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BOX I:OV 1 REEL 1 Part I: Correspondence and Writings, 1873-1879
Letterpress copies of Schuyler’s outgoing correspondence and writings including drafts from his book Turkistan: Notes of a Journey in Russian Turkistan, Khokand, Bukhara, and Kuldja (1876). Topics covered in the correspondence relate to Schuyler's diplomatic and literary activities, financial concerns, discussions about U.S elective politics, and notes concerning his transfer requests. A microfilm edition is available at shelf no. 17,016.
Arranged chronologically and according to page number.
BOX I:OV 1 Unbound letterpress copies (oversize), 1873-1879
BOX II:1-II:3 Part II: Correspondence, 1862-1915
Correspondence to and from Schuyler as well as some third-party correspondence between others. The series contains letters by Schuyler to members of his family including Gertrude Wallace King Schuyler (wife), Evelyn Schuyler Schaeffer (sister), Matilda Scribner Schuyler (sister), and George Washington Schuyler (father). Written between 1862 and 1890, the letters describe his diplomatic affairs, nominations and resignations, travel, and social events and provide news of significant persons and events, including atrocities in Bulgaria. Also included in the series are letters written to Schuyler by people outside his family. This correspondence is largely professional and relates primarily to his diplomatic and writing careers. Third-party correspondence consists of letters to Gertrude Wallace King Schuyler from her sister, Mary King Waddington, and a separate folder of correspondence between other people.
Arranged largely as family, general, and third-party correspondence and therein chronologically.
BOX II:1 Family correspondence from Schuyler
BOX II:1 1862, Oct.-1865, Nov.
BOX II:1 1867, Sept.-Dec.
BOX II:1 1868, Mar.-Dec.
(2 folders)
BOX II:1 1869, Jan.-Dec.
(2 folders)
BOX II:1 1870, Jan.-Dec.
BOX II:1 1871, Jan.-Nov.
BOX II:1 1872, Feb.-Oct.
BOX II:1 1873, Jan.-Dec.
BOX II:1 1874, Jan.-1875, June
BOX II:1 1876, July-Dec.
BOX II:1 1877, Jan.-July
BOX II:1 1878, July-1879, Aug.
BOX II:1 1880, Mar.-Dec.
BOX II:1 1881, Jan.-Apr.
BOX II:2 1881, May-Nov.
BOX II:2 1882, May-Nov.
BOX II:2 1883, May-1885, Oct.
BOX II:2 1886, Oct.-Dec.
BOX II:2 1887, July-1888, May
BOX II:2 1889, July-1890, Apr.
BOX II:2 General correspondence to Schuyler
BOX II:2 1870, Jan.-1876, Dec.
BOX II:2 1877, Jan.-1879, June
BOX II:2 1880, Sept.-1883, Dec.
BOX II:2 1884, Feb.-Oct.
BOX II:2 1885, Feb.-1886, Nov.
BOX II:2 1887, Feb.-1888, Dec.
BOX II:2 1889, Jan.-1893, June
BOX II:2 Undated
BOX II:2 Letter of acceptance, Central Relief Committee, 1876
BOX II:2 Letters between Schuyler and George Bakhmeteff, 1886-1890
BOX II:2 Letters by Schuyler about Ármin Vámbéry's published accounts of his travels in central Asia, 1874, undated
BOX II:2 Receipt of Schuyler's resignation as U.S. consul in Reval, Russia, 1870
BOX II:2 Telegram of appreciation regarding atrocities in Bulgaria, 1879
BOX II:2 Third-party correspondence
BOX II:2 Letters to Gertrude Wallace King Schuyler (wife) from
BOX II:2 Panaretoff, Stephen, 1901
BOX II:2 Waddington, Mary King (sister), 1879, 1914-1915, undated
BOX II:3 Waddington, Mary King (sister), undated
BOX II:3 Miscellaneous, 1876, 1887-1901, undated
BOX II:3-II:4 Part II: Writings File, 1868-2015
Writings by Schuyler including printed copies of magazine and newspaper articles by him, copies of the 1901 edition and 2015 reprint of his Selected Essays, handwritten manuscripts recounting his travels in Turkestan and Utrecht, the Netherlands, and miscellaneous other writings including notes, transcriptions, and translations. Also included are writings by Schuyler’s wife Gertrude Wallace King Schuyler concerning her father Charles King; King family history in Elizabeth, New Jersey, Oyster Bay, New York, and Rome; and events during the Civil War including the New York City draft riots in 1863. The series also contains notes in an unidentified hand on Anthony Jenkinson’s travels in central Asia.
Arranged by author and therein alphabetically by type of material.
BOX II:3 By Schuyler
BOX II:3 "Byzantium Churches," undated
BOX II:3 Handwritten transcription of Sam Willson's Ghost by John Pierson, undated
BOX II:3 Handwritten translations and transcriptions of poems, prayers, and quotations by others, 1877-1879, undated
BOX II:3 Lists, undated
BOX II:3 Magazine articles, 1877-1889
(2 folders)
BOX II:3 Newspaper articles, 1868, 1889-1890
BOX II:3 Other writings and notes, undated
BOX II:3 Selected Essays, with a Memoir by Evelyn Schuyler Schaeffer
BOX II:3 1901 edition
BOX II:3 2015 reprint
BOX II:4 Travels
BOX II:4 Turkestan, Central Asia, 1868
BOX II:4 Utrecht, the Netherlands, undated
BOX II:4 By Gertrude Wallace King Schuyler (wife), undated
BOX II:4 By unidentified writer, notes on Anthony Jenkinson's travels in central Asia, undated
BOX II:4 Part II: Printed Matter, 1868-1925
Magazine and newspaper articles mentioning Schuyler as well as articles on other topics collected by him. Included in the series is a scrapbook detailing Schuyler’s family history, diplomatic service, appointments and nominations, investigation of the atrocities in Bulgaria, and translation of The Cossacks (1852) by Leo Tolstoy as well as his other literary works, lectures, social life, health, and death. The series also contains a message by the United States president about revolt in the Turkish provinces in 1877, a report on the atrocities in Bulgaria, and a Greek pamphlet on canon law.
Arranged alphabetically by type of material.
BOX II:4 Magazine articles
BOX II:4 Mentioning Schuyler, 1876-1901
(3 folders)
BOX II:4 Other articles, 1888, 1890
BOX II:4 Message from the president of the United States relating to the revolt in the Turkish provinces, 1877
BOX II:4 Newspaper articles
BOX II:4 General, 1868, 1877-1880, 1909, 1925, undated
BOX II:4 Mentioning Schuyler
BOX II:4 Loose clippings, 1874, 1885-1901, 1925, undated
BOX II:4 Scrapbook, 1874-1891
BOX II:4 Pamphlet on canon law in Greek, 1872
BOX II:4 Report of the Central Committee for the Relief of Distress in Bulgaria, 1877
BOX II:4-II:5 Part II: Miscellany, 1663-1905
Cards and stationary; a certificate awarded to Schuyler; family genealogy pertaining to the Cochrane, Schuyler, and Van Rensselaer families; a graphite sketch; a black and white map of the famine in Russia; obituaries and memorials; photographs, including those of Schuyler and his wife; a passport; and royalty statements. The series also contains letters concerning the donation of Schuyler’s library and unidentified items including a drawing of a plaque and a manuscript titled "Lettre de Yozgat."
Arranged alphabetically by type of material.
BOX II:4 Cards and stationery, undated
BOX II:4 Certificate, 1861 See Container II:OV 1 same heading
BOX II:4 Family genealogy, 1663, 1698, 1718, 1857, 1877-1901
(2 folders)
BOX II:5 Family genealogy, undated
BOX II:5 Graphite sketch, undated
BOX II:5 Letters referring to the donation of Schuyler’s library to the New York Public Library, New York, N.Y., and Department of State, Washington, D.C., 1901, 1905
BOX II:5 Map of famine in Russia, undated
BOX II:5 Obituaries and memorials, 1890
BOX II:5 Passport in Russian, 1874 See Container II:OV 2, same heading
BOX II:5 Photographs, undated
BOX II:5 Royalties from Charles Scribner's Sons, 1902-1905
BOX II:5 Unidentified items
BOX II:5 Drawing of a plaque, circa 1868 See Container II:OV 3, same heading
BOX II:5 Summary of "Lettre de Yozgat" concerning the treatment of Armenians in Yozgat İli, Turkey, author unknown, undated See Container II:OV 4, same heading
BOX II:OV 1-II:OV 4 Part II: Oversize, 1861-1871
An oversized certificate, a passport, drawings, and a manuscript.
Arranged according to the series, containers, and folders from which the items were removed.
BOX II:OV 1 Miscellany
BOX II:OV 1 Certificate awarded to Schuyler, 1861 (Container II:4, same heading)
BOX II:OV 2 Passport in Russian, 1871 (Container II:5, same heading)
BOX II:OV 3 Unidentified items
BOX II:OV 3 Drawings of a plaque, circa 1868 (Container II:5, same heading)
BOX II:OV 4 Summary of "Lettre de Yozgat" concerning the treatment of Armenians in Yozgat İli, Turkey, author unknown, undated (Container II:5, same heading)
BOX III:1-III:3 Part III: Correspondence, 1859-1933
The Correspondence series contains correspondence to and from Schuyler as well as some third-party correspondence. The series is divided into family, general and third party. The bulk of Schuyler’s writings to his family consists of letters to his sister, Evelyn Schuyler Schaeffer. Correspondence to Schuyler include letters from George H. Boker, Samuel S. Cox, Nicholas Fish II, Edward A. Freeman, Sir Henry H. Howorth, Marshall Jewell, and Frederick William Seward and mostly relate to Schuyler's professional work. Third-party correspondence includes letters written to Schuyler’s wife, Gertrude Wallace King Schuyler from her sister, Mary King Waddington from Paris during World War I, as well as some correspondence to Schuyler’s sister Evelyn Schuyler Schaeffer and her husband, Charles Ashmead Schaeffer.
Arranged largely as family, general, and third-party correspondence and therein chronologically.
BOX III:1 Family correspondence from Schuyler
BOX III:1 1859-1868
BOX III:1 1870-1873
BOX III:1 1879
BOX III:1 1882-1890, undated
(9 folders)
BOX III:1 General correspondence
BOX III:1 From Schuyler
BOX III:1 1871-1890, undated
(5 folders)
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