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Herman Wouk papers, 1920-2019

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Restricted, 1944-1984 (continued)
BOX R 515 Zane (destroyer), desk calendar, 1944 (Container 108)
BOX R 515 Will, Lord, Day and Lord copies, 1979 (Container 108)
BOX R 515 Wouk Enterprises business meetings, 1980-1984
Wouk, Joseph
BOX R 515 Education, 1966, 1971-1975
BOX R 515 Investment program, 1969
Woulff, Iolanthe
BOX R 515 Correspondence, 1969-1976
BOX R 515 Finances, 1968-1972
BOX R 515 Hebrew progress book, 1960
Speeches, Interviews, and Lectures
BOX R 515 1979, Oct. 29, "War and Remembrance: The Paradox of Historical Fiction," Library of Congress, 1979 (Container 114)
Stage and Screen
BOX R 515 The Traitor screen treatment, undated (Container 149)
BOX R 515 War and Remembrance, financial negotiations, 1983
BOX R 515 The Winds of War contracts, 1977-1980
The Hope and The Glory
BOX R 515 Correspondence, general, 1969 (Container 237)
"One Man Show"
BOX R 515 Manuscript drafts, circa 1964-1965 (Container 376)
BOX R 516 Manuscript drafts, 1980, undated (Container 376)
(2 folders)
BOX R 516 War and Remembrance contracts, 1970-1982
The Winds of War
BOX R 516 Contracts, 1966-1970
(2 folders)
Youngblood Hawke
BOX R 516 Motion picture rights, 1962, 1978
BOX R 516 Typescript rough draft, undated
(2 folders)
BOX R 517 Typescript rough draft, undated
(3 folders)
BOX CL 1 National Security Classified Information, 1973
Material types include correspondence.
Arranged and described according to the series, containers, and folders from which the items were separated.
Inside, Outside
BOX CL 1 Airlift, 1973
BOX OV 1-R OV 10 Oversize, circa 1941-2000
Material types include photographs, posters, certificates, medals, scrapbooks, newspapers, architectural plans, memorabilia, maps, and charts.
Listed and described below according to the series, containers, and folders from which the material was separated. The items are physically grouped and housed by size.
Personal File
BOX OV 1 Photographs and event posters, Thomas B. Haywood dinner, 1982, Mar. 22 (Container 59, Awards and honors, Haywood, Thomas B. dinner)
BOX OV 1 Certificate of honorary degree, 1977, June 1 (Container 59, Awards and honors, Hebrew Univeristy of Jerusalem)
BOX OV 5 Medal, "Living Legend," 2000 (Container 60, Awards and honors, Library of Congress)
BOX OV 5 Medal, Guardian of Zion Prize, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel, 1998, June 2 (Container 60, Awards and honors, Miscellany)
BOX OV 5 University of California, San Diego Medal, 1998, Nov. 10 (Container 60, Awards and honors, University of California, San Diego)
BOX R OV 8 Israeli press scrapbook and large format newspapers, circa 1972 (Container 63, Clippings)
BOX R OV 9 Jewish Braille Review, 1985, July-Aug. (Container 74, Jewish Braille Institute of America)
BOX OV 6 Ledger, 1955 (Container 76, Numbered files, No. 1, Herman and Sarah Wouk)
BOX OV 2 Architectural plans and drawings, 1968 (Container 89, Real estate, Washington, D.C.)
BOX OV 7 Epaulettes, buttons, and whistle, circa 1942-1946 (Container 107, United States Navy papers, Memorabilia)
Speeches, Interviews, and Lectures
BOX OV 3 Lecture poster in Hebrew, 1967, Dec. 28 (Container 111, "American Jewry and Israel," Jerusalem, Israel)
Stage and Screen
BOX OV 4 Posters for Israeli and German language productions, circa 1954 (Container 124, The Caine Mutiny Court Martial, Miscellaneous foreign productions)
BOX OV 3 Viewer's guide to War and Remembrance, USA Today, 1988 (Container 153, War and Remembrance, Reviews and articles)
BOX OV 4 Maps of Israel and the Middle East, 1987-1991 (Container 299, The Hope and The Glory, Research, Maps)
BOX OV 4 Map of Israel Defense Forces' routes of advance, 1967, June 5-10 (Container 299, The Hope and the Glory, Research, Nasser, Gamal Abdel)
BOX OV 3 Poster for Inside, Outside printed by Fontana Paperbacks, circa 1984-1986 (Container 334, Inside, Outside, Marketing, promotion, and publicity)
BOX OV 3 Galleys of maps in book, 1978 (Container 395, War and Remembrance, Copy editor, Little, Brown, and Company)
BOX OV 3 Photographs of the Northampton (cruiser), circa 1941-1942 (Container 456, War and Remembrance, Research, Northampton)
BOX OV 4 Chart of events in the Northampton (cruiser) sinking, undated (Container 459, War and Remembrance, Research correspondence, Northampton)
BOX R OV 10 Baltic Sea region maps, undated (Container 504, The Winds of War, Research, Maps and pictures)
BOX OV 4 Maps, undated (Container 504, The Winds of War, Research, Lisbon, Portugal)
BOX R OV 10 Character chart of main war events, undated (Container 505, The Winds of War, Research, Miscellany)
BOX OV 4 Aeronautical chart, 1955 (Container 505, The Winds of War, Research, Pensacola, Fla.)

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