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Herman Wouk papers, 1920-2019

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Digital Files, 1980-2019 (continued)
Photographs (Container 86, same heading)
Family photographs, circa 2002
Digital ID: mss83183_202_044
Headshots, 2009, 2012
Digital ID: mss83183_190_042
Digital ID: mss83183_190_043
Digital ID: mss83183_202_054
Miscellaneous photographs, circa 1928-2015
Digital ID: mss83183_202_007
Wouk, Herman, 2004, 2011
Digital ID: mss83183_202_053
Digital ID: mss83183_190_044
Wouk, Herman, and Yosi Ben Hanan, 1985-1986
Digital ID: mss83183_190_045
Wouk, Joseph
Letter to Ronald Reagan, 1986-1988
Digital ID: mss83183_190_078
Speeches, Interviews, and Lectures
1993, Dec. 1, NBC Today Show interview, video
Digital ID: mss83183_190_005
1993, Dec. 16, The Hope, interview with Charlie Rose, video (Container 116, same heading)
Digital ID: mss83183_190_003
2000, Nov. 8, Reading, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., video (Container 118, same heading)
Digital ID: mss83183_190_004
2001, June 10, Reading, University of California, San Diego, video
Digital ID: mss83183_190_003
2004, Feb. 3, "A Random Walk Through My Literary Life," James Michelin Lecture, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, Calif., video (Container 119, same heading)
Digital ID: mss83183_190_001
2004, Apr. 26, Donald Ross Hamilton Lecture, Princeton University, Princeton, N.J., video (Container 119, same heading)
Digital ID: mss83183_190_010
2012, Nov. 17, "The Lawgiver: Telling Moses' Story, Differently," interview, Morning Edition, NPR, audio
Digital ID: mss83183_202_045
2017, Sept. 2, CBS Sunday Morning, interview, video
Digital ID: mss83183_202_055
Stage and Screen
Don't Stop the Carnival
Revision, 1996, May 1
Digital ID: mss83183_190_086
War and Remembrance
Miscellaneous documents and notes, circa 1980-1986
Content from 5.25" floppy disks was not fully recoverable at the time of processing. Partial and/or unformatted text from the files can be viewed with a text editor such as Notepad.
Digital ID: mss83183_202_048
Digital ID: mss83183_202_049
Digital ID: mss83183_202_050
Digital ID: mss83183_202_051
Digital ID: mss83183_202_052
Television commercial, video, 1988
Digital ID: mss83183_190_003
The Winds of War
Television commercial, video, 1983
Digital ID: mss83183_190_003
A Hole in Texas
Audio book (9 disks), circa 2004
Digital ID: mss83183_190_011
Digital ID: mss83183_190_012
Digital ID: mss83183_202_003
Digital ID: mss83183_202_004
Digital ID: mss83183_190_013
Digital ID: mss83183_190_014
Digital ID: mss83183_190_015
Digital ID: mss83183_190_016
Digital ID: mss83183_190_017
Home from the Fair
Manuscript drafts
Partial draft, 1999
Digital ID: mss83183_202_005
The Hope and The Glory
Early manuscript drafts
Digital drafts
1987, chapters 1-10
Content from 5.25" floppy disks was not fully recoverable at the time of processing. Partial and/or unformatted text from the files can be viewed with a text editor such as Notepad.
Digital ID: mss83183_202_008
1987, chapters 1-11
Digital ID: mss83183_202_009
1988, chapters 1-6, 10-15
Digital ID: mss83183_202_012
1988, chapters 2, 6-9, insert page 19, prologue
Digital ID: mss83183_202_013
1988, chapters 1-18, 22
Digital ID: mss83183_202_010
1989, chapters 19-41
Digital ID: mss83183_202_011
1988-1990, prologue, chapters 2, 12, 13, 42-48
Digital ID: mss83183_202_015
1988-1989, chapters 1-21
Digital ID: mss83183_202_014
1987-1990, chapters 8, 10, 12-13, 18, 34-49
Digital ID: mss83183_202_036
1990-1992, chapters 9, 50-90
Digital ID: mss83183_202_037
1991-1992, chapters 91-96, epilogue
Digital ID: mss83183_202_038
1988-1990, chapters 1-46
Digital ID: mss83183_202_016
1990, chapters 47-54
Digital ID: mss83183_202_017
1990-1991, chapters 55-66
Digital ID: mss83183_202_018
1991, chapters 67-78
Digital ID: mss83183_202_019
1991, chapters 88-90
Digital ID: mss83183_202_020
1991-1992, chapters 89-95
Digital ID: mss83183_202_021
1992, chapters 1-23
Digital ID: mss83183_202_039
1992, chapters 3-4, 24-43
Digital ID: mss83183_202_040
1992, chapter 64
Digital ID: mss83183_202_041
1992, chapters 70-90
Digital ID: mss83183_202_042
1992, chapter 91, epilogue
Digital ID: mss83183_202_043
Digital revisions
1992, chapters 1-21
Digital ID: mss83183_202_022
1992, chaptes 22-43
Digital ID: mss83183_202_023
1992, chapters 44-46
Digital ID: mss83183_202_024
1992, chapters 47-67
Digital ID: mss83183_202_025
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