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Part III: United States Court of Appeals File, 1945-1993 (continued)
Case File, 1980-1992 (continued)
79-1619 Teamsters Local 115 v. National Labor Relations Bd.
79-1661 Nebraska-Iowa Xpress v. Interstate Commerce Comm'n
79-1717 and 79-1746 Mallick v. Hirsch Tyler Co.
79-1749 Faulkner Radio, Inc. v. Federal Communications Comm'n
*79-1780 Community Coalition for Media Change v. Federal Communications Comm'n
79-1859 Melton Truck Lines v. Interstate Commerce Comm'n
79-1880 Shivers v. Landrieu
79-1927 Cumberland Broadcasting Corp. v. Federal Communications Comm'n
79-1942 McLean Communications Corp. v. Federal Communications Comm'n
79-2003 Wylie v. District of Columbia
79-2010 Sinclair v. Kleindienst
79-2018 Haddon House Food Prods. v. National Labor Relations Bd. See same container, 79-1619
*79-2024, 79-2025, 79-2136, and 79-2137 American Fed'n of Gov't Employees v. Campbell
79-2091 Williams v. Schweiker
BOX 52
79-2106 Hall v. General Motors Corp.
79-2118 McCormick v. Government of D.C.
*79-2127 Morris v. Andrus
*79-2151 Milton v. Brown
*79-2167 and 79-2166 Hamm v. Bell
79-2197 United States v. Day
*79-2198 Mazzullo v. United States
79-2200 Warren v. United States Parole Comm'n
79-2217 Pierce Assocs. v. Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co.
79-2227 Hardgrave v. United States Dep't of Interior
79-2228 Best v. Califano
*79-2276 Cravatt v. Andrus See same container, 79-2127
*79-2282 Stokes v. Bergland
*79-2287 Platt v. National Labor Relations Bd.
79-2347 Toney v. Bergland
79-2365 Flanagan v. United States
79-2380 Western Airlines v. Civil Aeronautics Bd.
*79-2394 and 80-1092 National Fed'n of Fed. Employees v. Brown
79-2445 Federal Trade Comm'n v. Cliffdale Assocs.
79-2471 Locker v. Bolger
79-2478, 79-2482, and 79-2483 National Solid Wastes Management Ass'n v. United States Envtl. Protection Agency
*79-2484 Securities & Exch. Comm'n v. McGoff
*79-2493 Sea-Land Serv. v. Federal Maritime Comm'n
79-2507 Prakash v. American Univ.
79-2539 Local 174, United Auto. Workers v. National Labor Relations Bd.
79-2555 Jacobs v. Hartford Ins. Group
BOX 53
*80-1032 Henderson v. Aleotti
80-1053 Antone v. Block
*80-1097 Common Cause v. Internal Rev. Serv.
*80-1131 Neufeld v. Internal Revenue Serv.
80-1144 Agrico Chem. Co. v. Interstate Commerce Comm'n
80-1146 United States v. Corty
80-1149 Carlisle Tire & Rubber Co. v. United States Customs Serv.
80-1166 Hunt v. Bittman
80-1179 Greyhound Lines v. Interstate Commerce Comm'n
80-1202 Williams v. Blumenthal
80-1225 United States v. Gibson
80-1226 United States v. Thomas
80-1228 United States v. Hughes See same container, 80-1225
80-1238 Miller v. Civiletti
80-1243 Donahue v. Far. E. Air Transp.
80-1268, 80-1319, and 80-1352 United Parcel Serv. v. Federal Highway Admin.
80-1289 Plummer v. National R.R. Passenger Corp.
*80-1308 In re Permanent Surface Mining Regulation Litig.
80-1312 Natural Resources Defense Council v. United States Envtl. Protection Agency
80-1325 Norton v. Secretary of Health, Educ. & Welfare
80-1330 Simmons v. MGD Graphics Sys.
80-1366 Evono v. Smith
80-1373 Corley v. Hurley
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