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E. Barrett Prettyman papers, 1901-1971

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Case File, 1945-1970 (continued)
Misc. No. 1405 Williams v. United States
Misc. No. 1406 Rucker v. United States
See same container, Misc. No. 1405
Misc. No. 1441 Reid v. United States
See same container, Misc. No. 1405
Misc. No. 1513 Antipas v. United States
Misc. No. 2396 Feyrer v. Kennedy
Misc. No. 2705 Hinguanzo v. United States
Misc. No. 3283 Williams v. United States
See Container 117, 22261
C. A. 31308 Knowles v. Hirsch
C. A. 32098 Iversen v. United States
C. A. 3816-47 Palmer v. United States
(2 folders)
C. A. 4874-47 National Maritime Union v. Herzog
(2 folders)
BOX 120
C. A. 2834-51 Clarke v. United States
C. A. 5791-52 Schneider v. District of Columbia
(2 folders)
C. A. 476-53 Morris v. District of Columbia Redevelopment Land Agency
See same container, C. A. 5791-52
C. A. 3171-55 American Trucking Ass'n v. United States
C. A. 1845-56 Methodist Ass'n for Social Aetron v. Eastland
C. A. 1087-66 DuBois Clubs v. Clark
BOX 120 Legal File, 1933-1967
Legal agreements, marriage licenses, patent, and miscellaneous items.
Arranged alphabetically by type of material.
BOX 120 Marriage licenses, 1959, 1967
Partnership agreement with amendments, 1936, 1944
Patent, 1942
Settlement agreement, 1933
Tax withholding agreement, 1962
BOX 120-141 Writings, 1901-1969
The writings include articles, an autobiography, book reviews, essays, forewords and prefaces, lectures, a manual, opinions, plays, reports, and speeches. The material is made up of research notes, drafts, and printed copies. The opinions are contained in loose-leaf notebooks.
The writings are arranged alphabetically by type and alphabetically by title within each type, with the exception of book reviews and forewords and prefaces, which are arranged alphabetically by author. Untitled writings are arranged alphabetically by subject and placed at the end of each section.
BOX 120 Articles
“Administrative Law, Process Versus Review,” 1944
“Gentlemen: The Constitution!” 1967
“Jury Instructions, First or Last?” 1960
“The New Appellate Rules, A General View,” 1968
BOX 121 “Plans of the Alumni,” 1936
“Qualities of Victory, Justice,” 1962
“Reducing the Delay in Administrative Hearings,” 1953
“The Relationship between Drugs and Crime,” 1967
“Social Problems, Past and Present,” 1911
“Trial of Agency Cases: The Need for Craftsmanship and Fairness,” 1947
“Uniform Appellate Rules,” 1966
Miscellaneous (protracted cases)
The Autobiography of an Obscure Man at Forty
Background material and outline
Draft A, 1965
(2 folders)
Draft B, 1967
(3 folders)
BOX 122 Draft B (with corrections), 1931, 1967
(3 folders)
Draft, “The Internal Revenue Chapter”
Additions, 1966
Book reviews
Cahn, The Moral Decision, 1955
Clayton, The Making of Justice, 1964
Freund, On Understanding the Supreme Court, 1949
Hook, Heresy, Yes, Conspiracy, No, 1953
Mason, Harlan Fiske Stone, 1956
Priest, Old Hilarity, 1965
Pusey, Charles Evans Hughes, 1951
Wiener, Effective Appellate Advocacy, 1950
“Bolitha J. Laws,” 1957, 1958
“Concerning Corn Pone and Coffee”
“Concerning Surf Fishing”
“The Destiny of the Anglo-Saxon”
“Essays of a Democrat,” 1930
“Incident in an Apple Orchard”
“Instructions on Canning String Beans”
“John Letcher”
Draft, 1912
Printed copy, 1912
“Lines to a Hospital,” 1965
“A Man, a Memory,” 1910
BOX 123 “Me and the Eggs”
“Mid-May on the Miramichi,” 1944
“Peace, the Mission of America,” 1914
“Revised Memorandum of Procedure”
“The Story of the Little Narrow-Gauge Railroad,” 1965
“Taft Football Story,” 1935
“Vacation, 1942,” 1942
Elementary school, 1901
Washington Evening Star, 1950-1953
High school
Lack of discipline in child-raising
Notes for personal reminiscences
President’s Commission on Narcotic and Drug Abuse and a meeting with President Lyndon B. Johnson, 1964
Proposal for a federal system of vocational education
Forewords and prefaces
Lavine and Horning, Manual of Federal Practice, 1967
“Law and Tactics in Exclusionary Hearings,” 1969
Priest, Public Utilities, 1969
Miscellaneous, preface to collection of Prettyman’s speeches
“Executive Discretion”
“How to Try an Administrative Law Case,” 1956
“Judicial Review of Administrative Action,” 1946
Research material
Draft A
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