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Part III: United States Court of Appeals File, 1945-1993 (continued)
Case File, 1980-1992 (continued)
83-1225 National Ass'n of Regulatory Util. Comm'rs v. Federal Communications Comm'n
*83-1229 and 83-1238 Professional Air Traffic Controllers Org. v. Air Transp. of Am.
83-1275 Local 900, Int'l Union of Elec. Workers v. National Labor Relations Bd.
83-1322 Frazier v. Federal Mine Safety & Health Review Comm'n
*83-1340, 83-1349, and 83-1350 Parker v. Baltimore & Ohio R.R.
83-1341 Rosenfeld v. Department of Health & Human Servs.
83-1342 Association of Intercollegiate Athletics for Women v. National Collegiate Athletic Ass'n
83-1368 Norris v. District of Columbia
*83-1381 Young v. Commissioner
83-1387 Evono v. Smith
BOX 75
83-1390 Glass Packaging Inst. v. Regan
83-1396 Crocker v. Chamber of Commerce of the United States
83-1446 and 83-1768 Town of Concord v. Federal Energy Regulatory Comm'n
83-1480 Parker v. Miller
83-1485 National Ass'n of Regulatory Util. Comm'rs v. Federal Communications Comm'n
83-1519 United Mine Workers v. Donovan
83-1523 United States v. Watson
83-1531 Hicks v. Heckler
*83-1557 WCOV, Inc. v. Federal Communications Comm'n
83-1585, 83-1586, and 83-1587 Bullock v. United States
*83-1602 Phoenix v. Chemers
83-1621 Stewart v. National Shopmen Pension Fund
*83-1688 Tavoulareas v. Washington Post Co.
*83-1724 In re Devers
*83-1725 McLaughlin v. Cheshire
83-1750 Murray v. Gardner
83-1753 Wallace v. Small Business Admin.
83-1788 Tolson v. United States
83-1793 United States v. Doe
*83-1795 Battle v. Washington Metro. Area Transit Auth.
*83-1867 United Mine Workers v. Federal Mine Safety & Health Review Comm'n
83-1898 Hannibal v. Government Employee Ins. Co.
83-1922 Curran v. Office of Personnel Management
83-1981 Hayes v. Allstate Ins. Co.
83-1989 United States Olympic Comm. v. International Fed'n of Body Builders
83-2041 Candeloro v. United Mine Workers
*83-2092 McKinney v. Whitfield
*83-2121 Young v. Booth
83-2145 United States v. El Bey
83-2192 and 83-2193 Hartke v. McKelway
*83-2232 Bray v. Howard Univ.
BOX 76
*84-5034 Banzhaf v. Smith
84-5065 and 84-5087 In re Sealed case See Sealed
September term 1984
*79-2265 Ollman v. Evans
80-2218 Sierra Club v. Gorsuch
81-2125 Dick v. Smith
*82-1159 Gott v. Walters
82-1910 and 82-2108 Association of Data Processing v. Board of Governors of the Fed. Reserve Sys.
82-2053 Union of Concerned Scientists v. United States Nuclear Regulatory Comm'n
82-2318 McCalpin v. Dana
82-2399 and 83-1691 Public Serv. Co. v. Interstate Commerce Comm'n
*82-2445 and 82-2477 Community for Creative Non-Violence v. Watt
*83-1008 and 83-1224 Save Our Cumberland Mountains v. Clark
*83-1033, 83-1034, 83-1167, and 83-1168 Laffey v. Northwest Airlines
BOX 77
83-1276 Utah Power & Light Co. v. Interstate Commerce Comm'n
83-1345, 83-1346, and 83-1347 Leach v. Washington Metro. Area Transit Auth.
83-1425 Walker v. Jones
*83-1443 McSurely v. McClellan
83-1516 and 83-1590 Women's Equity Action League v. Bell
*83-1632 Middle S. Energy, Inc. v. Federal Energy Regulatory Comm'n
83-1686 and 83-1871 Affiliated Communications Corp. v. Federal Communications Comm'n
83-1769 United States v. Thomas
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