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Walter Sullivan papers, 1929-1997

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Alphabetical File, 1929-1995 (continued)
BOX 214 Writing, origin of, 1972-1981
BOX 214 Zodiacal light, 1988
DF Digital Files, 1980-1993
The digital files include writings, draft copies of articles, draft correspondence, and documents related to the proposed “Landprints” television program. The bulk of the series contains Sullivan’s memoir drafts, recounting such experiences as expeditions to Antarctica, his service in the Navy during World War II, and time spent as a foreign correspondence in China, Korea, and Berlin. The series also includes files for "Terra Mobilis," a continental drift modeling program. At the time of processing many of the text file formats were inaccessible through available software. Files were most likely created on a WaveMate Bullet computer with a Control Program/Monitor (CP/M) operating system. This computer and these operating systems were popular in the late 1970s and early 1980s. As a result, these raw versions of the files do not appear as intended in their original hardware and software environments, and often include altered formatting and extraneous characters. Files can be opened with a text editor such as Notepad. Request files using the Digital ID.
Arranged and described according to the series and subseries of the physical materials.
Personal File
Archives, Byrd Polar Research Center, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, undated
Digital ID: 85555_080_013
Estate and trustee information, undated
Digital ID: 85555_080_011
Memoir drafts, circa 1980s, 1991-1993 See also Personal File, same title
Digital ID: 85555_079_005
Digital ID: 85555_079_006
Digital ID: 85555_079_008
Digital ID: 85555_079_010
Digital ID: 85555_079_011
Digital ID: 85555_080_001
Digital ID: 85555_080_002
Digital ID: 85555_080_003
Digital ID: 85555_080_004
Digital ID: 85555_080_005
Digital ID: 85555_080_006
Digital ID: 85555_080_007
Digital ID: 85555_080_008
Digital ID: 85555_080_009
Digital ID: 85555_080_012
Digital ID: 85555_080_013
Digital ID: 85555_080_014
Digital ID: 85555_080_015
Digital ID: 85555_080_016
Digital ID: 85555_080_017
Digital ID: 85555_080_018
Digital ID: 85555_080_019
Digital ID: 85555_080_020
Digital ID: 85555_080_021
Digital ID: 85555_080_022
Digital ID: 85555_080_023
Digital ID: 85555_080_024
Digital ID: 85555_080_026
Digital ID: 85555_080_027
Digital ID: 85555_080_028
Digital ID: 85555_080_029
Digital ID: 85555_080_030
Digital ID: 85555_080_031
Chronological, 1990 See also Correspondence, same title
Digital ID: 85555_080_012
Newspaper and Magazine Files
Raw copy and drafts, chronological, 1980s, 1991-1993 See also Newspaper and Magazine Files, same title
Digital ID: 85555_079_008
Digital ID: 85555_079_009
Digital ID: 85555_079_010
Digital ID: 85555_080_003
Digital ID: 85555_080_012
Television and Radio Files
"Landprints" See also Television and Radio Files, same title
Advisors, undated
Digital ID: 85555_080_023
Digital ID: 85555_080_026
Correspondence, circa 1988
Digital ID: 85555_080_006
Fund-raising, general, undated
Digital ID: 85555_080_012
Digital ID: 85555_080_014
Outlines, undated
Digital ID: 85555_080_013
Alphabetical File
Antarctica, tourism, 1993 See also Alphabetical Files, same title
Digital ID: 85555_079_003
Digital ID: 85555_079_005
Plate motions, Christopher Scotese, "Terra Mobilis" continental drift modeling program, 1989 (Container 201, Plate motions, Christopher Scotese)
Digital ID: 85555_156_001
Digital ID: 85555_156_002
BOX OV 1-5 Oversize, 1932-1984
Maps, posters, photographs, illustrations, and certificates.
Arranged and described according to the series, container, and folders from which the items were removed.
Personal File
BOX OV 5 Cloudmaker maps showing Sullivan Ridge, Antarctica, 1964, 1967
BOX OV 2 Posters (Container 8, Posters)
BOX OV 2 Antarctica slide show poster, undated
BOX OV 2 Emperor penguin photograph, undated
BOX OV 2 Groton School class photographs, 1932, 1934, 1935
BOX OV 2 “Is Anyone Calling? poster,” undated
BOX OV 2 Yale University, 1940 class reunion photograph, 1965
BOX OV 3 Lectures and television, poster for “Bicentennial dialogs, where do we go from here?” 1976 (Container 9, Lectures and television)
BOX OV 3 Memberships and committees, miscellany, certificate, “Knights of the Emperor Penguin Court membership certification,” 1976 (Container 13, Miscellany)
Book Files
BOX OV 2 Assault on the Unknown; the International Geophysical Year, photographs and illustrations (Container 68, Photographs and illustrations)
BOX OV 2 Illustration, Antarctica, undated
BOX OV 2 Map, "Karte der geographischen verbreitung des nordlichtes," geographic distribution of the northern lights, undated
BOX OV 2 Photograph, unidentified rocket launch, undated
BOX OV 2 Black Holes: The Edge of Space, the End of Time, photographs and illustrations, miscellany (Container 69, Miscellany)
BOX OV 2 Illustration, map depicting the area of a 1908 explosion in the Soviet Union, with annotations, undated
BOX OV 2 Illustration, "map of the tree blowdown pattern, from the findings of the 1961 expedition; Siberia, Soviet Union," with annotations, undated
BOX OV 2 Image of a newspaper, "The Black Hole," announcing a Massachusetts Institute of Technology Physics Colloquium by K. Brecher, Thursday, Feb. 14, 1974, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass., undated
BOX OV 2 Photograph, black hole, with annotations, undated
Continents in Motion: The New Earth Debate
BOX OV 5 Miscellany (Container 82, Miscellany)
BOX OV 5 Map identifying features from the former suture zone between Europe and America, undated
BOX OV 5 Unidentified topographical map, undated
Photographs and illustrations, miscellany (Container 84, Miscellany)
BOX OV 1 Book jacket, second edition, undated
BOX OV 1 Images and layouts for book figures and illustrations, eighty-one total, undated
BOX OV 3 Images and layouts for book figures and illustrations, three total, undated
BOX OV 1 Map, highways of Canada and the northern U. S., undated
BOX OV 1 Photograph, "Jackson, W. H. 1278," undated
BOX OV 2 References and revisions, general, galley proof of book citations arranged by chapter, with annotations, undated (Container 92, General)
Landprints: On the Magnificent American Landscape, photographs and illustrations
BOX OV 2 Ice (Container 101, Ice)
BOX OV 2 Illustration, Great Lakes and surrounding states, undated
BOX OV 2 Illustration, migration of the Virginia Barrier Islands during the past 122 years; Drumstick Island formation; Westward migration of Core Bank, undated
BOX OV 2 Volcanoes, illustration depicting volcanic fields that have produced eruptions during the past five million years, undated (Container 103, Volcanoes)
BOX OV 2 Volcanoes and cascades (Container 103, Volcanoes and cascades)
BOX OV 2 Illustration, eastern U. S., related to figure 4-8, undated
BOX OV 2 Illustration, "Waves from the open sea," related to figure 27-1, undated
BOX OV 2 Photograph of a waterfall by Josef Scaylea, undated
BOX OV 4 Terranes (Container 104, Terranes)
BOX OV 4 Road map of British Columbia, Canada, undated
BOX OV 4 Two maps of terranes in the western U. S., with annotations, undated
BOX OV 5 Quest for a Continent: The Story of the Antarctic, map, "Antarctica, compiled from all available sources to 1943," 1947 (Container 109, Maps)
We Are Not Alone: The Search for Intelligent Life on Other Worlds and We Are Not Alone: The Continuing Search for Extraterrestial Intelligence
Miscellany (Container 120, Miscellany, 1960-1993, undated)
BOX OV 2 Certificate, "URKUNDE, Derinternational Sachbuchpreis" for We Are Not Alone, undated
BOX OV 3 Color print of early ideas of the solar system, undated
BOX OV 3 Reviews and publicity, poster, "Signale aus dem All: Auf der Suche nach belebtem Welten, Gibt es Leben im Weltraum? 1. Preis im Internationalen Sachbuch-Wettbewerb," undated (Container 123, Reviews and publicity)
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