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Some or all content stored offsite.
Writer Files, 1941-1962 (continued)
BOX 2 Christenberry, Robert with Tom Morgan, "Who's Kidding Who(m) About Boxing," 1954
BOX 2 Cohane, Tim and I. R. McVay, "Verbatim Interview of Gene Melchiorre," undated
BOX 2 Cohn, Victor, articles on Russia and science, 1951
BOX 2 Cook, Don, "England's Controversial Archbishop," 1958-1959
BOX 2 Crosby, John, child welfare and adoption article research, undated
BOX 3 Daniels, Jonathan, "Southern Rebels, 1947 Style," circa 1948
BOX 3 Davidson, Bill, "Fox Company," undated
BOX 3 Davidson, Bill, "Interview with Boris Morros," 1957
BOX 3 Davidson, Bill, "Spencer Tracy," 1961
BOX 3 Douglas, William O., various articles, 1955
BOX 3 Duffy, Ben, "You Are What You Buy" and "Russia's Colonial Empire," undated
BOX 3 Eliot, George Fielding, "Ready-To-Fight Reserves," 1956
BOX 3 Fischer, Louis, "Will Germany Go Nazi?", 1950
BOX 3 Fischer, Louis, "The Red Man's Burden," undated
BOX 3 Frank, Jerome, "No Man is Safe," 1953
BOX 3 Froman, Robert, "You Have to Think Like a Chicken," 1954
BOX 3 Gallery, Dan, "The Rocket War," 1958
BOX 3 Gardner, Mona, "Our Policy for Southeast Asia," undated
BOX 3 Gunther, John, "Inside England 1964" and "We're Winning the Cold War," 1963-1964
BOX 3 Harrity, Richard, "A Foreign Legion of Faith on Greece's Holy Mount," undated
BOX 3 Heilbroner, Robert L., "Wanted, A Foreign Aid Program to Lead the Free World," undated
BOX 3 Jacobson, Dan, "Memo from South Africa," undated
BOX 3 Javits, Jacob, article about trip to Near, Middle, and Far-East regarding foreign policy, circa 1956
BOX 3 Jones, Doug, Headshots, 1946
BOX 3 Kennedy, John A., article on space race and Cold War, 1957
BOX 3 Kettering, Charles F., "Let's Stop Buying Catastrophe," 1950
BOX 4 La Cossitt, Henry, "The Paradise of Monkeys," 1953
BOX 4 La Cossitt, Henry, "Canada Does it Better," circa 1955
BOX 4 Leonard, George, "Is Fear Destroying Our Freedom," 1954
BOX 4 Leonard, Margaret, "Freedom Ride," 1961
BOX 4 Liedloff, Jean, Venezuela story, 1953-1954
BOX 4 Marshack, Alexander, various articles, undated
BOX 4 Martin, John Bartlow, "The Strange One," undated
BOX 4 Maxwell, Arthur S., "Why I Know Christ is Coming," undated
BOX 4 Mayer, Martin, "Educating the Potential," undated
BOX 4 McCarthy, Joe, "Person to Person," undated
BOX 4 McGraw, James, "The Luckiest Girl in the World," 1957
BOX 4 Melikov, Greg, "The Fight for College Press Freedom," 1956
BOX 4 Menninger, Karl, "A Young Teacher's First Day in School," 1959
BOX 4 Mitler, Ernest and Bill Slocum, baby trafficking story, 1955
BOX 4 Newton, Virgil Miller, article on government secrecy, 1957
(2 folders)
BOX 5 Newton, Virgil Miller, article on government secrecy, 1957
(2 folders)
BOX 5 Northrup, Eric, "Should Doctors Go Back to School?", undated
BOX 5 Osborn, Robert, "Cirrhosis of the Psyche," 1956
BOX 5 Perkerson, Medora Field, "The Mystery of Margaret Mitchell," 1955
BOX 5 Phillips, Robert Becker, "New Orleans Mardi Gras" and miscellaneous material, undated
BOX 5 Poling, Daniel A., "My Father," 1956
BOX 5 Porter, Amy, "Why Highway Accidents Start in Your Mind" (killed story), 1956
BOX 5 Purdy, Ken W., "Edinburgh," undated
BOX 5 Pusey, Nathan Marsh, "The Greatest Challenge" (killed story), 1957-1960
BOX 5 Raymond, Ellsworth, Vladimir Shabinsky article, 1957
BOX 5 Regan, Louis J. with Andrew Hecht, "A Doctor Looks at Malpractice," 1955
BOX 5 Reuther, Victor, "Let's Sell Democracy to Europe's Workers," 1953-1954
BOX 5 Robbins, Jhan and June Robbins, "The Day the Slaves Were Freed," 1962
BOX 5 Rogers, Edith Nourse, "It's Time to Guarantee GI Rights to Korean Veterans," 1951
BOX 5 Roston, Leo, "John Hersey," 1950
BOX 5 Rowlett, Margaret, "Now It's Our Turn," 1953
BOX 5 Schorr, Daniel, American misconceptions of Russia, undated
BOX 5 Schorr, Jose, "Judge For Yourself, Real Life Dramas from the United States Courts," undated
BOX 5 Sheean, Vincent, "The Aftermath of Bandung," circa 1955
BOX 5 Shirer, William L., "The Launching of World War II," undated
BOX 5 Small, Edith, "New Patterns for Living," 1956-1958
BOX 6 Snook, Robert, "Why I'll Remain a General Practitioner," 1956
BOX 6 Sparks, Fred, "What You Don’t Know About the War in Indo-China," undated
BOX 6 Sparks, Ned, "Royal Family of Severesque [sp?]," undated
BOX 6 Spence, Hartzell, "A Chosen People" (article on Mormons), 1957
(2 folders)
BOX 6 Spence, Hartzell, "America's Busiest Protestants," undated
BOX 6 Spence, Hartzell, "The Lutherans in America," 1957
(3 folders)
BOX 6 Spence, Hartzell, "Where are the Heroes of World War II," 1950
BOX 6 Star, Jack, "Weather for Sale," undated
BOX 6 Stein, Herb and David Hanna, "The Toastmaster General," undated
BOX 6 Stevenson, Adlai E. and William Attwood, "Russia's Two Faces" notes, 1958
(2 folders)
BOX 6 Stevenson, Adlai E., various articles, circa 1956
BOX 6 Thompson, Dorothy, "The Women's Manifesto," 1951
BOX 6 Torre, Marie, "Did I Go to Jail for Nothing?", circa 1958
BOX 6 Tichenor, George, "The Time I Robbed George Washington Bridge," undated
BOX 6 Twitty, Tom, "The Seven Year Marvel of TB," undated
BOX 7 Vandivert, William, "Changing Russia," 1960
BOX 7 Van Dusen, Henry P., "What is a Protestant?", 1954
BOX 7 Walker, Stanley, article on drought in Southwest United States, 1954
BOX 7 Warner, Albert L., "The Other Fellow in the White House," 1951
BOX 7 Woodbury, David O., "Our Future Lies in the Sun," 1955
BOX 7 Wynn, Keenan, "Father is a Fool," undated
BOX 7-10 Subject Files, 1939-1963
The Subject Files consist of research and editorial files related to a specific topic or article. This includes general topical research, research about individuals, letters to the editor, and field notes.
Material types include correspondence, clippings, drafts, interoffice memos, and notes.
Arranged alphabetically by subject.
BOX 7 Art therapy, 1958
BOX 7 Boom, amateur music, music in schools, 1956
BOX 7 Cards, 1946-1962
BOX 7 Clarke, Rodney, materials regarding alcoholic artist article, 1950
BOX 7 Combat story, undated
BOX 7 Cuba, 1957
(4 folders)
BOX 7 Duse, Eleanora, 1950
BOX 7 Gallup, George, 1939-1952
BOX 7 Gannon, Billie-Marie, prize-winning school teacher, round-the-world trip, 1958-1959
BOX 7 Gannon, Billie-Marie, Bill Davidson [?] notes, 1958-1959
BOX 8 Gannon, Billie-Marie, travel journal, 1958
BOX 8 Jews in America (letters to the editor, William Attwood), 1955-1957
(4 folders)
BOX 8 Miscellaneous research topics: Joan Bunche file, 1958-1963
BOX 8 Mood of America, morality in America, 1959
BOX 8 Music in America, 1956
BOX 9 New look in American living, 1954
(7 folders)
BOX 9 "Now Everyone Can Sunbathe," undated
BOX 9 Pearson, Lester B., 1949-1956
BOX 9 Quiz bowl, 1959
BOX 9 Recreation, 1955
BOX 9 Rockets: Diplomatic, 1957
BOX 9 Rockets: Grottrup, 1957
BOX 9 Rockets: Map, 1957
BOX 9 Rockets: Names, 1957
BOX 9 Rockets: Occupation, 1957
BOX 9 Rockets: Peenemunde, 1957
BOX 9 Taste, pop, 1956
BOX 10 Taste, serious, 1954-1956
BOX 10 Vision and blindness, 1954
BOX 10 Workers school, 1948
BOX 10 World chronologies, 1954
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