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E. Barrett Prettyman papers, 1901-1971

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Writings, 1901-1969 (continued)
Federal trial examiners, 1962
First six months as general counsel, Bureau of Internal Revenue
General Charles Kutz, 1945
Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.
Good Friday observance, 1951-1960
Interstate Commerce Commission anniversary, 1962
Juvenile delinquency, 1959
Louis G. Caldwell, 1952
Melvin Colvin Hazen, 1939
National Christmas tree
National Council of Catholic Women, 1934
Office of General Counsel, Bureau of Internal Revenue
Painting of Italian Palace of Justice
Politics, government, law
Reform of America’s financial system
Regulation of business
Report of the President’s Conference on Administrative Procedure, 1955
Retirement as chief judge, 1960
Richard Doyle
Robert V. Fleming, 1956
S., 1664, 1964
Tax court anniversary
Theology, religion, ethics
BOX 141 Travelogue of Burning Tree golf course, Bethesda, MD, 1958
Various subjects, 1936-1942
Vinson Club, 1947
Warren E. Burger, 1964
Washington, D.C.
Welcome to Washington dinner, 1947
Wilbur K. Miller, 1963
Speeches and essays, a personal collection
(4 folders)
BOX 141-145 Memorabilia, 1911-1970
The memorabilia include biographical material, cards, certificates and citations, invitations, newspaper clippings, photographs, programs, and yearbooks.
Arranged alphabetically by type.
BOX 141 Biographical material
E. Barrett Prettyman
E. Barrett Prettyman, Jr.
BOX 142 Biographical record
Brief, transcript of oral argument, opinions, and a list of clients related to Prettyman’s legal practice
Certificates and citations See also Container OV 1, same heading
Hearings of Committee of Judiciary on nomination of Warren E. Burger; first decision by Burger as chief justice; letter of transmittal by Burger,1969, 1970
Lists of guests for dinner parties
Membership cards, passes, permits
Newspaper clippings
BOX 143 Newspaper clippings
(3 folders)
Notes between Prettyman and a colleague during an oral argument
Photographs See also Container OV 1, same heading
Portraits and caricatures
Alfalfa Club, Washington, D.C.
BOX 144 Democratic Party dinners, 1936-1943
D.C. Bar Association, 1941-1964
Georgetown University, Washington, D.C., 1950-1964
Presidential inaugurals, 1933-1961
United States courts, 1932-1969
Washington Board of Trade, 1945-1947
Miscellaneous, 1925-1968
BOX 145 Resolutions, 1960-1971
Songbook (Vinson Club)
Randolph-Macon College, Ashland, VA,
General, 1911
(2 folders)
General, 1915
Miscellaneous, 1947-1965
Miscellaneous material
BOX 146-147 Miscellany, 1916-1970
The miscellany consists of writings of others and is almost entirely comprised of published materials.
Arranged alphabetically by author, with a miscellaneous group of materials by unknown authors at the end.
BOX 146 American Bar Association Journal, vol. 47, Apr. 1961
Board of Commissioners of the District of Columbia, “The State of the Nation’s Capital,” 1960
Bryan, Albert V., “For a Swifter Criminal Appeal,” 1968
Burdick, William F., “Newer Concepts of Infant Feeding,” 1949
Burger, Warren E.
“Remarks before the American Bar Association,” 1970
“Three-Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the First Thanksgiving in American,” 1969
Caldwell, Louis G., “The Case of the Malay Club Caretaker,” 1945
Civil Aeronautics Board, “Hearing Examiner Manual,” 1969
Compton, Arthur H., “Why I Believe in Immortality,” 1936
Encyclopedia Brittanica , “National Collegiate Athletic Association”
Galiher, Richard W., “Judge E. Barrett Prettyman,” 1965
Glenn, C. Leslie, “Prayer for E. Barrett Prettyman,” 1962
Goodrich, George, “Letter from Nagasaki,” 1945
Hoover, Herbert, “Address at the Gridiron Dinner,” 1947
Jackson, Robert H., “Commencement Address at Randolph-Macon College,” Ashland, Va., 1938
Jackson, Robert H., “Falstaff’s Descendants in Pennsylvania Courts,” 1952
Judicature, vol. 54, 1970
The Key Reporter, vol. 34, 1968
Kittredge, Mabel Hyde, “Two Powder Towns,” 1916
Landis, James McCauley, “Report on Regulatory Agencies to the President-Elect,” 1960
Laws, Bolitha J., “The Relations between the Bench and the Bar,” Noel, F. Regis, “An Answer”
McKelway, B. M., “Remarks at Dinner for Justice Prettyman,” 1945
Parker, John J., “The Federal Judiciary,” 1948
Pforzheimer, Walter, “Confession of Nathan Hale,” 1962
Plaine, Herzel H. E., et al., “The Case for Administrative Trial Judge,” 1969
Prettyman, E. Barrett, Jr., Review of Allen, The Big Change, 1953
Prettyman, Forrest J., “Address before the Last Session of the Baltimore Conference of the Methodist-Episcopal Church, South,” 1939
Prettyman, William F., “Seventy-Five Years of Rockville, Maryland,” 1965
BOX 147 Res ipsa Loquitur, vols. 21 and 22, 1969
Scribner, Robert L., “Now about This Football Situation,” 1956
Shepherd, Henry L., “Flight from Spring,” 1948
Sholes, William H., “The Fiftieth Anniversary of the United States Court of Appeals”
Stewart, Potter, “Robert H. Jackson’s Influence on Federal-State Relationships,” 1967
Subcommittee on Separation of Powers, Senate Committee on the Judiciary, The Supreme Court, 1969
Sullivan, Harold J., “E. Barrett Prettyman,” 1971
Tumulty, Joseph P., “The Facts of a Political Controversy” and “Additional Facts of a Political Controversy,” 1934
Wesley, John, “Covenant Service”
“Charge to New Officers, Civitan Club”
“Night Court”
Letter on candidacy of Al Smith, 1928
Poems and humorous and satirical essays
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