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Virginia H. Mathews papers, 1897-1991

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BOX 87-89 Speeches and Writings, 1950-1989
Speeches, remarks, articles, notes, and book chapters in both draft and completed form. Represents writings generated throughout her career as well as works by others.
The series is arranged alphabetically by title.
BOX 87 By Mathews, Virginia H.
BOX 87 "50 Million Self-Starters," circa 1973
BOX 87 "100 Million People: Can We Serve Them?" 1967
BOX 87 "Adult Reading Studies: Their Implication for Private, Professional, and Public Policy," 1973
BOX 87 American Association of School Libraries Distinguished Service Award, acceptance speech, 1989
BOX 87 "Awareness: Essential Characteristics of Librarians Who Make a Difference," 1981
BOX 87 "Begin at the Beginning: The Children's Right to Read," Festival of Children's Books, 1970
BOX 87 "Books for Young Adults," undated
BOX 87 "Brave New Books: Technology vs. The Printed Word in Schools and Libraries," undated
BOX 87 "Circle of Influence: The Adult Educator and the Library," undated
BOX 87 "Developing Literary Appreciation Among Young People," 1962
BOX 87 Developing a Lifetime Reading Habit," 1975
BOX 87 "Development of a Combined Media Services Division Connected with the Combined Book Exhibit," undated
BOX 87 Drafts, miscellaneous, 1959-1960, 1974, undated
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BOX 88 "Expectations Unlimited: The Information Consumer, Libraries, and the Future," undated
BOX 88 "Facing Realities: Tying WHC List Concerns to Social/Economic/Political/Agenda," undated
BOX 88 "Feeding the Inquiring Mind," 1985
BOX 88 "First Lessons...And Some Homework for Us," 1985
BOX 88 "Further to the Topic: Women, Power, and Libraries," undated
BOX 88 Garden City Women's Club speech, 1956
BOX 88 "The Good School Library," undated
BOX 88 "The Incarnation -- What It Means to Me?" undated
BOX 88 "Increasing Children's Interest in Reading," 1972
BOX 88 Indiana Libraries, 1972
BOX 88 "Intellectual Freedom" 1974
BOX 88 "Landscape for a Launching," 1974 See also Box 88, "A Time To Keep and a Time to Cast Away"
BOX 88 "The Librarian: Consumer and Consumed," 1974
BOX 88 "Libraries in Transition: People Who Need People," 1966
BOX 88 The Library Trustee and Public Relations, undated
BOX 88 MDTA Seminar, undated
BOX 88 "Media and Instruction for the 1970s," 1975
BOX 88 "Media in Libraries: Luxury or Necessity?" 1975
BOX 88 "Motivating Children to Read: What Is It All About? Is It Important? Whose Job Is It?" 1977
BOX 88 National Association of Independent Schools, remarks, undated
BOX 88 National Library Week editorial, undated
BOX 88 "National Library Week and Your Public Relations Program," undated
BOX 88 "Need and Purpose," undated
BOX 88 "People are the Key," circa 1966
BOX 88 "People Who Need People," circa 1973
BOX 88 "Planning, Programming, Budgetary Systems," circa 1971
BOX 88 Raw materials, 1960-1963, 1970, undated
BOX 88 "Reading and Books in a Changing World," undated See also Container 51, Children and Books in a Changing World
BOX 88 "Reading for Pleasure: Is It Still Possible?" 1973
BOX 88 "Response to Change: Public Library Service in the 1970s," 1969
BOX 88 Right to Read legislation, introduction, 1972
BOX 88 "The Road Less Travelled," circa 1956
BOX 88 "The Role of the Book in an Audio Visual Society," 1974
BOX 88 "Role of the Professional Woman," notes, undated
BOX 88 "School Libraries and National Library Week," undated
BOX 88 Testimony before the House Post-secondary Education Committee, 1983
BOX 88 "A Time to Keep and a Time to Cast Away," 1973 See also Box 88, "Landscape for Launching"
BOX 89 Unidentified manuscript, 1974
BOX 89 United States. National Committee on Library and Information Services (remarks), Dec. 6, 1973
BOX 89 "We Need More Four Letter Words," 1968
BOX 89 Westhill High School, 1972
BOX 89 "What has Happened to Children's Reading Interests in the Past 25 Years?" 1973
BOX 89 "Where Does the National Book Committee Go from Here," 1973
BOX 89 "Why Do Librarians Need Continuing Education?" 1974
BOX 89 Fragments, undated
BOX 89 By Others
BOX 89 Downey, Bernard F., 1973
BOX 89 Goland, Martin, "Libraries in Transition," 1962
BOX 89 Gott, Prentice L., "Reasons for Considering a Change in Textbook Adoption Procedures," 1962
BOX 89 Henkin, Nancy Z., "Libraries as Catalysts for Linking Generations," undated
BOX 89 Mathews, John Joseph, "The Osages: Children of the Middle Waters," 1961
BOX 89 Rockefeller, Laurence S., "Open Space and the Creative Use of Leisure Time," 1961
BOX 89 Strouse, Norman, "Address to Magazine Promotion Group," 1962
BOX 89 Zigler, Edward, "A New Child Care Profession: The Child Development Associate," 1971
BOX 89 Unidentified, undated
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