmonston, 1972 (Container 209, Maps)

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