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Part III: United States Court of Appeals File, 1945-1993 (continued)
Case File, 1980-1992 (continued)
80-1776 General Motors Corp. v. Federal Energy Regulatory Comm'n
80-1776 General Motors Corp. v. Federal Energy Regulatory Comm'n
80-1805 Segal v. Office of Personnel Management
80-1816 Ridley v. Director, United States Secret Serv.
80-1827 Automated Dataron v. Woodcock
80-1831 United States v. McKoy
80-1833 Liberty Mut. Ins. Co. v. Simmons
80-1961 In re Sealed case See Sealed
*80-2043 Federal Trade Comm'n v. Exxon Corp.
80-2094 Boileau v. Commissioner of Patents & Trademarks
80-2096 Gulf Oil Corp. v. United States Dep't of Energy
80-2097 Sea-Land Serv. v. Alaska R.R.
BOX 55
80-2100 Giesey v. Devine
80-2169 Nance v. McCall
80-2217 Carter/Mondale Reelection Comm. v. Federal Communications Comm'n
80-2285 Dow Jones & Co. v. United States Postal Serv.
*80-2329 United States v. Kember
80-2403 United States v. Edwards
80-2427 In re Application of NBC
80-2536 Council of S. Mountains v. Donovan
81-1315 Crisafi v. Holland
81-1563 West Cent. Mo. Rural Dev. Corp. v. Donovan
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81-1581 Fontaine v. Donovan See same container, 81-1563
September term 1981
74-1385, 77-1905, and 73-1776 Natural Resources Defense Council v. United States Nuclear Regulatory Comm'n
77-1146 Arkansas La. Gas Co. v. Federal Energy Regulatory Comm'n
78-1006 Alabama Power Co. v. Gorsuch
78-2004 Craigg v. Russo
78-2157, 80-1274, and 80-1295 Railway Labor Executives v. Interstate Commerce Comm'n
*79-1464 Taxation with Representation v. Regan
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BOX 56
*79-1624 Ross v. United States
(2 folders)
79-1639 Natural Resources Defense Council v. United States Envtl. Protection Agency
79-1662 British Caledonian Airways v. Bond
*79-1716 Wheaton Van Lines v. Interstate Commerce Comm'n
79-2068 Arkansas La. Gas Co. v. Federal Energy Regulatory Comm'n See Container 55, 77-1146
79-2095 National Insulation Transp. Comm. v. Interstate Commerce Comm'n
79-2102 and 79-2103 United States v. Trucking Management, Inc.
79-2275 and 80-2465 Yeager v. Drug Enforcement Admin.
*79-2317 Seaton v. Securities & Exch. Comm'n
79-2457 McGinness v. Interstate Commerce Comm'n
79-2487 Kemp v. Weinberger
79-2560 GAF Corp. v. Transamerica Ins. Co.
80-1010, 80-1011, 80-1012, and 80-1913 Worthington Compressors v. Costle
80-1037 National Tour Brokers v. Interstate Commerce Comm'n
80-1063, 80-1072, and 81-1270 Commonwealth Edison Co. v. Federal Energy
Regulatory Comm'n
80-1139 United States v. Russell
80-1271 Greyhound Corp. v. Interstate Commerce Comm'n
*80-1278 Crooker v. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms
BOX 57
80-1286, 80-1287, and 80-1310 Western Union Int'l v. Federal Communications Comm'n
80-1336 Steinberg v. International Criminal Police Org.
80-1381 Medina Comm. to Save our Square v. Interstate Commerce Comm'n
80-1457 United States v. District of Columbia
80-1484 Illinois Commerce Comm'n v. Interstate Commerce Comm'n See Container 56, 79-2457
80-1538 and 80-1574 Pennsylvania Dev. Corp. v. Parcel of Land
80-1576 Hoeber v. District of Columbia Redevelopment Land Agency
80-1581 and 80-1644 United States Indus. v. Blake Constr. Co.
80-1601 Aaacon Auto Transp. v. Interstate Commerce Comm'n
80-1692 International Union of Elevator Constructors Local 8 v. National Labor Relations Bd.
80-1738 Staples v. Muskie
80-1761, 80-2016, and 80-2057 Arizona Elec. Power Coop. v. Interstate Commerce Comm'n
80-1785 Ad Hoc Telecommunications Users v. Federal Communications Comm'n
80-1789 American Elec. Power Serv. v. Federal Energy Regulatory Comm'n
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