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Part III: United States Court of Appeals File, 1945-1993 (continued)
Case File, 1980-1992 (continued)
81-1148 United States v. Johnson
81-1149 United States v. Dove
81-1153 United States v. Baker
81-1162 Association of Inv. Brokers v. Securities & Exch. Comm'n
81-1202 Valentino v. United States Postal Serv.
BOX 60
81-1216 and 81-1250 Corning Glass Works v. Federal Energy Regulatory Comm'n
81-1227 Teamsters Local 85 v. National Labor Relations Bd.
81-1231 General Tel. Co. v. National Labor Relations Bd. See Container 59, 80-2112
81-1244 American Fed'n of Gov't Employees v. Carmen
81-1247 The Basic Unit Ministry of Alma Karl Schurig v. United States
81-1251 Singh v. Attorney Gen.
81-1274 American Fed'n of Gov't Employees Local 1968 v. Federal Labor Relations Auth.
81-1276 Joseph v. Bond
81-1278 United States v. Tavenner See Container 59, 81-1149
81-1300 Keane v. National R.R. Passenger Corp.
81-1309 Dowdey v. Title Ins. Co. of Minn.
81-1318 Continental Grain Co. v. Interstate Commerce Comm'n
81-1324 Baltimore Gas & Elec. Co. v. Interstate Commerce Comm'n
81-1330 Perry v. Block
81-1344 Mechanics Nat'l Bank v. United States Dep't of Hous. & Urban Dev.
*81-1346 Federal Trade Comm'n v. Weyerhaeuser Co.
81-1347 Humane Soc'y of the United States v. United States Dep't of Agric.
81-1365 Taylor v. Howard Univ.
81-1372 United States v. Bramson
81-1373 Foxtrap, Inc. v. Foxtrap, Inc.
81-1420 Parker v. Boorstin
81-1442 Schonberger v. National Transp. Safety Bd.
81-1456 In re Swine Flu Immunization Prods. Liab. Litig.
81-1457 Horne v. Merit Sys. Protection Bd.
81-1461 WJG Tel. Co. v. Federal Communications Comm'n
BOX 61
81-1462 Neutron Prods. v. Mossinger
81-1470 Economic Opportunity Comm'n v. Community Servs. Admin.
*81-1472 Williams v. Federal Election Comm'n
81-1494 Lopez v. United States
*81-1528 Hollingsworth v. Schweiker
81-1539 Luter v. Securities & Exch. Comm'n
81-1546 Roussel v. Board of Governors of the Fed. Reserve Sys. See Container 59, 80-2432
81-1566 Kay v. Federal Election Comm'n
81-1629 Caravel Office Bldg. Co. v. Life Assurance Co. of Canada
81-1632 Redwood v. Council of D.C.
81-1635 Void v. Soriano
*81-1644 and 81-1044 International Ass'n of Machinists v. Federal Election Comm'n
81-1673 Second Taxing Dist. v. Federal Energy Regulatory Comm'n
*81-1686 Tadi v. Immigration & Naturalization Serv.
81-1702 United States v. Brown
81-1712 Pass Word, Inc. v. Federal Communications Comm'n
81-1717 In re Sealed case See Sealed
*81-1818 Shahady v. Atlas Tile & Marble Co.
81-1826 United States v. Daniels
81-1829 and 81-1830 Greentree v. United States Customs Serv.
81-1839 Campbell v. Department of Health & Human Servs.
81-1889 Village of Winnetka v. Federal Energy Regulatory Comm'n
81-1898 Cammisano v. United States
81-1921 Johnson Publishing Co. v. Etched-in-Ebony, Inc.
81-1967 and 81-2004 Gatewood v. Fiat, S.p.A.
BOX 62
81-1968 Financial Gen. Bankshares v. Metzger
81-1975 Common Cause v. Nuclear Regulatory Comm'n
81-1979 Firestone Tire & Rubber Co. v. Department of Justice
81-2019 Wilson v. Johns-Manville Sales Corp.
81-2021 Century Air Freight v. Civil Aeronautics Bd.
81-2028 United States v. Lee
81-2061 Loveday v. Federal Communications Comm'n
81-2073 Sweat v. United States Navy
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