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DuPree African American Pentecostal collection, 1861-2020

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BOX 67-75 DuPree Personal File, 1861-2019
The DuPree Personal File contains material related to DuPree’s family history and genealogy, her professional career as a librarian, and her many speaking engagements and lectures. DuPree’s family papers make up the bulk of this series and include material collected or created by her husband, Herbert C. DuPree, children, parents, especially her mother, Mary Elouise Sherrod, siblings, and other relatives. Also of note in this series is a small group of papers detailing the activities of Idella Taylor Hall, a prominent member of the Williams Temple Church of God in Christ in Gainesville, Florida, and her involvement in the Court of Calanthe, Golden Star No. 613, an African American women-run fraternal organization. DuPree’s pursuits as a professional are well-documented in this series and include correspondence, conference materials, syllabi and course materials for courses she taught at Santa Fe Community College, Gainesville, Florida, brochures and posters advertising her lectures and speaking engagements, clippings detailing her work as a librarian and historian, as well as material documenting Displays for Schools, LLC, a business she founded. Digital files in this series include images, text documents, and HMTL files for informational websites DuPree created, and an oral history interview recorded in 2011. Computer backup files also are found in this series and include many image files, text documents, and PowerPoint presentations DuPree prepared for her various professional endeavors including her work with Rosewood, Florida, Santa Fe Community College, Displays for Schools, LLC, among other writings. Writing files presumably created by Herbert C. DuPree as well as DuPree's sons are also represented. Researchers should note that DuPree’s many writings and projects are included in the African American Christian Organizations series and African American History and Culture series and are organized according to the topic they address.
Material types include correspondence, brochures, clippings, text document files, JPEG image files, video files, and printed matter.
Arranged alphabetically by material type or topic. File structure of the digital content maintained as received.
BOX 67 Awards
BOX 67 General, 1997-2018
DF Rosa Parks Awards, 2012
Digital ID: mss86320_193_083
BOX 67 A Tribute to Gainesville: Ebony Appreciation Banquet, 1989
BOX 68 A Tribute to Gainesville: Ebony Appreciation Banquet, 1990
BOX 68 Biographical summaries, 1987-2018
BOX 68 Business and membership cards, circa 2000-2019
BOX 68 Clippings, 1976-2019, undated
(5 folders)
BOX 68 Collected historic items
BOX 68 Autograph book - Keaton, Charles E., 95th QM R.H.D. Co., circa 1956
BOX OV 15 Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 1861 See Container OV 15, same heading
BOX 68 Grand United Order of Odd Fellows, General Laws and Regulations of the Household of Ruth, 1953, 1956
BOX 69 Matchbook cover album, circa 1970s
BOX 69 The Negro Motorist Green Book (photocopy), 1949
BOX 69 S&H Green Stamp book, circa 1940s
BOX 69 College courses (taught), 1986-2003
DF "College Success" PowerPoint and graphics, 2004
Digital ID: mss86320_193_076
DF Syllabus and handouts, 2004
Digital ID: mss86320_193_154
DF Computer backup files, 2001-2004
Digital ID: mss86320_193_183
Digital ID: mss86320_193_196
DF Computer text files, miscellaneous, 2003-2005
Digital ID: mss86320_193_152
BOX 69 Cooper Heritage Alumni and Friends Association, 2011-2016
BOX 69 Correspondence, 1983-1999
(3 folders)
BOX 70 Correspondence, 2000-2019, undated
(8 folders)
BOX 70 Curriculum vitae, circa 1995-2014
BOX 71 Displays for Schools, LLC
BOX 71 General, 1997-2017
BOX 71 Publications
DF Bell, Lauren K., Quick and Easy Guide to Signing, Vols. 2, 4, and 5, 2007
Digital ID: mss86320_193_158
Digital ID: mss86320_193_159
Digital ID: mss86320_193_160
BOX 71 Berndes, Katherine R., How to Become a Better Consumer, 1986
BOX 71 Berndes, Katherine R., How to Write a Personal Narrative, 1986
BOX 71 Burley, Eugene R., Mount Dora: The Rest of the Story, Plus!, 2000
BOX 71 Sherrod, Sherry A., Displays for Schools: An Avenue of Communication, 1976
BOX 71 DuPree Pentecostal Foundation and DuPree Holiness Pentecostal Center, 1993-2018
(2 folders)
BOX 71 Family papers
BOX 71 Crawford, Jessie Mae, 1939-1946
BOX 71 Debutante balls and cotillion, 1962-1967, 1994
BOX 71 DuPree, Amil, Andre, and Andrew, 1982-2011
BOX 71 DuPree, Herbert C., 1990-2019
DF DuPree, Herbert C., writings and correspondence, 1987-1991
Digital ID: mss86320_193_029
Digital ID: mss86320_193_037
BOX OV 15 Family history manuscript, circa 1949 See Container OV 15, same title
BOX 71 Genealogy, circa 2000s
BOX 71 Heartley family, 1974-2014
BOX 71 Heartley, Matthew W., Sr., and Nellie Heartley, 1963-1974
BOX 72 Miscellany, 1968-2012
BOX 72 Sherrod, Jerry A., 1958-2012
DF Sherrod, Jerry A., homegoing celebration video files, 2012
Digital ID: mss86320_193_116
BOX 72 Sherrod, Mary Elouise, 1963-2012
(5 folders)
BOX 72 Sherrod, Matthew, Sr., 1983-1990
BOX 72 Zeta Phi Beta, Delta Sigma Zeta chapter, calendar, 2003
BOX 72 Hall, Idella Taylor, See also Container 31, Church of God in Christ - Hospitality Committee
BOX 72 Autograph book, 1950
DF Biographical summary, 2004
Digital ID: mss86320_193_154
BOX 72 Correspondence, 1966-1973, 1992
BOX 72 Court of Calanthe, Golden Star No. 613
BOX 72 Constitution and bylaws, 1952
BOX 72 Financial books, 1954-1965
BOX 72 Installation and funeral ceremonies, undated
BOX 73 Meeting minutes, 1954-1956, 1967
BOX 73 Meeting programs, 1972-1978
BOX 73 Membership certificate, 1954
BOX 73 Play scripts, circa 1960s
BOX 73 School notebooks, 1948
DF "This is Your Life," video files, 2006
Digital File: mss86320_193_097
BOX 73 Notes, miscellaneous, undated
BOX 73 Oral history interviews, 2011
DF Oral history interview, audio file, 2011
Digital ID: mss86320_193_180
Digital ID: mss86320_193_181
BOX 73 Presentation summaries, 2003-2007
BOX 73 Presentations and speaking engagements, 1984-2019
(7 folders)
BOX 74 Professional conferences
BOX 74 Freedom Weekend, Detroit, Mich., 2003
BOX 74 "Investigating a Tabby Slave Cabin," National Park Service, 2012
BOX 74 Library associations, 1999, 2004
BOX 74 Miscellaneous, 2003-2017
BOX 74 Society of American Archivists, 1986-1988
BOX 74 "Teaching with Primary Sources," Library of Congress, 2008-2012
(2 folders)
BOX 74 Professional evaluations, 1976, 1992-2002
(2 folders)
BOX 75 Professional evaluations, 1976, 1992-2002
(3 folders)
DF Web page word, image, and HTML files, 1998-2006
Digital ID: mss86320_193_075
Digital ID: mss86320_193_111
Digital ID: mss86320_193_162
BOX 75 Writings and publishings publicity, 1976-2010
BOX OV 1- OV 17 Oversize, 1861-2019
Material types include posters, photographs, periodicals, newspapers, sheet music, calendars, and handkerchiefs.
Listed and described according to the series, containers, and folders from which the material was separated. The items are physically grouped and housed by size.
BOX African American Christian Organizations
BOX OV 15 Funeral program, SeeWillar Archer Duggan, 1995, Apr. 29 (Container 1, Eliam Baptist Church, Melrose, Fla.)
BOX OV 15 Poster advertisement for Vicki [sic] Winans in concert, Pastor and Mrs. Thorpe’s 8th Anniversary Banquet, undated (Container 2, Faith Missionary Baptist Church, Gainesville, Fla.)
BOX OV 15 Booklet, Like as of Fire: Newspapers from the Azusa Street World Wide Festival, 1991 (Container 9, Azusa Street Centennial)
BOX OV 15 Envelope for registration kit, 1982 (Container 11, Church of God in Christ)
BOX OV 16 Poster advertisement, "Church of God in Christ… National Holy Ghost Conference Birmingham, Alabama, 1990 (Container 12, Church of God in Christ)
BOX OV 15 Poster advertisement, “Tennessee 4th Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction, Church of God in Christ, 1996 Calendar of Events,” 1996 (Container 12, Church of God in Christ)
Church of God in Christ
BOX OV 16 Newspaper, The International Outlook, 1972, Sept.-Nov. (Container 23, same heading)
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