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Washington Post Historical Collection, 1877-2015

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Digital Files, 1993-2013 (continued)
Eugene Meyer Awards; photographs and videos, 2005-2012 (continued)
Digital ID: 86027_167_039
Hoops for the Homeless, video, 2004
Digital ID: 86027_167_063
Marine Corps Marathon Healthy Kids' Fun Run; photographs and television commercials, 2003-2007
Digital ID: 86027_167_016
Digital ID: 86027_167_017
Digital ID: 86027_167_064
Digital ID: 86027_167_065
Miscellany, photographs, 2004
Digital ID: 86027_167_054
Music and Dance Scholarship Awards, video, 2008
Digital ID: 86027_167_070
Digital ID: 86027_167_071
Felt, Mark, revealed as "Deep Throat," television and radio news segments, 2005
Digital ID: 86027_167_018
Digital ID: 86027_167_019
Digital ID: 86027_167_020
Graham, Katharine, American Advertising Federation (AAF) Advertising Hall of Fame induction, video, 2002
Digital ID: 86027_167_049
History of other newspapers, New York Times printing plant videos, 1997
Digital ID: 86027_167_062
Jones, David, community relations manager, files, 2007-2010
Digital ID: 86027_167_021
Digital ID: 86027_167_022
"Let Tony Try It" television segment, Fox News, Washington Post plant, College Park, Md., 2006, Dec. 7
Digital ID: 86027_167_014
Digital ID: 86027_167_015
Lobby wall artwork Washington Post building, photographs, circa 2002
Digital ID: 86027_167_072
Meyer, Agnes E. and Eugene, interview with Edward R. Murrow from 1956, video, 2009
Digital ID: 86027_167_028
National Book Festival, coverage, "From the Nation's Capital" (radio program), 2007, undated
Digital ID: 86027_167_026
Digital ID: 86027_167_061
"Paths to Success: A Forum on African-American Men," video, 2006
Digital ID: 86027_167_067
Washington Post Book Club, 2008
Digital ID: 86027_167_060
Washington Post sections, 2000
Digital ID: 86027_167_053
"Read What You Need" television campaign, videos, 2005
Digital ID: 86027_167_066
Readers' Day, photographs, 2005
Digital ID: 86027_167_003
Block, Herbert, HERBLOCK: The Man Behind the Cartoons (documentary), 2009
Digital ID: 86027_167_051
Jones, Boisfeuillet, video tribute by Leonard Downie, Jr., 2011
Digital ID: 86027_167_068
Photographs, 2005
Digital ID: 86027_167_010
Retirees, 2004 See also Container 16, same heading
Digital ID: 86027_167_001
"State of the Washington Post," presentation, 2002 See also Container 17, same heading
Digital ID: 86027_167_002
"Washington Post and the Community," commercial, 2004
Digital ID: 86027_167_052
Library and News Research Center Files
The House that Abe Built, documentary about the Verizon Center, Washington, D.C., 2007
Digital ID: 86027_167_048
Hurricane Isabel, 2003
Digital ID: 86027_167_057
Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, 2001, 2001-2002
Digital ID: 86027_167_058
Staff Member Files; Lardner, George and Walter Pincus; Kennedy, John F., assassination; Coverage, thirtieth anniversary; Russian sources and Priscilla Johnson McMillan interview, 1993 See also Container 49, same heading
Digital ID: 86027_167_069
E Streeters Files, meetings, transcripts and photographs, 2005-2009
Digital ID: 86027_167_023
Digital ID: 86027_167_024
BOX OV 1-OV 8 Oversize, 1937-2013
This series primarily contains documents separated from other series. These include many retirement and goodbye mock-ups of the Washington Post to celebrate staff members Elsie Mae Carper, Alfred Friendly, Donald E. Graham, Katharine Graham, and Al Lewis. A rolodex belonging to Meg Greenfield contains professional and personal contact information for colleagues, politicians, foreign officials, academics, and family. The series also contains a financial ledger documenting expenses and revenues of various distribution outlets from 1948 to 1953.
Material types include: newspapers, posters, rolodex, ledger, and wire report.
Arranged and described according to the series and subseries of the physical materials, and if they are separations, according to the series, container, and folders from which the items were separated.
Public Relations Files
BOX OV 1 Anniversaries, 100 year, Washington Post Magazine, “Centennial,” 1977, Dec. 18 (Container 1, same heading)
BOX OV 2 Centennial Post from the Smithsonian Institution's "1876: A Centennial Exhibition," 1976 (Container 1, same heading)
BOX OV 1 Open house, poster, 1972, Sept. 24 (Container 9, same heading)
BOX OV 1 Principles, poster, undated (Container 10, same heading)
BOX OV 3 Staff, special internal editions of the Washington Post for staff member commemorations
BOX OV 3 Carper, Elsie Mae, 1989
BOX OV 3 Carswell, Shirley, 2013
BOX OV 3 Friendly, Alfred, Captain, 1971
BOX OV 3 Graham, Donald, 2013
BOX OV 3 Graham, Katharine, 1987
BOX OV 3 Hannan, Mark, 1986
BOX OV 3 Jones, Boisfeuillet, 2011
BOX OV 3 Lewis, Al, 1985
BOX OV 3 Meyer, Agnes E. and Eugene, 1954
BOX OV 3 Silberman, Peter, 1990
BOX OV 3 Wilkinson, Tom, 2009
BOX OV 1 "The Story of Agnes Richardy and the Hundred and Fifty-Seven Thousand Dollars: A Case History of Newspaper Influence as Demonstrated by the Washington Post," circa 1940s
BOX OV 1 "True Story Behind the News," comic strip, 1950
Library and News Research Center Files
BOX OV 2 Anniversary, 125th, artifact submissions and editor notes, full published section, 2002, June 5
BOX OV 1 Chapel Post, 1945-1946 (Container 22, same heading)
BOX OV 4 Hutchins, Stilton, scrapbook, 1896 (Container 37, same heading)
BOX OV 5 Los Angeles Times–Washington Post News Service, wire report, 1962, Oct. 8 (Container 24, same heading)
Staff and executive name files
BOX OV 2 Friendly, Alfred, Captain, poem in “Outlook” section of Washington Post, Dec. 18, 1955
BOX OV 2 Meyer, Eugene, poster, “Eugene Meyer...Newspaperman, 21st Anniversary, 1933-1954,” 1954 (Container 38, same heading)
BOX OV 2 Wiggins, James Russell, Ellsworth American, 2000, Nov. 23 (Container 39, same heading)
Washington Post history and background files
BOX OV 1 "Back the Attack” show, publication, 1943
BOX OV 2 Chronological file, poster reprint of Washington Post, 1948, July 23 (Container 42, same heading)
BOX OV 1 Golf tournament, “ they up and spent the thirty-four thousand dollars: A Washington ‘Whodunit,’” publication, 1950 (Container 42, same heading)
BOX OV 1 Washington Star, carrier bag, circa 1981 (Container 43, same heading)
Staff Member Files
BOX OV 6 Greenfield, Meg, rolodex, circa 1970s-1980s
BOX OV 7 Hailey, Jean Reiff, scrapbook, 1943-1944 (Container 82, same heading)
BOX OV 1 Lardner, George and Walter Pincus; Kennedy, John F., assassination; research, Dallas Police Department, Dallas, Tex., 1963-1964 (Container 52, same heading)
BOX OV 8 Administrative files, financial ledger, 1948-1953
BOX OV 3 E Streeters Files, name files
BOX OV 3 Graham, Katharine, special internal edition of the Washington Post to commemorate Graham's birthday, 1987 (Container 122, same heading)
BOX OV 3 Green, Jean, advertisements, "Meet Jean Green" and "Jean Green's Free Government Girls Cooking School," 1937-1938 (Container 123, same heading)
BOX OV 3 Greenwald, Neal, special internal edition of the Washington Post to commemorate Greenwald's retirement, 1972 (Container 123, same heading)
BOX OV 3 Lewis, Al, special internal edition of the Washington Post to commemorate Lewis's fiftieth year as staff writer, 1985 (Container 123, same heading)
BOX OV 2 Book World Files, formatting, “Book World,” Vol. VI, No. 23, 1972 (Container 126, same heading)

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