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BOX 1 Professional Materials, 1894-1939
The Professional Materials series dates from 1894 to 1939 and largely consists of copies of MacDonald’s writings for the Kansas City Star, The Country Gentleman, Ladies’ Home Journal, and other publications. The scrapbooks were compiled by MacDonald and provide comprehensive documentation of stories he wrote over the course of his career in tandem with correspondence and ephemera related to his work. The diaries document the final years of his career and include entries of a professional and personal nature.
Material types include scrapbooks, diaries, clippings, correspondence, ephemera, and photographs.
Arranged in two sections: Writings and Correspondence and ephemera. The Writings section is divided into Scrapbooks and Miscellaneous writings. Sections are arranged in chronological order.
BOX 1 Writings
BOX OV 1-9 Scrapbooks
BOX OV 1 Articles written by A. B. MacDonald, 1895-1902 See Container OV 1, same heading
BOX OV 2 Articles written by A. B. MacDonald, 1907, undated See Container OV 2, same heading
BOX OV 3 Articles written by A. B. MacDonald for the Kansas City Star and other publications, 1915-circa 1929 See Container OV 3, same heading
BOX OV 4 Articles written by A. B. MacDonald (primarily for The Country Gentleman), 1919-1923 See Container OV 4, same heading
BOX OV 5 Articles written by A. B. MacDonald (primarily for The Country Gentleman), 1920-1926 See Container OV 5, same heading
BOX OV 6 Articles written by A. B. MacDonald, 1930-1932 See Container OV 6, same heading
BOX OV 7 Diary of A. B. MacDonald (1936), part I, 1936 See Container OV 7, same heading
BOX OV 8 Diary of A. B. MacDonald (1936), part II, 1897-1941 See Container OV 8, same heading
BOX OV 9 Diary of A. B. MacDonald (1937), 1894-1939 See Container OV 9, same heading
BOX 1 Miscellaneous writings
BOX 1 Clippings, "Quaint Old St. Genevieve," 1899
BOX 1 Collins, John, murder case, clippings, 1908
BOX 1 Collins, John, murder case, partial manuscript, circa 1908
BOX 1 Articles on temperance, 1923-1924
BOX 1 Miscellaneous clippings, circa 1931
BOX 1 Miscellaneous clippings, 1931-1934
BOX 1 "And a Little Child Shall Lead Them!" draft manuscript, undated
BOX 1 "He Passed Through: A Christmas Story," undated
BOX 1 "How I Found the Lost Father of John D. Rockefeller," undated
BOX 1 "Lay Sessions," undated
BOX 1 Romance short story (writing as "Paul Yancey"), undated
BOX 1 Correspondence and ephemera
BOX 1 William Rockhill Nelson, annotated page from the book and correspondence, 1909-1915
BOX 1 Roberts, Roy, letters of introduction for MacDonald, trip to Washington, D.C., 1930
BOX 1 Letters from readers, 1930-1936
BOX 1 Berkley, Kathryn, telegram regarding speaking engagement, 1932
BOX 1 Tarkington, Booth, correspondence, 1934
BOX 1 Press cards and notes, 1934-1936
BOX 1 Howe, E. W. (Edgar Watson), correspondence and ephemera, 1935-1937
BOX 1 Crittenden, H. H., letter, 1938
BOX 1 Kansas City Star pencils, undated
BOX 1 Photograph of MacDonald with William Allen White, undated
BOX 1 "Who Writes The Country Gentleman," undated
BOX 1-3 Investigative Journalism, 1913-1944
The Investigative Journalism series, dated from 1913 to 1944, documents two of the most well-known crime cases MacDonald reported on, the Leo Frank murder trial and lynching case (1915), and the A. D. Payne murder investigation (1930). MacDonald was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1931 for his help solving the Payne case.
Material types include a scrapbook, correspondence, legal reports, and clippings.
Arranged in two sections: the Leo Frank case and the A. D. Payne case. The Leo Frank case section is arranged chronologically. The A. D. Payne case material is arranged in three sections, Case material, Press about the case, and Pulitzer Prize material, then chronologically.
BOX 1-2 Leo Frank case
BOX OV 10 Scrapbook: Leo Frank case, Atlanta, Ga. (1915), 1914-1915 See Container OV 10, same heading
BOX 1 Brief of the evidence to the Supreme Court of Georgia, 1913
BOX 2 Motion for a new trial to the Supreme Court of Georgia, 1913
BOX 2 "Argument of Hugh M. Dorsey, Solicitor-General, Atlanta Judicial Circuit," 1914
BOX 2 "A Short Review of the Frank Case," W. E. Thompson, 1914
BOX 2 Leo Frank "Leaflet No. 1," 1914, May 22
BOX 2 Leo Frank "Leaflet No. 2," 1914, May 26
BOX 2 Leo Frank" Leaflet No. 4," 1914, May 28
BOX 2 Leo Frank "Leaflet No. 6," 1914, May 29
BOX 2 Leo Frank "Leaflet No. 7," 1914, June 3
BOX 2 "Five Arguments in the Frank Case" by Berry Benson, circa 1914
BOX 2 "How Could Mary Phagan Be in Two Places at One Time?" by Berry Benson, circa 1914
BOX 2 "The Trial of Leo Frank: Reuben R. Arnold's Address to the Court in His Behalf," 1915
BOX 2 "The Truth About the Frank Case" by C. P. Connolly, 1915
BOX 2 Rhodes' Colossus "The story of a visit with Leo M. Frank in the death cell at Atlanta, Ga.," 1915 March
BOX 2 "Why Frank was Lynched" by a Public Man of Georgia, 1916
BOX 2-3 A. D. Payne case
BOX 2 Case material
BOX 2 Correspondence, Gene Howe, 1929-circa 1931
BOX 2 Correspondence, Roy Roberts and Gene Howe, 1930
BOX 2 Correspondence, David D. Leahy to Gene Howe, 1930
BOX 2 Telegram, E. B. Garnett to Gene Howe, 1930
BOX 2 Telegram, Roy Roberts to A. B. MacDonald, 1930
BOX 2 Telegram from E. B. Garnett to A. B. MacDonald, 1930
BOX 2 Telegrams from "Hinkle" to A. B. MacDonald, 1930
BOX 2 Thompson, Verona, signed deposition, 1930
BOX 2-3 Press about the case
BOX 2 "A. B. MacDonald, Super Reporter," 1930
BOX 2 "Detectives in Journalism," 1930
BOX 2 Kansas City Star, clippings on Payne case, 1930
BOX 2 Kansas City Times, "Prize to Star Man," 1930
BOX 2 Publishers' Service, George Shearwood letter, 1930
BOX 2 Publishers' Service, "What Real Reporters are Doing," 1930
BOX 2 Time magazine letter, 1930
BOX 2 Time magazine article, 1930
BOX 2 Editor and Publisher clippings, 1930-1931
BOX 2 Clippings: Payne case and miscellaneous, 1930-1932
BOX 2 The Illustrated Detective Magazine, 1931
BOX 2 Pulitzer Prize clippings, 1931
BOX 3 "The Sage of Helium City," article on Gene Howe, 1931
BOX 3 Startling Detective Adventures, "The Payne Bomb Murder," 1931
BOX 3 Sunday World Magazine, "Master Crimes of the Year," 1931
BOX 3 Beronius, Dale, cartoon, circa 1931
BOX 3 News bulletin about MacDonald, circa 1931
BOX 3 Real Detective, "The Young Wife and the Exploding Bomb," circa 1931
BOX 3 Letter from B. Morris Messick, Gardner Advertising Company, 1939
BOX 3 True Detective Magazine, letter from John Shuttleworth, 1939
BOX 3 Brundidge, Harry T., "The Perfect Bomb Murder," 1942
BOX 3 Saturday Evening Post, article about Gene Howe with mention of MacDonald, 1944
BOX 3 "Famous Crimes" pictorial feature, undated
BOX 3 Pulitzer Prize material
BOX 3 McCammon, J. W., editorial nominating A. B. MacDonald for Pulitzer Prize, circa 1930
BOX 3 Telegram notification of prize to A. B. MacDonald, 1931
BOX OV 31 Certificate, 1931 See Container OV 31, Pulitzer Prize certificate
BOX 3 Columbia University correspondence, 1931
BOX 3 Columbia University commencement invitation, 1931
BOX 3 Columbia University commencement program, 1931
BOX 3 Letters of congratulations, 1931
BOX 3 White, Edgar, letter of congratulations, 1931
BOX 3 Speaking Tours, 1917-1935
The Speaking Tours series, dated from 1917 to 1935, contains materials related to MacDonald’s association with evangelical preacher Billy Sunday and his participation in the Chautauqua lecture circuit.
Material types include scrapbooks containing writings, clippings, correspondence, photographs, advertisements, and ephemera.
Series is arranged in two sections: Billy Sunday and Chautauqua. Sections are arranged chronologically.
BOX 3 Billy Sunday
BOX OV 11 Scrapbook: Billy Sunday, 1917 See Container OV 11, same heading
BOX 3 Awakening Songs, given to MacDonald by Homer Rodeheaver, 1918
BOX OV 12 Scrapbook on A. B. MacDonald's association with Billy Sunday, including Chicago Campaigns, 1918-1935 See Container OV 12, same heading
BOX 3 Sunday, Billy, letter, 1926
BOX 3 Rodeheaver, Homer, letter, 1934
BOX 3 Truett, George, Christmas card, 1934-1935
BOX 3 Chautauqua
BOX 3 Vawter, Keith, Chautauqua correspondence, 1924-1926
BOX OV 13 Chautauqua scrapbook, Redpath-Vawter Chautauqua, 1926-1928 See Container OV 13, same heading
BOX OV 14 Chautauqua scrapbook, Redpath-Horner Chautauqua, 1927 See Container OV 14, same heading
BOX 3-7 Personal and Family Papers, 1878-1976
The Personal and Family Paper series dates from 1878 to 1976, with the bulk of the material dating from 1893 to 1942, and documents A. B. MacDonald’s family life and history. Material in this series was most likely compiled and preserved by MacDonald’s son, Malcolm MacDonald, and includes material created by him before and after A. B. MacDonald’s death.
Material types include correspondence, scrapbooks, diaries, photographs, and ephemera.
Series is arranged in five sections: Correspondence, Diaries and scrapbooks, Photographs, Family history and genealogy, and Miscellany. Sections are arranged chronologically.
BOX 3-4 Correspondence
BOX 3 MacDonald, A. B., to his parents, 1908
BOX 3 Shannon, Annabel to Malcolm MacDonald, 1930, 1936-1937
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