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Art Buchwald papers, 1885-2007

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Digital File, 1987-2006 (continued)
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iBook laptop computer (Closed)
Digital ID: mss86197_178_200
The contents of Buchwald's laptop are currently unavailable.
Writing files, 2002-2006
Photographs, 2001-2005
BOX OV 1-OV 18 Oversize, 1925-2007
Oversize and unusually formatted material feature a commemorative cigar associated with Buchwald's radio program Buchwald On, a crank toy in the form of Buchwald at a book signing for his memoir, Leaving Home, the prosthetic leg Buchwald wore after his leg was amputated in 2006, and many promotional posters associated with Buchwald's columns and books. Other material includes storyboards, photographs, drawings, speech cards, and scrapbooks.
Listed and described according to the series, containers, and folders from which the material was removed. Physically grouped and housed by size of the items, with containers numbered sequentially according to the physical arrangement.
General Correspondence
BOX OV 7 Letter, "Irving Hoffman's Handy Nervous Breakdown Avoider and Mail Answering Form," 1964 (Container 5, Hoffman, Irving)
Photograph and Valentine card to Buchwald from Ethel Kennedy (Container 5, Kennedy, Ethel)
BOX OV 7 Photograph of Ethel Kennedy inscribed “For mad, gay loveable, devil-may-care Art. With love, Ethel,” 1965
BOX OV 10 Valentine card in the shape of a heart from Ethel Kennedy, 1969
BOX OV 7 Two photographs of Buchwald with Eunice Kennedy Shriver, 1989, undated (Container 7, Shriver, Eunice Kennedy)
BOX OV 8 Scrapbook inviting Buchwald to participate in a documentary titled “A Matter of Faith,” 1970 (Container 27, 1970)
BOX OV 7 Drawings inspired by The Bollo Caper made by students, 1975 June (Container 52, Letters and drawings from Children)
BOX OV 17 Photograph collage of Buchwald from the cover shoot of I Think I Don't Remember, 1987 (Container 56, Publicity packet)
BOX OV 10 Linen print of "Prayer for Tourists," undated (Container 65, "Prayer for Tourists")
BOX OV 13 Crank toy in the form of Buchwald as a Marine and as an author at a book signing for Leaving Home, 1994 (Container 127, Publicity and book parties)
Plays and screenplays
Sheep on the Runway
BOX OV 10 Poster advertising Sheep on the Runway, National Theatre, Washington, D.C., circa 1970 May (Container 131, Publicity)
BOX OV 8 Scrapbook containing programs, ticket stubs, clippings, and notes of congratulations, 1970 (Container 131, Scrapbook)
Buchwald v. Paramount Pictures Corp.
BOX OV 9 Scrapbook containing clippings and notes related to the lawsuit, circa 1990 (Container 137, circa 1990)
Administrative File
Production projects
BOX OV 1 Cigar with custom Buchwald On: The Art Buchwald Radio Program wrapper, circa 1969 (Container 159, Miscellany)
BOX OV 10 Storyboard illustrations for “Art Buchwald’s Pro-Football Murder Mystery,” created by Bill Melendez Productions, Inc., circa 1969-1976 (Container 160, Bill Melendez Productions, Inc.)
BOX OV 7 Animation celluloids featuring Buchwald, circa 1979 (Container 161, Richard Williams, Ltd., Washington Post advertisement)
BOX OV 10 Poster advertisement for The Art of Living play production at the Criterion Theatre, London, England, 1960 (Container 161, The Art of Living, Oscar Lewenstein, Ltd., and Donmar Productions, Ltd.)
BOX OV 7 Newsday Magazine featuring article titled “Art Buchwald: Memories of a Hollis Boy," 1984, Apr. 22 (Container 168, Magazine covers)
Promotional posters advertising many of Buchwald's book publications, circa 1950-circa 1994 (Container 168, Books)
BOX OV 10 Promotional posters for several of Buchwald’s publications
BOX OV 17 Promotional poster for You Can Fool All of the People All of the Time
Promotional posters and newspaper advertisements for Buchwald's syndicated column (Container 168, Columns)
BOX OV 11 Advertisements appearing in various newspapers and one Washington Post poster advertisement, 1955-1982
BOX OV 18 Herald Tribune poster advertisement - “Buchwald Goes to Washington,” 1962 Sept.
BOX OV 11 Poster advertisement for Buchwald’s syndicated column and his book, I Think I Don’t Remember, 1987 (Container 171, Los Angeles Times Syndicate)
BOX OV 11 Poster advertisement celebrating Buchwald’s twentieth anniversary with the Los Angeles TimesSyndicate, 1993 (Container 172, Los Angeles Times Syndicate)
Chronological file
BOX OV 11 Poster advertising Buchwald lecture at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass., 1975, Nov. 10 (Container 189, 1975)
BOX OV 10 Dinner napkin bearing illustration of Buchwald and inscription by LeRoy Neiman, 1979, Jan. 11 (Container 189, 1979)
Speech cards (Container 192, Same title)
BOX OV 2 Alphabetical by speech title, undated
BOX OV 3 Alphabetical by subject, undated
BOX OV 4 Speech fragments, undated
BOX OV 6 Miscellaneous speeches, undated
BOX OV 17 Photographs and signatures from Army and Navy Neurosurgeons, circa 1980s (Container 201, Miscellany)
BOX OV 11 Paintings of miscellaneous subjects and origin, 1959, undated (Container 201, Paintings)
BOX OV 7 Award from Ethel Kennedy, 1978, Sept. 13 (Container 203, Joke awards)
BOX OV 17 Award from Vineyard Haven Yacht Club Members, 1992 Sept. 5 (Container 203, Joke awards)
BOX OV 11 Boston American newspaper from day of Buchwald's birth, 1925 Oct. 20 (Container 205, Newspapers from day of birth)
Scrapbooks created for Buchwald’s memorial service, 2007 (Container 206, Scrapbooks)
BOX OV 14 a-b Vol. I
BOX OV 15 a-c Vol. II
BOX OV 16 a-b Vol. III
BOX OV 11 Promotional poster Ann Buchwald's memoir, Seems Like Yesterday, circa 1980 (Container 211, Publicity)
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